Fall River Woman Starts GoFundMe After Her Son’s Friend Who She Was Dating Killed Her Ex-Boyfriend, Family Of Deceased Demands It Be Taken Down


A Fall River man was murdered don Christmas Eve, his killer was arrested the next day, and the story has a lot of twists and turns to it.

Court documents indicate that Jose Amador-Ayala, the city man arraigned on a murder charge Thursday, admitted to police that he fatally stabbed the man he is accused of killing following an argument. Amador-Ayala, 23, of 1428 County St., has been charged with the murder of city resident Gary Werra and was ordered held without bail after an arraignment in Fall River District Court Thursday during which he pleaded not guilty.

According to a police report of an interview Amador-Ayala gave to detectives, Amador-Ayala said he had been helping Werra repair a boiler at an Angell Street home when the two men got into a verbal argument. Amador-Ayala said he then “snapped” and grabbed a knife, which he used to stab Werra repeatedly, according to the report. The department’s summary of Amador-Ayala’s interview also indicates that Amador-Ayala allegedly hid the knife behind a washing machine at the Angell Street home, then convinced a woman he knew to help him dispose of Werra’s body in a wooded area near Gold Medal Bakery. Amador-Ayala’s interview summary states that the suspect had returned to the Angell Street home to allegedly retrieve the hidden knife when police arrived and subsequently arrested him.

Court documents also indicate that the argument Amador-Ayala and Werra had prior to Werra’s death was over a woman with whom both men had romantic relationships. According to one witness interview summary, Amador-Ayala had become “romantically involved” with an ex-girlfriend of Werra, who still remained in regular contact with the woman. The witness also noted the two men had “physically fought one another” at least three times in the last year and that Amador-Ayala did not like that Werra and his girlfriend still regularly interacted.

Police became aware of Werra’s death about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, after officers were dispatched to the area of Gold Medal Bakery for a reported victim of a possible assault. A police K-9 that responded to the scene quickly located Werra’s body in a wooded area near the bakery. Approximately 10 minutes after that call, police heard from the woman known to Amador-Ayala who allegedly assisted in hiding Werra’s body. According to court documents, the woman who allegedly assisted Amador-Ayala was not the woman over whom both men had argued.

According to the woman’s interview with police, Amador-Ayala called her about 3 p.m. Tuesday asking her to pick him up at the Angell Street home where he had been helping Werra repair a boiler. According to the woman’s interview, she witnessed Amador-Ayala exiting the home, carrying an object wrapped in plastic. She described seeing a hand fall out of the plastic and said Amador-Ayala told her that he had killed Werra. After placing Werra’s body in the truck, the interview narrative says Amador-Ayala instructed the woman to drive him to an area near Atlantic Boulevard to dispose of the body. According to police reports, the woman complied with Amador-Ayala’s request out of fear that he would harm her if she disobeyed.

The report also states the woman used her cell phone to photograph the area where the body was left after Amador-Ayala exited the car to retrieve the body from the trunk. After dropping Amador-Ayala off at his mother’s house, the woman drove to her boyfriend’s house, where she contacted the police. When done speaking with investigating officers, the woman led police to the Angell Street home where she had picked up Amador-Ayala. Upon arrival, she saw Amador-Ayala, who had returned to the address to retrieve a hidden knife, and identified him to officers, who then arrested Amador-Ayala.

I know murderers aren’t usually smart people, but this guy is dumb even for Fall River standards. He went back to the scene of the crime the next day when the cops were there, he got his sister to help him dispose of the body, knowing that she’s weak willed and would snitch the first chance she got, and he did it all over a woman. A Fall River woman at that. No woman is worth going to jail over, never mind a Fall River woman.

A woman purporting to be friends with Gary’s ex-girlfriend (Bonnie Smith on Facebook) started a GoFundMe.

This GoFundMe was allegedly created by Bonnie Smith, who says she’s friends with the woman Jose and Gary fought over – Jacqueline Mantia. Except there’s just one problem – Bonnie Smith is Jacqueline Mantia. You can figure that out by searching for Jacqueline’s name on Facebook and hovering over where she was tagged. You’ll see that Jacqueline renamed her account Bonnie Smith at some point in time.

She also responds to that name when people give her condolences.

Jacqueline goes by Bonnie on Facebook in reference to “Bonnie and Clyde,” which is the most unoriginal, cliche, trashy thing you can refer to yourself as.

