Former WCVB News Anchor Accusing Kevin Spacey Of Sexual Assault Of Her Adult Son Couldn’t Possibly Look Any Worse Right Now


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I’ve long suspected that the accusations made against Kevin Spacey were fraudulent, and those suspicions were basically confirmed in a Nantucket courtroom today. During the height of the #MeToo era an 18 year old kid named Will Little came forward and said that Spacey got him drunk at a bar in Nantucket where Little worked, and then reached into his pants for three minutes and grabbed his unmentionables against his will. I had my doubts from the beginning because, 1) Will Little was a grown man who played high school football and easily could overpower old Kevin Spacey, and 2) his mother Heather Unruh, a former WCVB news anchor, did all the speaking for her adult son.

I blame them for ruining the career of one of the greatest actors of my lifetime. The fact that we’re deprived of actors like him and Mel Gibson while Zak Effron keeps getting work is the real crime here.

The case against Spacey revolves largely around text messages and video that Will Little was sending and recording during the alleged incident. And I knew it was even more suspect three weeks ago when some of those text messages to his girlfriend were revealed:

Accuser: “Like he’s hangin around me in the bar. He got my nuumber and asked me to come out with him”

Girlfriend: “are you kidding” “what” “sounds like he’s hitting on you”

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Accuser: “i think he is” “He’s grabbing my leg and sh–”

Girlfriend: “are you trying to tell me something? Being gay is okay!!!”

Accuser: “I’m not gay” “But I think spacey is”

Girlfriend: “Hahaha” “Uhg literally so jealous” “Pls take a selfie with him at some point”

Accuser: “No I’m serious no” “Now” “He’s totally gay”

Girlfriend: “Wait what…” “For real?”

Accuser: “He’s grabbed my d— like 8 times”

Girlfriend: “He’s pissed I’m texting!”

Accuser: “I told him I had a gf”


Girlfriend: “I thought you were serious” “Taking advantage of my gullible-ness” uhg haha “Haha tell him the gf says back off” [emoji]

Accuser: “No I’m serious” “He’s gay” “He pulled my zipper down” “And he invited me to his house” “I’ll talk to u later”

Girlfriend: “What the f— is happening?” [emojis] “Have fun but not too much fun if you know what I mean” [emoji]

Accuser: “Jesus Christ he reached down my pants” “Help” “No this is Kevin ducking spacey” “He’s gay” “Hes buying me yet another drink” “Help me” “He’s gotten me so many” “I’m drunk” “Help” “Molly” “He grabbed my d—” “Keving spacey is gay” “Check snap” “seriously help” “I’m gonna get he pic” “I got the autographs and a hell of a stout” “Story” “Help me”

Based on those text messages it sounds like this 18 year old kid was messing with a movie star and couldn’t believe what was happening. Honestly, if Kevin Spacey started grabbing my junk like that I might let him do it just for the story too. You’re automatically the guy everyone wants to talk to at the party for the rest of your life. Your crazy story immediately trumps everyone else’s.

And this, in my opinion, is what Will Little did. Those text messages don’t sound like they’re from a person who considers themselves a victim. They sound like an 18 year old who’s messing with a movie star by leading him on and pretending to be interested in him, just so he can have a laugh about it with his friends.

This happened in 2016, and it wasn’t until a year later when Mom suddenly realized her son was a victim too.

Based on a February 2018 tweet it sounds like Will told his mother that a woman at the bar where the alleged assault occurred told him to run. The problem? They can’t find this mysterious woman.

Since then she’s been taking interviews and going at it on Twitter with random nobodies who suggested that her adult son isn’t in fact a victim.

She also seems very concerned with getting a blue checkmark from Twitter.

Because accusing a famous person of assaulting your adult son is worthy of the coveted blue checkmark that these people use as a status symbol.

She was shocked when they didn’t respond and basically asked to speak with the manager.

“Do I need to start a campaign to get verified?”

Please retweet.

She’s a full time left wing virtue signaler on Twitter, and during the Kavanaugh hearings she believed Christine Blasey-Ford, despite the lack of ANY evidence.

“Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates were shocked by his lies about excessive drinking.”

Keep in mind, her son lied to her about being pressured into excessively drinking by Kevin Spacey. Her son, like Kavanaugh, was an 18 year old who liked to drink beer and crack jokes with his friends. By her logic (and Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and every other pearl clutching puritanical Senator) this makes her son a serial rapist as well. This was literally what they used to try to prove that Kavanaugh did it – allegations of excessive drinking as an 18 year old.

But unlike Kavanaugh he didn’t choose to drink – Kevin Spacey forced him to. As you can see in those text messages he felt like he couldn’t leave and totally wasn’t having a good time leading on Kevin Spacey. And that’s why Mom admitted in court today that her son uses a fake ID.

Because everyone’s doing it!

Spacey’s attorneys wants Will Little’s phone because they believe that he or his family edited and/or deleted incriminating text messages that could exonerate his client. Of course they suddenly can’t find it now, so Mom, Dad (Nick Little), and Will all took the stand today and couldn’t have possibly looked any worse.

Will plead the fifth, which is normally something that people accused of crimes do. And in this case the crime would be destroying evidence. Mom was watching on TV, despite being told not to.

It’s always important to make sure you keep your story straight. Wouldn’t want to say something to contradict your son’s testimony under oath.

Meanwhile Dad couldn’t have possibly looked any worse, and was nearly held in contempt after ignoring the judge’s orders to answer Spacey’s attorney’s questions.

Mom also has admitted to editing out racist text messages she found from her son’s friends, which could be considered a crime in and of itself. After all, Spacey’s attorney can’t just take her word for it that she only deleted that stuff.

The only thing worse than sexual assault are people who lie about being sexually assaulted. They make it harder for people to believe real victims, and they destroy the lives of the people they falsely accuse. I hope Kevin Spacey is as vengeful once this is dismissed as Frank Underwood, and I hope he makes them pay for this.


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