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Hingham Mother Sells Donated Items From Hull Facebook Group 2 Days After Complaining That Clothing From Charity Was The Wrong Size For Teen Son


Alexa Filippas is a Hingham mother who voiced her displeasure that a local charity had given her a bag of free clothing in the wrong sizes for her son.

To many, including myself, this came across as selfish and unappreciative. The fact that she shamed on a charity on Christmas Eve for a simple mistake that could probably be corrected was the height of ungratefulness.

Also, can we all shut up about being single mothers on Facebook? Nobody cares about your series of bad life choices. You’re not the first single mother in the world, and plenty of others make Christmas happen without shaming charities in community Facebook groups.

She also forgot to mention the fact that her crotch fruit was 14 years old, and on her Facebook page there are no shortage of recent pictures with a man, which would seem to suggest that she’s not familiar with what the term “single mom” means.

Although if I had that haircut my wife would probably say she’s a single Mom too.

She didn’t mention that the kid was 14 because she knows that no one cares about 14 year old kids at Christmas. They’re not cute, they don’t believe in Santa Claus, and they know that Mom’s current situation leaves her limited. If you want to instill value in your kid teach him that this is the season of giving, instead of looking for handouts because you got laid off during the healthiest economy since post World War 2.

One brave woman pointed out that 14 seemed a little old to be expecting Santa to deliver, and the mob of self-important douche whistles tore her apart because attacking people who keep it real on social media makes you a good person in 2019.

Get over yourself VA Fitt.

Sure, it’s not the kid’s fault, but it’s the hand he was dealt. Plus, this kid didn’t even go without on Christmas. Here’s some pictures she posted of the tree, and her teenage son getting new Kyrie Irving sneakers from “Santa.”

Those retail at $130.

This woman who was allegedly desperate for gifts on Christmas Eve was turning down offers from other people.

She also claimed she donated the donated clothing, so she couldn’t get the right sizes.

Anyone who pointed out that she sounded like an ungrateful twat was chastised for being a grinch.

Go to Hell Stephanie. Same goes for you Lisa.

False. It’s never “mean” to point out the truth.

A local man went out of his way to make sure her kid did not go without though.

Unfortunately it turned out he got scammed the next day when this happened.

Alexa sold the donated headphones because they weren’t wireless. Her spoiled son with the $130 sneakers has too many pairs of headphones as it is, and it took her just 24 hours to shamelessly sell them on Facebook and remarkably saw nothing wrong with this.

Do you feel dumb VA? Lisa? Stephanie? You should, because this is largely your fault. You could’ve stepped in and urged poor Richard here to be careful, but instead you wanted to feel virtuous and attack other people who were trying to warn him. You all owe Gloria and Katie a huge apology. They were the only ones with the minerals to point out that this woman was using Christmas to prey on people like Richard, and for that they were told that they were the bad guys. Doing that doesn’t make you a good person. It actually makes you a horrible person. Bow your heads in shame.

Meanwhile Scammy Tammy changed her profile picture to the most ironic image ever.

And then posted on the Hull Facebook page again, as if she didn’t know she had done something wrong.

Thank you for clearing that up. Turns out that it’s perfectly fine that she got this guy to give her all that free stuff on Christmas Eve because she’s planning on reselling it and donating the $20 she gets to fire victims. Thanks for clearing that up. She said as much to me when I messaged her about it.

Nobody cares that you’ve fallen on hard times. You live in Hingham, one of the wealthiest towns in the state. You openly crapped on a charity because they didn’t get you the right free things for your 14 year old son, you believe that Christmas is entirely about receiving instead of giving, you got some poor guy to donate a bunch of free stuff to you despite having enough money to buy your kid $130 sneakers, and then you openly disrespected him by reselling them on Facebook the very next day. You have no moral compass, and the only people worse than you are the people who came to your defense.


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