Former PURR Cat Cafe Owner Diane Kelly Shames Lesbians For Having Opinions During Latest Social Media Meltdown


Diane Kelly’s PURR Cat Cafe went out of business this month due to non-payment of rent, thus ending what is perhaps the most entertaining saga in the history of local businesses after a remarkable two years.

But just because PURR’s doors have closed doesn’t mean Diane Kelly is going to go quietly, and the company’s business page remains active on Facebook. This is not a woman who keeps her opinions to herself.

Seems hard to support the cats when we have no cats Kathleen!

The most insulting part about this is the fact that Diane Kelly has never once recognized our role in unraveling her madness. SSTG’s four part series on the history of PURR was arguably her greatest work, and it was one of the more widely read blogs in our history. Fox 25 jumped on our bandwagon a month afterwards when everyone already knew about Diane’s descent into madness. I’d be honored to have her on the live show if she’d like to come on and discuss why she feels wronged though.

Diane had no visible supporters throughout this order, which is why it was odd when “Tina Marie” showed up to defend Diane’s honor.

According to Tina, Diane closed down the PURR Cat Cafe because she was making too much money.

Which explains why she was unable to pay her rent.

Tina sounded oddly like someone we all knew.

Didn’t take long until people figured it out.

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“My life is not a soap opera.”

Looks like she forgot to switch accounts there. You stepped out of character and gave yourself away Diane. You were supposed to say” her life is not a soap opera,” since you’re not Diane.

She’s right though – soap operas are fake and unrealistic. Diane’s life is such fantastic theater because her mental breakdown is so authentic and real.

Tina Marie appears to have been hitting the box wine hard.

“Typical lesbian trying to have an opinion.”

I need that on a t-shirt. All that scissoring has made lesbians believe that they are allowed to have opinions on anything.

Laura got her really fired up!

Then commenced the body shaming.

Followed by the teeth and fake name shaming (while using a fake name).

Followed by the…..I don’t know what exactly she’s shaming here.

All I know is Facebook gawking just got a lot better now that Diane is back. We have no f***s to give Kathleen!

P.S. Come on the live show.


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