Hampshire College Student Graduates Despite 2017 Arrest For Assaulting White Basketball Player For Cultural Appropriation By Wearing Braided Hair 


A couple years ago a Hampshire College student named  Carmen Figueroa attacked a basketball player from another school during a game for wearing braids in her hair while being white.

Figueroa, 20, approached the players after the game and demanded that at least one player remove braids from her hair, according to court records. Figueroa apparently decided the braids amounted to “cultural appropriation” because a Central Maine player who had the braids was white. The white Central Maine player with braided hair opted not remove the braids and tried to leave the building. In response, police say, Figueroa attacked her by pulling her braided hair so hard she fell to the ground. Once the unidentified player was on the ground, Figueroa allegedly kicked her and stepped on her.

A second Central Maine tried to intervene, but Figueroa was having none of it. Figueroa “grabbed her by the head and threw her to the ground,” according to court documents obtained by the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Coaches tried to restrain Figueroa as she tried to wallop the players. Figueroa “was screaming swears and racial slurs” at the players by this time because of her rage about “cultural appropriation,” according to court documents.

This single Mom was able to abandon her child in Brooklyn and take a vacation to Amherst at a school that does not give grades and costs over $60K a year to attend.

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Keep in mind, this was a racially motivated crime. Had the player with braids in her hair been black Carmen would not have attacked her. That qualifies it as a hate crime, and at the very least she should’ve been expelled from school. Instead we saw her today in a Masslive article graduating:

This is yet another reason “white privilege” and “marginilization” of non-white males is a myth. What she did was grounds for immediate expulsion, but she was likely saved by her diversity. Schools like Hampshire are frightened to hold students like her accountable for fear of blowback from the woke community.

The rest of the graduates were lovely:

Just a woman with a goatee hanging out with the ladies. Nothing weird about that.

The graduation speaker’s speech summed up exactly why this college is going out of business:

Erika Hart recounted her own experience after graduating college, describing myriad instances of discrimination, sexism and racism – and one of her first jobs working on a luxury liner, when her boss said she must salute the ship’s captain whenever she encounters him on the boat. She refused, and thus extended a journey already begun in search of individual, and social, and economic, justice – imploring the graduates to say what needs to be said, to whoever, in the moment.

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“What the hell am I going to do next,” Hart said, recalling the stress she felt right after graduation – formulating that discomfort as “a capitalist induced anxiety.”

Her words of wisdom are simple – don’t do what your boss tells you to do, because then you’re giving into the evils of capitalism.

Hart began her speech saying: “I want to recognize the black people that have been pushed out of Amherst.” She referred to New York City – where she works as a sex educator for Kindergarten through 5th grade students – as “the most segregated school system.”


Sex education for kindergarteners. I think Arnold did a movie about that.

Hart told the graduating class that “white-supremacist capitalism expects you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps” and that “educational institutions” will do many things “to claim credit for your success.” Prior to concluding, she addressed, in a general way, blacks and then whites, saying first: “your worth is not measured by your production,” then asking: “how are you using your white privilege?”

Yea kids, don’t work hard or anything like that, because the only way you can succeed in life is if you’re white. Or just don’t go to a fake college that doesn’t give grades, and do what your boss tells you to do.



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