Former Boston Cop Selling Police Badge On Facebook Also Pursued Charges Against Woman And Child He Assaulted In Brookline Road Rage Incident


This is retired Boston Police Officer David Cataldo.

Last September he was charged for his role in a road rage incident that he initiated in Brookline, during which he assaulted a 15 year old boy and the boy’s mother.

However, due to the fact that Massachusetts is one of just 9 states that allows private citizens to pursue criminal charges against other citizens, Cataldo was allowed to seek criminal charges against her. Normally these are rejected by a clerk magistrate, since they’d essentially be overruling the local police department that chose not to pursue charges themselves. And in this case the Brookline Police determined that Cataldo was the aggressor, based on video evidence.

But Cataldo’s motion was granted and the mother is now forced to hire a defense attorney despite being the clear victim. See for yourself in the video.

He got out of his car first.

He then began banging on the window until the 15 year old passenger jumped out. Cataldo then walked towards the 15 year old and began fighting with him.

And Mom attempted to break it up when she was hit in the eye.

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There’s really nothing more to see. This was clearly Cataldo’s fault. He picked a fight with a child who defended himself. He never should’ve gotten out of his car or banged on the woman’s window in the first place. The fact that Mom now has to pay for an attorney and defend herself is ludicrous, and I have a hard time believing that Assistant Clerk Magistrate Patrick Bulmer would’ve pursued charges against Priscilla Rodas if Cataldo was not a cop.

Cataldo has a checkered past as well. He has been the subject of multiple BPD Internal Affairs investigations, one of which was substantiated.

In May of 2018 he posted his police badge on a Facebook page called Boston Special Police Officers Association, inc, and said it was for sale.

In most states it is illegal to sell a police badge, but in Massachusetts the law seems unclear. Regardless, there is no reason to sell a police badge, as it gives the buyer the opportunity to impersonate a police officer, and the badge was city property, paid for by the taxpayers, and former cops shouldn’t be able to profit off of it.

This isn’t an isolated incident, it’s a pattern. David Cataldo is no victim, and the Brookline Police agree that he was the aggressor. Yet he’s using his influence as a former cop with a checkered past to further victimize a woman, and the courts are allowing it to happen.


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