Gloucester Woman Blocks, Films, Throws Stick At Gloucester Mother And 7 Month Old Baby For Not Wearing Masks On Walk


A Gloucester woman was taking a walk with her 7 month old baby when she was accosted by a local Karen who admonished her for not wearing a mask. After the mother turned to head back home she found Karenysaurus Rex blocking her path while holding a camera and a stick, and was specifically filming the mother’s child. She hit the mother with her stick and threw it at them and the entire event was caught on film.

Who wore it better?

The mother could not possibly have handled that any better, and she had every right to react the way she did. I’m borderline in love with her, and I think the only way she could’ve handled it better is by throwing bootleg Meredith Palmer in the water. That was real, genuine, legitimate anger, and I can’t get enough of it.

That Karen is the epitome of everything that is wrong with what our society has become due to this overrated crisis. To be clear:

  • There is no law in Gloucester that says you have to wear a mask outside
  • If there was a law then everyone should disobey it because the virus doesn’t spread outside, and as long as you don’t intentionally cough on someone else they’ll be fine
  • People who are that afraid of a disease that almost exclusively kills the elderly and morbidly obese are free to sit in their homes like hermits, and the world will be a better place without them breathing the same air as us

The fact that this power hungry woman sees nothing wrong with to harassing, filming, and throwing a stick at a mother and a 7 month old baby, is a symptom of what our society has become with lockdown hysteria. However, she is a symptom, not the disease. The disease is the media and politicians who have empowered her to believe that behaving like this is a public service that saves lives. They truly believe that people who aren’t wearing masks or living in fear like they choose to, are intentionally trying to kill the elderly.

This is the moment Karens like her have been waiting for their entire lives. They’ve always wanted to shame other people, judge other mothers, and have law abiding citizens arrested for not living up to their standards. If you’re part of Team Lockdown then you helped create this monster.

Just look at this woman:

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The mom jeans, the vest, the boat shoes, the fitbit – she looks like the final boss in Super Mario World Karen Edition.

Was anyone else wishing she didn’t look and walked directly into this oncoming car?

Would’ve been a real shame.

Everyone wants to know this woman’s name but she has yet to be identified. This woman sure does look familiar though.

Jennifer McLean Cooke is a former Andover resident who summered in Gloucester. After the video started going viral she changed her Facebook profile picture, not realizing that we could still see her other pictures.

Taking walks in Gloucester is kind of her thing.

Again, if she feels this scared of a virus then she should just stay home. No one is forcing her, or anyone else on Team Lockdown, to go out. But if she insists on her daily walk it is not society’s job to cater to her irrational fears.

This isn’t the first time she’s saved lives with her iPhone though. Five years ago she saved France from the terrorists by using a Facebook filter.

The public post from the righteous mother has gotten a lot of comments and shares. One of them was this woman though:

Amanda Orlando Kesterson really needs to sit out this one. Her law firm (brother Joe in particular) threatened me with a lawsuit in March when they found out I was planning on sharing a video of her good friend Luke Noble verbally abusing his 3 year old daughter in a horrific video. We later found out that Luke Noble was accused by his daughter and her pediatrician of sexual abuse, yet she’s endorsing him on his run for North Andover Board of Selectmen. Since Governor Baker is still endorsing him, you should watch this video to see what he and Amanda stand with.

Now Amanda wants to be an advocate for kids? Nah. And what does this mother need to call your law office for? If a crime was committed here then the police will handle it. No need to try to capitalize off of this one.

But at least she wasn’t blaming the victim like these people.

Hey Lloyd Bangs, if you’re that worried about getting the commie cold then take your own advice – “stay the fuck home.”

“Just wear the fucking mask and grow the fuck up.”

I can’t emphasize how horrible a human being you have to be to watch that video and then post a comment like this towards the victim.

Then there was Midge.

Your name is Midge. Literally nothing you have to say matters after that.

Then there was white knight Jay Albert.

“You need a better way to control your temper.”

No Jay, she actually doesn’t. Karen needs to mind her own business and stop throwing sticks at babies.

Then there was this, whatever.


The baby is 7 months old, but this BLT-123 in training wants the little girl to smother herself with a mask.

Oh look, the communist wants you to be forced to wear the mask. Are you still on team Lockdown? If so, this is your peer group. Open. Your. Eyes.

Every time a video comes out like this more and more people come to my side. Eventually you all will. If you don’t then this horrible, despicable, terrible woman, is on your team. End the madness and stop empowering Karens.

I’d love to have Becca the Mom come on the live show this weekend to talk about what happened. If anyone knows her please have her check her DM’s for a message from Clarence Woods Emerson.


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