Holden School Committee Member Asima Silva Owns Home In Hopkinton, Sends Her Kids To Hopkinton Public Schools, May Have Committed Mortgage And Election Fraud


Editor’s Note: Sources in Town Hall tell me that Asima Silva went to them this morning and complained that I am harassing her. Predictably she is making herself the victim because I’m asking questions and exposing fraud. The only victims here are the children of the district who were prevented from going to school by Asima Silva.

As many of you know, I ran for political office in 2021 to be one of the Holden reps on the Wachusett School Committee. Holden is a town that voted 60% for Biden, so the odds were against me as the Democratic Town Committee got out the vote for their 3 chosen candidates. Like the trained puppies they are, they got out and did as the robocall told them to do, and along with the 2 other non-endorsed candidates I ended up losing by about 300-400 votes.

But at least I tried!

I was inspired to run because one of the 3 incumbents named Asima Silva was the most vocal member in opposition to the schools reopening. This offended me as a parent in the district whose kindergarten student had to do jumping jacks in her room for gym class and wasn’t able to make any friends. What made it worse was that during a meeting about whether or not to keep the schools closed, Asima Silva said that we should not let children go to school because 10,000 children died from COVID in just a 2 week period Massachusetts.

“I agree with the social emotional aspects of kids returning to school, but this is where the hesitation comes from seeing those numbers. What is the social emotional aspect of a child becoming one of those numbers? As much as we talk about the social emotional aspect of our kids needing to go back to school to interact with their teachers and their classmates, I go back to a graph like that and as everyone knows I’ve had a really, really tremendous like hard family case with COVID, that ended up in the most horrible manner. And I asked myself, can a student and a teacher ask themselves if they can watch a loved one literally suffocate to death. That graph, as much as we say it’s only 10,000, that’s 10,000 too many in my opinion.”

I was blown away by the ignorance. My child’s educational opportunities were being determined by someone who was either a complete ignoramus, or who was smart enough to know this wasn’t true and was pushing the lie anyway. Almost no children in Massachusetts died as a direct result of COVID. Asima Silva graduated from WPI and is a software engineer. It seems hard to believe she could be this stupid.

At a previous meeting Asima broke down crying while speaking, claiming that her uncle had died from COVID that day and that she was calling in from the cemetery.

There was no way to verify if this was true or not, but it seemed hard to believe. She also cried on command, then stopped on a dime. She used this unconfirmed anecdote to pull on people’s heart strings in order to sway them into keeping the schools closed, which seemed inappropriate at best.

But she won, because as we’ve seen with Joe Biden and John Fetterman, partisan politics dictate that you vote for the candidate you were told to vote for, no matter how dumb or brain dead they are.

Since winning re-election Silva has not attended a single meeting in person, claiming that she’s afraid of COVID. I also noticed that she didn’t campaign at all, and didn’t attend any of the standouts where people were holding signs for her.

The machine did the work for her.

I bring this up because the Town of Holden requires elected officials to live in town, which seems like common sense. But according to the Middlesex Registry of Deeds, Asima Silva and her husband David purchased a home in Hopkinton in 2018 that they built in 2020.

The mortgage for the home in Hopkinton has an occupancy requirement which mandates that the borrowers establish primary residency in the house within 60 days.

Her signature is on the document agreeing to this.


Despite serving on the Wachusett Regional School Committee, Asima Silva’s children attend the Hopkinton Public Schools. One of their teachers posted a picture of her on Twitter a week ago.


I have the unredacted images if she denies this.

It should be noted that the Hopkinton Public Schools were the first in the state to make masks optional, and they allowed children to attend school in person in September of 2020. In other words, her children were able to go to school and take their masks off if they wanted to, while she voted for children in Holden, like my daughter, to remain isolated at home and masked against their will.

The Silva’s still owns their house in Holden, which they put into a family trust in 2014.

The home in Holden also has an occupancy requirement for the mortgage.

Occupancy fraud is a form of mortgage fraud in which the borrower lies about their occupancy status of a property, claiming to live there. This is often done to get better interest rates.

Asima Silva cannot make 2 different homes her primary residency.

Yesterday I went to her house in Holden to knock on the door and see who answered. The lawn was unkempt and the home seemed barren.

However, I was surprised that Asima answered when I knocked on the door. She has since told the Town Clerk that she was wearing her pajamas to make it seem like she slept there, but this is a lie. First of all, it was 12:30 PM. Secondly, she was wearing jeans and appeared to be picking some things up and cleaning the property. I told her who I was and wanted to know if she was living in Holden or in Hopkinton. She told me that her husband David lives in Hopkinton, and that she lives in Holden. She also told me that they were looking into selling their house in Holden.

This seems impossible to believe. Why would she live separately from her husband and children? She’s not divorced or legally separated. Regardless, she signed mortgage documents agreeing to make both homes her primary residence.

It makes sense for her to live in Hopkinton since it’s more centrally located for her work. According to her LinkedIn bio Asima began working as an engineer for Rave Mobile Safety in September of 2018, a month after she signed her mortgage for the Hopkinton home. Their headquarters are in Framingham, which is a 10 minute drive from Hopkinton. Holden is about 45 minutes away. In 2021 she began working in the military-industrial complex for Raytheon, where they develop technology and produce weapons of war that will be used to kill human beings. They have an office in Marlborough, which is also a 10 minute drive up 495 from Hopkinton. Holden is over half an hour away.

Why does someone who lives in Hopkinton want to be on a School Committee for a district where her children don’t attend school, and where she doesn’t live? This is why:

It’s a resume builder for her political activism, much like the reason Tony Branch serves on the Southeastern Regional School Committee. She doesn’t actually care about the children, she just cares about building the Asima Silva brand.


It’s why she was invited to be Congressman Jim McGovern’s guest at the State of the Union, as she was the token Muslim he brought with him to troll President Trump. She frequently missed meetings because dinner with McGovern was more important.

It’s why she chairs the Subcommittee on Equity, Diversity, and Anti-Racism, where they tackle the important work of changing the school mascot from the offensive Mountaineer.

It’s why she attends to the DNC and gives made up quotes from her daughter to “make sure Trump doesn’t win so people won’t hate us.”

She clearly doesn’t like the Wachusett District, since she ran to the newspaper in 2013 and baselessly alleged without evidence that her daughter was the victim of racial discrimination by a teacher (an investigation later proved there was no evidence this happened).

After she won last year she thanked the “heroes behind the scenes” who did all of her campaigning for her while she made her home in Hopkinton.

Surely these people knew that she wasn’t living in Holden. But they’re so power hungry that they intentionally kept voters in the dark in order to prop up an empty vessel who pushes their divisive political agenda. She then lied to the public about children dying from COVID, and used an unbelievable anecdote about her uncle dying in order to close down the schools. All 3 of the candidates she defeated are fathers who send their children to the public schools in Holden, and she still has not attended a meeting in person since winning over a year ago.

Asima Silva is a trojan horse who appears to have committed mortgage fraud and lied to the town clerk about her primary residency when she took out papers to run for re-election in 2021. She told me herself that they intend on selling the house, even though it’s in a trust they own, so she clearly isn’t invested in or committed to the district. She just wants power and prestige in order to push a political agenda that has been dictated to her by people like Jim McGovern, and she is willing to hurt other people’s children in a town she doesn’t live in to attain that. The people who knowingly propped her up for office did so because they viewed me as a threat, due to the fact that I wanted my child to go to school. All of them should be investigated and charged with election fraud. In the meantime I am filing a complaint with the Town Clerk, and Asima Silva should resign immediately.


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