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Giancarlo Zambrano Follows In Auburn Cop Killer Brother’s Footsteps By Getting Arrested For Drunken Battery On A Police Officer 


It’s been a few years since we’ve blogged about this man.

zambrano (1)

Giancarlo Zambrano, the brother of cop killer Jorge Zambrano, who ended the life of Auburn police officer Ron Tarentino by shooting him in the back in May of 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.00.27 AM

We’ve written about Jorge’s thug brother many times, because he was the boyfriend of 2017 Ratchet Madness champion Ashley Losapio, the daughter of a judge and the corrupt employee of the probation department who once gave up confidential information on state’s witnesses to her criminal associates. Thus why her prison nickname was “shorty.




Although he presented himself as a loving brother who had deep sympathy for the family of Ron Tarentino, deep down inside he was also a violent sociopath, as can be seen from this voicemail he left someone he believed had wronged him.

And in one of the most disrespectful moves of all time he dressed his child up as a cop and posted it as his profile picture two weeks after the murder of Officer Tarentino.

Fast forward to the present day and he is no longer with Ashley, possibly because his inability to sell drugs made it impossible for him to fund her lavish lifestyle. He has since moved to Florida where we found out today that he was recently arrested for a crime his dead brother can relate to.

Try to pose for a douchier mugshot than that. You can’t.

As you can see, drunken battery on a police officer and resisting arrest runs in the family.

So there’s your Giancarlo Zambrano update for turtle riders old enough to remember that blog series. He’s still awful, and he’s following in the family tradition of fighting cops until he dies, which God willing will be any day now.


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