Ilhan Omar Isn’t Exempt From Criticism When She Says Dumb Things Because She Might Get Threats 


For years we’ve been warning people about the intentions of people who argue that words and speech can incite violence. For years our critics have tried to use this excuse to stop us from blogging:

“Your blog is going to make someone kill themselves.”

“After you published a blog about me I got death threats.”

“I’m going to sue you for deformation and have you arrested for inciting people to harass me!”

And for years we have completely rejected this way of thinking. That’s because the intentions and end game of the people complaining about it is clear – Turtleboy should be censored. If we don’t criticize people doing bad things then they won’t kill themselves, people won’t send them death threats, and they won’t be subjected to harassment.

But the fact of the matter is that that’s not how freedom works. We have the right to criticize people doing bad things, and it’s not our problem or our fault if things go badly for you after that. (A great way to avoid this is to just stop doing bad things.) If someone threatens you then they’ve committed a crime, and I suggest calling the police. We get death threats frequently. When I feel like someone crosses a line I call the cops or get a harassment order like I did with Charlotte McFarland. I don’t whine that free speech should be censored because it puts me in danger.

And just like with Facebook, the problems we had have spread to the national scene. This battle has now manifested to Washington DC, where elected official think they’re immune from criticism because criticizing them could get them killed. For instance, this week Ilhan Omar spoke in front of an Islamic organization and referred to the 9/11 attacks as “some people did something,” while attempting to point out how non-terrorists had their civil liberties curtailed after the terrorist attack.

I get what she was saying, because we did have our civil liberties decreased after 9/11, but it’s just common sense that you don’t refer to a terrorist attack that killed 3,000 people as “some people did something.” Especially when you’re an anti-semitic moron in a hijab who can’t stop saying terrible things, and is propped up by the media as the future of the democratic party.

I don’t want her censored though, because I believe she has a right to say whatever she wants. Just expect that people will criticize you for it, like Republican congressman and war hero Dan Crenshaw:

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That’s a perfectly reasonable critique of what she said. He didn’t twist her words either. The video shows the whole statement in context. She rightfully took a lot of shit for it and the New York Post put out this headline:

Because that’s literally what she said.

Then she did to Dan Crenshaw what ratchets and SJWs have been doing to us for years – whining about death threats because someone pointed out something you said or did that was terrible.

In other words, she can’t be criticized, no matter how crazy the things are that she says.

She attempted to pull a “yea, but one time a Republican said”

Instead of just, ya know, saying that that 9/11 was a really bad thing, and not just something that happened. I don’t even know what the point she’s trying to make is, and based on the ratio she got she should probably have someone else do her tweets for her.

Then this happened:

And when President Troll jumps in the mix all hell breaks loose on the left, because making these people say dumb things is his specialty. Right on cue….

“Her life is in danger.”

She actually said that. We have people in Congress who believe that legitimate criticism of elected officials shouldn’t be allowed because Ilhan Omar’s life is supposedly in danger. Even though it’s not because she’s protected by men with guns.

Also, everything today is directly related to the Holocaust. People saying mean things to Ilhan Omar on Twitter is genocide, which is why AOC went to the Holocaust museum to tweet that.

Visits the Holocaust Museum to own the cons. So woke.

Of course Pocahontas jumped in as well.

Everything about that is a lie, which is par for the course since she’s been lying about being Native American her entire life.

The media bought into this as well:

This is the media, who constantly complains about the President threatening free speech rights, whining about free speech. Who wore it better?

These are the same people who freely and willfully call anyone they disagree with a Nazi or a white supremacist. They make Trump into a cartoonish villain who puts kids in cages for fun and wants to kill you by making sure you don’t have healthcare. Is that an incitement to violence? Of course not. Even though the Bernie supporter who shot Steve Scalese was radicalized by this type of hyperbole, adults understand that words don’t cause violence. And by adults I mean conservatives, and SOME less vocal liberals. Is this an incitement to violence?

He’s “intentionally” making sure you don’t get health insurance, which means you could die. If someone is trying to make you dead, then isn’t it reasonable to eliminate that person in order to protect yourself?

Or this:

If you knew people were taking 2,500 kids hostage and held them for ransom, wouldn’t it be fair to punch those people in the face?

Look who else does this routinely:

The NRA, an organization with millions of law abiding members, are “the enemy.” They want kids at Parkland and Sandy Hook to die. If you knew someone was trying to kill little kids wouldn’t it be your duty to kill them first? According to her logic she just endangered the lives of millions of Americans who happen to be in the NRA.

Are these incitements to violence? Of course not. Could a crazy person read these things and use violence to hurt someone? Of course. But in a free society we don’t silence speech simply because someone could act on it in a bad way. We let people speak freely and punish those who break the law.

It’s our duty as free people to call this out for what it is each and every time we see it – a back-doored attempted at Fascism. Words aren’t violent, and we won’t allow you to decide what can and cannot be said because some idiot congressman can’t stop saying stupid things.


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