Haverhill Chinese Restaurant Destroyed By Woman’s Disputed Facebook Post Accusing Them Of Discriminating Against Special Needs Customers


An unfortunate side effect of social media and the Internet in general is that it’s given angry mobs of people the ability to unite and destroy people or businesses, often without any evidence of wrongdoing. This was on full display over the weekend in Haverhill when the Lucky Corner Chinese restaurant had a post made about it which has been shared over 8,000 times.

It had over 6,000 shares in 24 hours, despite the fact that it’s written in broken English, doesn’t sound remotely believable, and was posted a woman who doesn’t understand the difference between where and were.

If we are to assume that what she’s saying is 100% factual, then the manager of this restaurant is a cartoon villain who genuinely despises special needs people. In fact, he hates them so much that kicking them out doesn’t give him enough pleasure, so he had to follow them to the parking lot and remind them that they are never welcome back there.

I’m sure that’s definitely what happened. Definitely.

But sadly the Internet has given sanctuary to every attention seeking simpleton looking to pick up a pitchfork and destroy a small business based on a Facebook post from a stranger.


They weren’t exactly subtle either.

“Let’s get this out and effect his business.”

That’s what we call tortious interference Jane. You’re admitting that your reviews are coming from a place of malice, and your sole intent is to take away a person’s ability to make a living. Easy to do that I suppose when your job is to be the bottom run on a pyramid scheme.

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Look what this one past has done to their Facebook reviews.

The anger and indignation that can be whipped out by one person’s highly questionable Facebook post never ceases to amaze me. I hate humanity with a burning passion.

But wait, there’s another side to this story that isn’t being told.

What do you think is more likely? This diabolically evil Chinese restaurant manager attacks a bunch of special needs people quietly eating their meal, or the person in charge of said people was too busy shoving crab raccoon down her gullet to actually watch over them? Tough one. Either way, I wasn’t there, and since I’m a responsible adult I’m going to go ahead and wait until actual evidence is presented before I try to destroy someone.

Every time someone posted that screenshot this non-binary BLT-123 copy and pasted the same baseless story.

Looks like another reliable source.

All I know is this – people who own Chinese restaurants don’t play. They have no tolerance for people who don’t do their jobs, which is why they’ve had no problem climbing the social ladder in America, despite massive amounts of discrimination against them over the years. If this woman wasn’t watching over her clients, and they did indeed cause someone to spill hot tea, then I’m sure the manager told the OP to make sure that didn’t happen again. More than likely this led to some clap back and the next thing you know she angrily left the restaurant.

But again, I wasn’t there and neither was anyone else, so I’m not going to destroy anyone until I get more information. More people should try this.


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