FedEx Truck Takes Up 4 Handicapped Spots At Weymouth Medical Building


This might be the biggest douche move in the history of illegal handicapped parkers.

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR handicapped spots, including the striped lines for the wheelchair ramp access. This occurred last week on Thursday in the EHS East Weymouth medical building. People are trying to make excuses for this chud on Weymouth Is Everything Facebook group, but there is no excuse for this. You don’t park in a handicapped spot if you’re not handicapped. Ever. There is never an excuse for it. Dude parked in four handicapped spots because he was too lazy to find a spot and carry packages, which is his or her job. To make it worse they did it at a medical clinic, where the odds that someone handicapped would come along are significantly higher than normal. The guy who posted this appears to be a former firefighter and veteran. We reached out to him for comment but he told us it was “taken care of,” because he probably has no idea what Turtleboy is.

Feel free to contact Fed Ex on Facebook or by spamming their Facebook page by clicking here


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