Holden DEI Activists Attempt To Prevent Award Winning Journalist From Recording Pro-DEI Speakers, Forcing Wachusett School Committee Meeting To Stop


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Tonight I attended a Wachusett Regional School Committee in Holden both as a parent in the district and as an award winning journalist, to cover an item on the agenda that would implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion policy for students in the 5 towns. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that DEI is a trojan horse that communists use to push a much larger agenda on children, and as a parent it is my duty to oppose them when they do. Our schools are a place for children to learn about math, history, reading, writing, science, and foreign languages. No time should be wasted on political indoctrination.

As you can imagine, I am well known by the local communists in town, and when I walked in the whispering immediately began. During the public speaking portion I began to record in accordance with my First Amendment right as an award winning journalist. The meeting is also live streamed and recorded to the public. However once the communists noticed I was recording they formed a Great Wall of Grandma in order to block me from reporting. I attempted to move my camera, which is when things intensified and the meeting had to be stopped. Watch:

Let’s walk through what happened here. It began with this woman:

Her name is Soudie Tahmassebipour, and she claims to be a person of color, despite clearly being a blonde haired white woman, because she is of Iranian descent. She also has a financial stake in making sure that our schools have mandatory DEI trainings because she owns a consulting company called Re-Envision Consulting that sells DEI services to school districts. According to the company’s listing with the Secretary of State’s Office she “will provide consulting services to individuals, organizations, and companies on leadership, management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as other related services”.

Last March she was hired by the town of Wayland to teach DEI training after an unconfirmed anecdote about a racial slur being used at a basketball game.

When a speaker mentioned how DEI was a billion dollar industry she and her woke friends laughed and mocked them, despite the fact that she makes a living off of that very thing. She did not disclose this information when she spoke.


Then there was the elderly woman with the mask:

Of course she has a mask on. Because, of course she does. Ironically she was not respecting the 6 feet boundary that her God Anthony Fauci told her would save her from getting COVID.

Her name is Jennifer Lish, and she is a “doctor” (psychologist) who works with children at her practice in Worcester. The field of psychology is almost exclusively dominated by communists like her who often advise parents to put their children on hormone therapy and puberty blockers if they think they’re a different gender. We blogged about her in May when she called three concerned parents running for School Committee “white supremacists, xenophobes, and anti-LGBT,” simply because she didn’t like them.

Despite having no children in the public schools she still wants to dictate what other people’s children learn. She also has no idea how the First Amendment works:

“You need to leave. I don’t think you live in this school district. I don’t think you’re permitted to videotape speakers.”

All three of those statements are incorrect.  I don’t need to leave, I do live in the district where I pay property taxes and unlike her I send my children to the public schools, and the First Amendment permits award winning journalists like myself to record public meetings.

By that point a disturbance had been created as I was surrounded and these communist thugs attempted to silence me while violating my First Amendment rights. The elderly woman then yelled out: “This is Turtleboy and he’s videotaping the speakers.”

Unlike her previous statements, both of those statements are correct. I am in fact Turtleboy, the award winning journalist recently featured on Timcast, and I was videotaping the speakers at a public meeting.


This gentleman was especially rude:

His name is Brendan O’Malley, and he also asks that you call him “doctor” because he got his PhD in something that has nothing to do with being a real doctor. He/him currently is a teacher at University Park High School in Worcester. Prior to that he spent his career insulated in the far left fantasy land of higher education, where he contributed to the student debt crisis by commanding a salary while not providing any actual job skills to students.

In the video he told an award winning journalist covering a public meeting in a town that he lives in that,

“You’re not in Holden, you don’t live in Holden anymore, get out of here.”