Bonnie is pretending to be Jacqueline’s friend, and makes it sound like she was still Gary’s girlfriend when she was killed by Jose, who was also stuffing her crust. According to the GoFundMe, Jacqueline’s son was friends with the murderer, which means that she was engaging in spicy love affair with a man she met through her own child. I’ve seen a lot of movies on Brazzers that follow this plot line, but because this is the Fall River version of the story they were obliged to add a murder and a GoFundMe at the end.

This GoFundMe raises a lot of red flags.

  • She admits that when she couldn’t reach the guy she’s pretending is still her boyfriend, she called up the guy she’s hooking up with now, who is now under arrest for murder, and admits that she spoke with him.
  • She said that the phone call “didn’t make sense,” and that Jose was still there, so she drove over to the house and found the place covered in blood.
  • This was before the body was discovered, and before Jose was arrested at the scene of the crime. Yet nowhere in any media report does it state that she was the one who called police, so she’s admitting in this GoFundMe that she came across a murder scene of the man she loves and never alerted the authorities.

Wicked smart.

Jacqueline has raised nearly $1,000, which she claims will go towards a hotel for Gary’s family (her), and will offset costs for the funeral that his real family will be taking care of.  Except there’s just one problem – Gary’s family says they don’t need the money, and this is likely a scam for her to enrich herself after a tragedy that she seems to have played a part in.

In light of the news that this murder was likely over her she’s posted several times on her page about how this is “fake police reports.”   

In other words, she doesn’t like the fact that she’s been identified as the woman who was hooking up with a man half her age who ended up killing her long time boyfriend, because it’s getting in the way of cashing sympathy she’s gained from his murder.

But wait, there’s more.

Almost five years ago F&R Auto Sales in Westport made national news after they forced a pizza delivery guy come back to the dealership after dropping off food earlier in the day, because he assumed that the $50 cash they given him on a $43 order included an $7 tip, since they didn’t ask for change. After he returned they belittled, mocked, and harassed him, then unwisely posted it on their Facebook page assuming that the general public would want to join in their bullying campaign against a pizza delivery guy. This backfired as the video showed them to be some of the worst people on the planet, and they have since been shutdown by the town, largely due to this incident and a several other complaints.

Pay special attention to the woman in the green hat.

“Close the door before I put my foot in your ass.”

Guess who that is?

It’s Jacqueline. The infamous green hat she’s wearing in the car dealership video is the same one she’s wearing in GoFundMe picture.

Back then she went by “Onyx Lucie Swells,” AKA Lucie Swells.

When you search for Onyx Lucie Swells on Facebook you get a link to the Bonnie Smith account.

She went on Fun 107 to do an interview that somehow made her look worse than she did in the video. She said that she wasn’t fired, which directly contradicted what the general manager said.  She also unwisely attempted to blame the pizza delivery guy.

Her voice is what a bucket of Newport Lights and losing Keno tickets sounds like after being kept in the rain for three days.

“Gary told me that if I spoke I wouldn’t be coming back.”

“I was temporarily being let go until this boiled over. They told me yesterday I could come back next week.”

Translation – they told her to shut her mouth for a week and don’t show up to work until a child gets eaten by a pit bull and the outrage cycle moves on. If she did that they’d let her keep her job, but instead she went on the radio and spilled the beans.

“The video, the way it’s clipped.”

Except the video wasn’t clipped at all. It was continuously played, and then posted by an employee to the dealership’s Facebook page.

She couldn’t understand the basic concept that you can’t listen to the radio while you’re on the radio either.

“Sorry, I’m trying to listen to the radio.”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

She played the “my children are getting death threats” card.

“My children have gotten threats.”

No they haven’t. This is just a deflection people use whenever they get caught doing something terrible.

And the best line of the whole interview.

“I’m a good person, I write a blog every day, trying to help other people.”

She writes a blog, therefore she’s a good person. Except her blog seems to be her writing rejected fortune cookies on Facebook.

She ironically shared Turtleboy blogs in the past, which is my favorite thing to find when researching a prospective ratchet.

Granted, that guy was a horrible, but glass houses and all.

Look who else commented on that post.


Allison Maitland appeared on TB Daily News after being arrested over the summer for  slashing multiple men with a machete because they told her and her drug addict boyfriend to get a room, after seeing them have sex in a car that was ironically parked in the Best Western parking lot in Sharon.

Turtleboy six degrees of ratchetry is the rabbit hole that never fails.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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