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Investigating Luke Noble Part 1: Daughter Alleges Sexual Abuse During Contentious Divorce, Held In Contempt After Violating Court Order


Last week I published a blog about Luke Noble, a financial advisor running for a seat on the North Andover Board of Selectmen who has been endorsed by Charlie Baker, after a tape was shared on social media showing Mr. Noble acting inappropriately towards his then three year old daughter in the car.

I was warned by Attorney Joseph Orlando Jr. (who also has political connections with Charlie Baker) not to publish that tape because it was being used in ongoing litigation. Attorney Orlando refused to provide me with the docket number or the court the ongoing matter was being heard in, and as it turns out he was not being honest. Additionally, the video was first published on Twitter, not this blog, and I urged Attorney Orlando to contact Jack Dorsey directly if he wanted it removed from that platform.

Luke initially told people the tape was doctored, but according to the North Andover Citizen (which has blocked this reporter from commenting on their Facebook page) Luke and his ex-wife drafted a statement in which and admittance is made that it was his family in that video. That statement did not contain an apology or any admittance of wrongdoing, and instead urged people not to discuss what they witnessed on the tape, despite the fact that Luke is running for office in town.

Luke Noble works long days, and with his political aspirations and his divorce his time with his children has been limited. However, he has since remarried Amanda Noble, a teacher at Parker Middle School in Chelmsford. She has two children of her own who live in their North Andover home, but his children attend school in his ex-wife’s town of Danvers. Luke frequently uses the children in political literature to promote the image of himself as a wholesome, loving father.

However, documents obtained from Luke’s 2016 divorce with Jessica Crovetti indicate much more disturbing allegations than what was seen in that video.

It’s important to keep in mind that divorce proceedings are contentious and often ugly. With that said, allegations of sexual abuse by Luke Noble against his then five year old daughter (the same one from the video) were made by his ex-wife, his children’s doctor, his children’s social worker, his ex-wife’s boyfriends at the time, and his daughter herself. Specifically the daughter began telling these people in May of 2016 that Luke had pulled his pants down and told his daughter to touch his penis.

I have attempted to contact both Jessica and Luke for comment, but neither has responded. It should be noted that Jessica signed a non-disclosure agreement that prevents her from speaking about this.

The first document is a motion filed by Jessica Crovetti in response to a motion by Luke Noble for full custody of their two daughters. According to the document Jessica’s mother stated in a deposition that Luke Noble called their daughter a “big fat pig,” said that she was worthless, and made her cry.

This sort of language is consistent with the behavior Mr. Noble exhibited in the video.

According to Jessica her ex-husband’s behavior was “controlling, abusive, and predatory.” She alleged that she had multiple miscarriages which caused her physical and emotional distress, and that Mr. Noble told her to “suck it up,” said that it’s “all in your head,” and initially refused to bring her to the hospital.

Jessica alleged that Mr. Noble forced her to wash, dry, and put away over one hundred baby shower items, despite bleeding, and she was later diagnosed with preeclampsia. She also told the story about what was witnessed on the tape, in which Luke degraded and swore at his daughter.

The fact that the testimony Jessica Crovetti gave in this document directly aligns with what was in that video adds credibility to her statements.

According to the document the children’s pediatrician Dr. Orr, Jessica, and Jessica’s mother alleged that one of his daughters (the one in the video), exhibited behavior that included “strong indicators of sexual abuse.”

It further alleges that the behavior from the child was “highly congruent with a finding of sexual abuse at the hands of Luke Noble.” However, in Mr. Noble’s motion he suggested that any alleged abuse could have potentially come at the hands of his ex-wife’s new boyfriend because he had minor criminal infractions on his record from nearly 20 years ago, none of which had anything to do with sexual abuse.

It was alleged that Luke Noble defied a court order by terminating his daughter’s relationship with their therapist Moriah Marsh after one of his daughter’s told Ms. Marsh that Mr. Noble had asked her to touch his penis. They further allege that Mr. Noble called his daughter a “pathological liar” on several occasions after she began making accusations about his behavior.

These allegations are backed up by court documents showing that Jessica was to have sole legal custody, the children were to return to therapy with Ms. Marsh, and that Luke was found guilty of being in contempt of court by telling Dr. Orr that he was no longer authorized to treat his daughters after Dr. Orr reported similar allegations to DCF and filed a 51A.

The document alleges that Dr. Orr “has expressed strong opinions that (Luke’s daughter) was abused by her father,” but that DCF did not do its due diligence in investigating Dr. Orr’s allegations.

It should be noted that DCF is a state agency that Governor Baker ultimately has control over, and that Governor Baker is a political ally of Luke Noble, who he personally endorsed for office.

Dr. Orr took part in a deposition, and I will be publishing the transcripts for that in a follow up blog.

The motion goes on to allege that a teacher at Luke’s daughter’s school submitted a letter to DCF (which was ignored) stating that the girl’s behavior changed dramatically right around the time of the alleged abuse.

Both of his daughters had temporary restraining orders issued against their father as well. The orders were not extended after the subsequent hearing over a month later, and he does get to see his children today.

Jessica’s motion was in response to Luke’s motion for full legal custody of his two daughters, and he requested that she be ordered to not defame him.

Later on Luke would filed a defamation lawsuit against Jessica, and because she didn’t have the financial resources or the energy to fight it she agreed to sign a NDA in order for him to drop the lawsuit. As someone who has been the defendant in nearly a dozen defamation lawsuits, I can attest that the financial burdens of defending yourself are large if the plaintiff has an aggressive attorney. Defamation lawsuits do not require any sort of proof to file, and can be financially and emotionally draining for defendants who ultimately get the lawsuits dropped. You do not get the money back when you win, and plaintiffs with the financial resources that Luke Noble has are able to essentially weaponize the courts in order to silence those who have damaging, truthful information they would be inclined to discuss publicly.

Luke went on to argue that Jessica and her attorney gave contradictory statements about the sexual abuse they alleged Luke Noble was responsible for with his daughter. He also alleged that Dr. Orr had posted a picture of his daughter during a visit, and suggested that the fact that his daughter was smiling was evidence that she was not abused by him.

However, Jessica’s affidavit and the text messages sent by her attorney to his attorney are not contradictory. Jessica alleges that her daughter told her that she was “asked to touch her daddy’s penis” on two separate occasions. Her attorney’s text messages allege that the girl stated that his penis was in her face.

Both of these statements can be true and do not seem to contradict one another.

Mr. Noble suggested that the therapist, who he terminated the relationship with in defiance of a court order, asked his daughter “suggestive” questions, and alluded to his belief that she was “not qualified to forensically interview child sexual assault victims.”

It should again be noted that he only attempted to remove the daughter from this therapist after the she told the therapist that her father asked him to touch his penis.

Luke suggested that his daughter was telling her therapist, doctor, grandmother, and mother the same story because she was coached by his ex-wife, and argued that he should be awarded full custody as a result of that.

Judge Giordano ended up granting the temporary restraining order against Luke, and awarded full custody to his ex-wife with supervised visits only for Mr. Noble.


I have obtained the entire 107 page deposition of Dr. Orr and will be publishing that in the next installment. To be clear, Dr. Orr fully believes that Luke Noble sexually abused his daughter, and was ignored by a DCF worker with a familiar last name who happens to be connected to Luke Noble.


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