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Former Healthcare Worker Released From Jail For Stalking ADA, Therapist, And Attorney, Tries To Use TB Daily News To Expose And Attack His Victims


On Monday we received a message in our inbox from someone named Adam Walker, who used to work in the healthcare industry, and appears to have lived in Shrewsbury, Framingham, and Natick.

Adam recently got out of prison and claimed to have a big story to send us about corruption in District Attorney Joe Early’s Office.

Considering our distaste for Early for his complicity in getting Ron Tarentino killed and facilitating the Troopergate scandal, we were obviously interested in learning more. But he didn’t have much to offer, and was only saying “Joe Early” because he had done his research, knew we didn’t care for him, and knew this would get our attention. He sent a link he wanted us to read, but it was long and ridiculous.

According to him he was convicted of sending his girlfriend a Christmas card in 2014. That wasn’t remotely believable, which made it equally unlikely that he was the victim of a government coverup. Also, if an ADA and your own attorney are both accusing you of stalking them after that, then it might be you who is the problem here.

John Sares was the ADA he was charged with stalking. And the “girlfriend” he said he was convicted for sending a Christmas card to wasn’t really his girlfriend. It was a therapist who had a restraining order out against him.

Look who he mentioned next….

Judge Bibaud. Father to Alli Bibaud, who was at the center of the Troopergate scandal. Adam Walker clearly did his homework, but it appears as if Judge Bibaud had nothing to do with this case. He once again used his name to get our attention.

At this point Adam was ready to give up because we “don’t get stuff.”

That whole exchange just reeks of Rian Waters. He’s the legal genius who has it all figured out, and everyone else is a moron.

It was clear that something didn’t smell right, so we read the backstory he sent us. It was wild.



  • He had a harassment order taken out against him by a woman who he claimed was his girlfriend but was really his therapist
  • In 2016 a judge held him without bail after sending a series of threatening emails and Facebook messages to an ADA who prosecuted him in the past, as well as one of his former defense attorneys
  • He has a long and documented history of ignoring court orders to leave victims alone
  • In one case he sent his therapist packages and messages, despite a restraining order out against him to do so, was arrested for it, and immediately began contacting her again as soon as he got out of jail
  • His probation officer said he was “beyond the scope of probation” because he violated court orders so much while out on probation
  • He admitted to state police that he sent the ADA the threatening messages and tried to friend request him, he also admitted that he knew what he was doing was wrong

He has been incarcerated since his arrest in 2016, but got out recently and immediately began updating his Facebook page with more links to music, specifically about killing people.

Now that he’s out of jail he reached out to Turtleboy to expose the ADA and defense attorney who rightfully put him behind bars. According to him, ADA Sares edited the threatening Facebook messages he received from Adam Walker, lied about when he received the messages, “removed” the messages (whatever that means), and it’s all a moot point because free speech allows him to send threatening messages to people.

But what evidence did he have? Well, he sent us a few documents, including a “Digital Analysis and Forensics Report” conducted by someone by the name of Manuel Robert Lucero V. Read the whole thing hereIt’s wild. In classic Rian Waters form it starts off looking legitimate.

They have a table of contents that outlines the evidence submitted for analysis.

Keep in mind, he admitted to state police that he sent all of those threats to the ADA, but this is supposed to prove he didn’t.

There’s a lot of citations and big words designed to make the reader think it’s legitimately done by a professional.

Sadly I wasted a lot of time reading this lunacy.

The “forensic analysis” contains all of the messages that Adam Walker sent ADA Sares. These include random YouTube videos, and messages that range from creepy to threatening.


He blamed Sares for being the reason he can no longer be a paramedic, threatened to force him to shove his JD up his unmentionables, and compared him to Jerry Sandusky.

He challenged Sares to a fight, and said that he’ll stop harassing him if he fights him.   

He told Sares to “sleep tight,” and says that he is ‘off to never never land,” while Walker “rips your poetry of lies and deceit,” quoting Metallica. He said that he was in the Navy, made reference to bombs, and told Sares that he was about to find out, “exactly what I am.” He also calls him some choice words for the female anatomy for good measure.

This was the last message he sent before being arrested.


According to the conclusions reached in the forensic analysis, the messages used against Adam Walker to convict him of stalking were INACCURATE!!

Because he examined the words on the paper and deemed that they could have been altered.

The analysis also concluded that Adam Walker never friend requested Sares, even though he admitted to the police that he did.

It also says that Sares was lying when he said that he received all of the messages on the same day, because this is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Except that’s how filtered messages work. You don’t get a notification that you have a message from someone who you’re not friends with on Facebook. But if you go through your folder of hidden messages one day you’ll see all of the messages that people who aren’t friends with you sent at once.

We knew this “forensic analyst” was obviously a not really an expert, so we Googled Manuel Robert Lucero V, and wouldn’t ya know it? He was a prison pal of Adam Walker, released in 2018 and now living in California.

Google his name and watch what comes up.

He has sued the Mass Public Safety Secretary and Sheriff Evangelidis for allegedly violating his civil rights.

Check out the docket here to see who wrote him an affidavit.

Adam Walker and a bunch of other prisoners of course.

Manny also sued California officials in October of last year, after he was released from jail in Massachusetts, returned to the Golden State, and didn’t like the fact that he had to follow conditions of parole out there. Read about it here.

The US District Court of California rejected his petition because they don’t waste their time on stupid things.

Adam also sent us a 55 page file of nonsense, recounting his recent legal action alleging that he was wronged in his multiple convictions for stalking.

He’s since taken it down once he realized this blog was not going to go the way he thought it would. But we still have it up and can see the whole thing. It’s just a bunch of whiny nonsense about how he went through lawyers left and right, because they were “unwilling to present facts of the matter.”

In other words, he fed them a bunch of conspiracy theory talk like he did with us, they urged him to plea since he’s clearly guilty, and he fired one after the other. That’s why he’s pulling a Rian Waters and representing himself now.

He even quotes “Bill Shakespeare” on the pleading.

He also says it’s a conflict of interest for Joe Early’s office to prosecute him for stalking and harassing someone in Joe Early’s office who previously prosecuted him.

For additional rabbit hole reading click here to see Manuel Lucero’s website/collection of bullshit.

Looks like it didn’t go the way you planned Adam.

If you want us to research a story, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. In the meantime, the people of Shrewsbury should be on alert. Adam Walker is so dangerous that a Judge held him without bail on a stalking charge. He’s not afraid to go after ADA’s or attorneys, so I’m sure he’s not worried about going after anyone else in the community. He needs to be back in jail and stay there for the rest of his life, because clearly he cannot be rehabilitated.


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