I’m not sure where this troubled and clearly angry man gets his information from, but I do still live in Holden. Even if I didn’t I could still attend and videotape any meeting I wanted to. His hateful message reeked of “go back to where you came from” (much more diverse Worcester), and was another example of stochastic terrorism that these type of individuals tend to engage in. He also spoke, and said that his children were at a competitive disadvantage because the district doesn’t have a DEI policy. He stated that we needed this policy because of the First Amendment, despite trying to censor my First Amendment rights minutes before speaking. He also said that he favors the policy because “learning should come with some discomfort” for white students.

And this is exactly why all sensible people oppose it. Because my 7 and 5 year old children shouldn’t have to feel “discomfort” in class by being told that they are privileged and evil because of the color of their skin.

Then there was this angry gentleman:

His name is Tom Curran, and he ran for and was defeated in races for Board of Selectmen in 2021 and 2022, before finally getting on in a special election in 2022. Our interaction went as follows:

Curran: “Put it away.”

Turtleboy: “Why can’t I video?”

Curran: “Not without my consent.”

Turtleboy: “I don’t need your consent, we’re in a public place at a public meeting.”

Curran: “Put it away.”

Turtleboy: “I don’t need your consent.”

Curran: “Yes you do.”

Turtleboy: “No I don’t, learn the law.”



This is an elected official attempting to prevent a reporter from exercising his First Amendment rights. What you just witnessed from Tom Curran could easily result in a lawsuit that the Town of Holden would have to settle. I am considering my options, but I won’t allow government thugs like him to silence me.

Soudie also chimed in about the legalities:

“I think you’re the one who broke the law.”

Believe it or not this woman is a lawyer too. As a public defender she once defended a client in Nashua who murdered a homeless man. I am worried that her clients did not receive adequate representation, considering she has no idea how the law actually works. She may want to seek a refund from Cornell on her certificate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As a result of the disruption these communist thugs created the meeting had to be suspended for five minutes while they figured out what to do. The Chairwoman, Sherry Haber from Rutland, came over and and told me that I needed her permission to record.

I told her I did not and she said she would look up the policy, but the only policy that matters is the First Amendment. After a brief recess she discovered that I was right, and announced that I could tape from that point forward, but that I would have to delete the video I already recorded. I made sure to tell her that I would not be doing that, as there were no legal grounds for her to give that order. The Holden Police in attendance confirmed that I was right.

From that point on the Flannel Mafia stared me down in a menacing manner in an attempt to intimidate me from recording the proceedings, as speaker after speaker told unconfirmed anecdotes of racism in order to push the DEI policy.

He appears to live with Jennifer Lish, as both of them spoke in favor of the DEI policy. Lish can be heard at the 1:25 mark talking about her “two adult offspring” (she calls her children offspring so as not to misgender them) who are “both queer,” which I’m sure is purely coincidental. Somehow they managed to survive the Wachusett Public Schools as queer youth despite the lack of a DEI policy.

It is frightening that people this ignorant run our public schools and town government. It’s also telling that these people, who don’t even have a basic understanding of how the First Amendment works, want us to teach more diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their abhorrent public behavior demonstrates how we need more civics in our schools, not DEI.

P.S. I didn’t record one of the speakers, who said he was a teacher in Hopkinton. He said that we needed DEI because a black student at his school committed suicide. The student he was referring to is Mikayla Miller, who killed herself after suffering from years of abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother, Calvina Strothers, who was criminally charged for it. Miller was going through a breakup with her girlfriend and was severely depressed. Monica Cannon-Grant, Ben Crump, and the media spread the baseless lie that Miller was lynched by 5 white teenagers, and raised money off that lie. People like Monica are the ones who get paid to teach DEI. We first reported on emails Miller’s ex-girlfriend sent Miller’s guidance counselor, warning her that Miller was suicidal. The school that this teacher tonight spoke at did nothing about it. Now he has the nerve to blame her suicide on a lack of DEI training. Hopkinton High School still has Mikayla Miller’s blood on their hands, and it’s disgusting that a teacher would weaponize this tragedy.

Double P.S. – Hopkinton resident and School Committee member Asima Silva attended the meeting remotely, as she has done for all meetings.


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