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Gina Corrieri Chose Bench Trial Over Jury, Pays Off As She’s Found Not Guilty Despite Yanking Wheel Of Car And Causing The Death Of Spencer Mother


Spencer mother Ashley Sheehan was killed in a car accident on the Mass Pike after leaving a Halloween party in Salem three years ago. Prior to the crash this video was uploaded to Facebook.

Sources reported to us at the time that this wasn’t an accident, alleging that the front passenger Gina Corrieri had yanked the wheel after putting her seatbelt on because she was fighting with the driver. We broke this news after I personally visited one of the survivors in the hospital and he told me what he witnessed in the backseat.




A year later Gina was arrested and her trial for manslaughter concluded this week with a verdict of not guilty.

Gina’s mother is rubbing it in the victim’s faces that the woman responsible for killing Ashley will not be held responsible for her crime.

According to Judge James Reardon there was reasonable doubt that Corrieri yanked the wheel because the people in the backseat were drunk and thus not reliable. According to one of the passengers who testified the last thing Gina said was “That’s it, I’m ending this,” before yanking the wheel. The driver was admittedly under the influence, speeding, and made a deal for a reduced sentence by testifying against Jungle Juice Gina, so for that reason the Judge seems to have dismissed his testimony.

In May of 2018 I received an email about Corrieri:

I was recently in search of a roommate in Worcester MA and met a LOT of characters. When Gina applied, she seemed sweet (boy do i regret even saying those words now) and lied on her application (about having a criminal record and having employment). Allowed her to move into my home with an agreement to split the bills but have never lived with a more INHUMANE human…. the 10 wine bottles the first week of residency should have been a major warning sign, but at that point I was unaware of her previous record. Gina has not only disturbed me, the neighbors, and brought damage to my home…. but continues to use drugs/alcohol as a minor with an ankle bracelet. 
So now my question is – WHAT the hell can I do now?! We have a month to month lease and I have incriminating texts saved as screenshots. My landlord is not concerned as long as I can make each months rent , I’m responsible even if she can’t pay, which I predict may happen. Gina‘s mother pays her full way in court, and now her rent. But I cannot foresee any stability in the near future having her in my home…. what can i do?! Can you please offer some advice? I have contemplated contacting her PO or the defense attorney to report her erratic behavior but do not know how to even start the first step.


We also got a message from someone who was on the grand jury that indicted her. According to the source going with a bench trial saved Corrieri from a jury’s verdict.

I was one of the grand jurors that indicted on this case. Horrific testimony. The smartest thing this girl did was pick a judge because any jury would’ve found her guilty. She put on her seatbelt looked at the driver and said “I’m gonna end this,” grabbed the steering wheel and catapulted them into a rock wall. 

The fact that so many defendants in Massachusetts choose trial by judge rather than jury is pretty telling. They know that judges are notoriously lenient on criminals in the commonwealth, and they know that juries see through lies very easily. Sadly, it appears as if there will not be justice for Ashley Sheehan or her family.



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