Investigating Luke Noble Part 3: Friends, Family, Orlando Clan Defend Behavior In Controversial Video, Smear Ex-Wife, Media Complicit In Coverup


Read part 1 and part 2 of this series before reading part 3.

It’s been four days since we published the transcript of Dr. Brian Orr’s deposition, in which he stated that he believed North Andover Board of Selectmen candidate Luke Noble’s daughter when she alleged that her father pulled his pants down and told her to touch his private areas.

It’s been a week since we published the divorce documents, showing that Luke Noble was held in contempt of court for trying to terminate his kids’ relationship with their doctor and therapist after they filed 51A’s against him with DCF.

It’s been two weeks since we published the disturbing video of Luke Noble swearing at and degrading his crying three year old daughter while driving.

Yet the Eagle Tribune, the largest newspaper in the area, has not written about it. Wicked Local did a quick press release after Noble issued a statement, but have not followed up with the credible allegations made against him by his daughter. Additionally, the reaction to the story, even on this website’s Facebook page, has much less outrage than the reaction to a woman selling toilet paper in New Bedford.

This is why child abuse happens – because nobody cares. Shame on the media, shame on society, shame on our culture. This is a man who has the endorsement of the most powerful person in the state, Governor Charlie Baker.

When the mainstream media covers a story like this Charlie Baker has to answer for it. He ignored the Mass State Police scandals we broke until the Boston Globe picked up on it. He’s counting on the media giving his friend Luke a break so he doesn’t have to publicly disavow him.

When the first story came out, showing only the video but not the sexual abuse allegations, friends and family rallied around Luke Noble on the North Andover Citizen’s Facebook page.

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A lot of the comments supporting him have been deleted, but as my friend Bristol Blarney says, “screenshots are forever.” Let’s take a look at some of the enablers who were willing to look past what they saw in that video.

His mother in law Tracy Peters Edwards had a lot to say.

If his children adore him so much then why is one of them telling her doctor and therapist that her father sexually abused her? If his children adore him then why was one of them crying in a car while her father called her a “nightmare” and the “worst child I’ve ever seen”?

She took many shots at Luke’s ex-wife as well.

Apparently his ex-wife is a bad person for documenting what most reasonable people believe is abusive behavior. And yes, there is a reason Luke was given more time with his children by the judge – his ex-wife didn’t have the financial resources to litigate. This is a woman who married him right out of high school and raised his children while he made a lot of money. Please, tell me more about how she’s the bad parent here.

His new wife Amanda, who is a teacher at Parker Middle School in Chelmsford, was also out in full force defending her husband’s behavior and smearing his ex-wife.

Since the ex decided to tape it I’m going to assume that this was not the first time he spoke to his children like that. That’s not a “bad parenting moment” either. It’s neglect, according to DCF. It’s inexcusable. There is never a reason to speak to your three year old child like that. Ever.

Then she resorted to smearing other people who weren’t so forgiving of his behavior.

Yea good point Amanda. Someone posting a meme is the same thing as a father swearing at his daughter. The same daughter who would make serious allegations of abuse two years later.

She kept going.

I’m a republican and I still think your husband’s behavior is disqualifying for both holding elected office and fatherhood in general.

Here’s my question for Amanda Noble – if you witnessed a parent treating a student like that in front of you, would you file a 51A? Of course you would. Because you’re a mandated reporter and you know it’s wrong. Or maybe you don’t, in which case I have to ask, why is someone who thinks it’s OK to emotionally abuse children like that allowed to work with children?

Luke’s sister Kaleena called him a saint for his behavior in the video.

A hundred attempts to get him to snap? It was a three year old crying. That’s what they do. If that’s all it took for him to snap then he has no business being a father, and certainly has no business serving as an elected official.

She also said that only privileged people would be offended by that video.

How about credible allegations of sexual abuse? Are only privileged people worried about that too? This is her niece, isn’t it? Glad to know they’re in good hands when they go to aunty’s house.

She of course blamed the ex wife too.

Except it wasn’t just his ex-wife who made those allegations. It was Dr. Orr and the counselor who filed a 51A with DCF. And she is right when she says that men often get a raw deal in probate court. Not Luke though. He had the financial resources to coerce Jessica Crovetti into signing a NDA after suing her for defamation.

Then in probably the most vile thing an aunt can say about her niece, she justified her brother’s behavior by arguing that the girl wouldn’t remember being treated like that to begin with.

Apparently this woman believes that emotional abuse is OK if they’re under 5 years old because they won’t remember it anyway. For the record, I’m not obsessed with Luke Noble. I’m obsessed with protecting kids from abusers. If your brother had any respect for his kids he’d drop out of the race.

I ended up getting blocked by the North Andover Citizen on Facebook after the reporter, Bryan McGonigle, was tagged for comment.

But what he failed to point out is that it’s hard for the wife to comment if she signed a NDA. And what kind of man forces a woman to sign a NDA if he has nothing to hide? I guess Bryan doesn’t have time to report on credible allegations of abuse made by a child about her father who is running for office in the town that he covers because he’s too busy collecting awards and dressing like an out of work porn star.

I emailed Bryan about this after he blocked me from commenting on Facebook and he’s ignored me. Whatever you, DO NOT flood his inbox at [email protected] and ask him why he’s covering for Luke Noble. Bryan is a great guy.

Then there was Amanda Orlando Kesterson and Lisa Orlando Bourassa, the daughters of Attorney Joe Orlando Sr, and the sisters of Attorney Joe Orlando Jr, who attempted to intimidate me from writing about their client Luke Noble.

The Orlando clan is a big name family in Republican politics in Massachusetts, for whatever that’s worth. They are personal friends of Governor Baker, and Orlando Jr. was endorsed by him when he ran for Gloucester City Council.

Lisa Bourassa’s comments degrading Luke’s ex-wife were taken down, but some of Amanda’s comments supporting Luke Noble are still up.

“He truly makes everyone he comes in contact with feel comfortable.”

His daughter sure didn’t sound comfortable in that video though.

Amanda is a Republican State Committeewoman who was appointed by Governor Baker to serve in the Office of Child Advocate.

A woman who publicly defends a man who has been seen on video degrading his daughter who would later go on to accuse him of horrifying sexual abuse, serves on a board for child advocacy. A seat I’m sure she’s highly qualified for, and totally wasn’t appointed by the Governor because of the influence her family has on the governor. I’m sure she’ll be a great advocate for children, since she’s choosing to associate with a man who treats his own children like a disobedient dog.

I would comment on Amanda’s State Committeewoman Facebook page, but she’s blocked me before I ever had a chance to. Almost as if her family is into coverups.

There were so many others who defended him too. I’m not going to break down how horrible these people all are. I’m just going to leave their comments and names so that you can know that they support this man’s behavior if you ever happen to see them in public.

Amy Needham.


Kate Clinton.


Terrance Fellows.


Kandice Tebou.


Ryan Moore and Kristina Moore.


Kaitlyn Saba.


Susan Michelle Laurin.


Omayra Reyes.


Lindsey Snow.

Oh OK. So you saw him a few times, and during those times he refrained from abusing children in front of you. Therefore he’s innocent. What a fucking idiot.

Every single one of these people is part of the reason kids get abused. They are willing to look the other way so long as they personally know the abuser and haven’t seen their friend abuse any kids in front of them.


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