Former Foe Talib Kweli Has Turned His Race-Baiting On Kirk Minihane And The Minifans And It’s Been Going On 4 Days With No End In Sight 


Talib Kweli, the washed up rapper from the early 2000’s who made one song that some people know, got into a tweet beef with Turtleboy, in which he called the blog racist repeatedly. The triggering came from a satirical allegation that Talib’s crotch fruit(s) prefer Drake to him, because people who don’t remember the OJ trial are unlikely to be familiar with his music.

At the time this seemed odd because he had 1.2 million followers on Twitter and was a relatively famous rapper. Why would someone like this waste his day arguing with the Turtleboy account?

It quickly became clear that he does this with pretty much anyone who mentions him on Twitter. Try tweeting at him and there’s a good chance he will respond to you. For those of you unfamiliar with how Twitter works this might not seem so weird. But accounts with that many followers simply don’t have the time or patience to read every person who responds to them because it would take up their entire day. Yet this is seemingly what Talib does the moment he rolls out of bed, every single day.

However, it is noteworthy that he considers “Turtleboy” his favorite troll of all time.

Question: You’re very active on Twitter and engaging with your followers. Can you tell us what was the craziest Twitter beef or spat you had with a user?

It has to be this guy Turtleboy Sports. He’s the type to be very racist, harass women online, and get into arguments with people about white supremacy and stuff. He started trolling me out of the blue a year ago. There’s people whom he’s rubbed the wrong way who started sending me these stories and blogs of women who had said he sexually harassed them. Not like outright rape but just him being a creepy douche.

So as he’s harassing me on Twitter, I start re-tweeting some of these stories. He took this very personal because I guess there were some lawsuits. His point that he was trying to make was these are people who are making up these stories about me [and that] anyone can write a blog. These stories were on a blog called Buffalo Bruisers and what he did was create a website called Buffalo Bruises and he wrote a false story about how I raped a 10-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl. White supremacists are always inventing stories that I raped somebody. Anyway, the last line of the story says, “This blog is not affiliated with Turtleboy Sports.”

So, he basically told on himself. I sent him a cease and desist after, and normally, I don’t ignore that stuff, but I have enough truth on my side that I confront all of it. But this one, I went the extra step and some blog got a hold of the letter and there’s now a story circulating that I’m suing this guy. There’s no lawsuit or litigation happening. It’s just like, “Ok. If you keep talking shit, it’s going to be an issue.” That had to be the strangest one. 

The man appears to be in need of an intervention. He was using screenshots from “Turtleboy Sporks” and “Buffalo Bruises” as a source.

Someone following the tweet beef wanted to prove a point to him after he baselessly insinuated that Turtleboy is a sexual deviant, so they wrote a blog on a free Wordpress site that baselessly said the same thing about him. Since he has nothing but time on his hands he wrongly assumed that I wrote it, sued me, and then neither of us showed up to court so it was dismissed. He’s been tweeting about us ever since.

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So I think he kind of misses Turtleboy.

But how he acts on Twitter is pretty much how he acts in real life. It’s hard to make Don Lemon look reasonable, but Talib did that in an interview at Ferguson in 2014.

I only bring this up because Kirk Minihane and his legion of Minifans discovered Talib this weekend, and unbeknownst to them they are all racist according to him. But notice the interactions on some of his tweets.

That’s a guy with 1 million followers, which is 200,000 less than he had two years ago. No one that active ever loses followers over a period of time. Compare his interactions with a typical Dave Portnoy tweet, who also has 1 million followers.

Things that make you go hmmmmm……..

Anyway, I don’t know how exactly it started, but it’s been four straight days now of Talib chirping at Barstool and Minifans of no particular significance.

He’s been invited on the Minihane Show, and you’ll never guess his reason for not taking them up on the offer.

I for one am shocked he chose to play the race card there. Never saw that one coming. He responds to pretty much every parody account that mentions him.

Including such notable social media pundits as “Dr. Break Line Callahan,” who Talib wisely deduced was not actually a real doctor.


He also called Blind Mike, who literally cannot see color (because he can’t see anything at all), a white supremacist.

He made it clear that he wasn’t going to be Minihane’s slave.

Because evidently that was on the table.

He brought up “proof” that Barstool was racist with his secret weapon – screenshots.

And finally he uncovered video that Shirley Leung and Bob Murchison edited of Kirk sarcastically telling someone who accused him of being racist that he would never work with a black person, in order to make the person sound like a moron. This sarcasm predictably went way above Talib’s head.

The best part is that the troll accounts poking him with 20 followers get more interactions than Martin Luther Queen does, yet he thinks he won this round because they’ve monopolized the last four days of his life and counting.

The Turtleboy account got bored with him after a couple days and moved onto the next blog. But the Minifans literally live for stuff like this, so it will be interesting to see who lasts longer in this ever important social media battle. My money is on the Minifans.


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