Jeremy Winslow Gets Arrested For Cocaine And Driving With Suspended License, More Women Come Forward


Shoutout to Manchester Information for giving credit where credit is due on the latest Juicin Jeremy Winslow update about why he was arrested this morning:

Detectives from the Manchester Police Department arrested Jeremy Winslow, 34, of Manchester, on March 7 at the 9th Circuit District Court Nashua Division.Winslow was scheduled to appear in court Thursday on a compliance hearing stemming from a domestic violence-related case from 2016.  Winslow was arrested on a warrant stemming from the incident in Manchester on March 2, in which his girlfriend, Tanya Hall, was fatally shot while in the passenger seat of Winslow’s Jeep as the two were leaving a night club. He is charged with possession of controlled drug-cocaine (felony) contrary to NH RSA 318: B-2 and operating after suspension-second offense (misdemeanor) contrary to NH RSA 263:64. Scant details have been released by the Attorney General’s office around the shooting. The only public information that has been circulated has been through media interviews with Winslow, who has freely shared his account of the events leading up to the shooting with television and print outlets.

On March 6 an online blog site,, released a three-part series of information keenly focused on Winslow, which includes some of his past criminal history.

Take notes mainstream media – it’s not that hard to cite your sources. We will do the legwork for you, and all we want is a link.

So there you have it folks. He drives without a license because he’s a professional loser. He’s a cokehead, who was likely all jammed up that night. He blows all his money on yayo instead of taking care of his kids. Cocaine makes you feel invincible so who know what really happened inside and outside of that bar leading up to Tanya Hall’s death. The combination of steroids, cocaine, and booze is never a good thing.

The only thing that matters is that he conned her into thinking he was some successful business owner, tried to play Daddy with her kid, and because of that she was dragged into a dangerous and volatile situation.

Either way, we’ve gotten soooo many emails and messages about this story it’s insane. Many of them are from women who used to date this guy. Now I know a lot of people are saying, “yea but, the real bad guy is the one who shot her.” Totally get that. There’s no reason to have a gun on you while you’re drinking at the bar. You don’t fire indiscriminately at a moving vehicle if an innocent woman is sitting in it. Justin Moura has an 11 year old daughter he should’ve been at home with instead of out at a biker bar in downtown Manchester. When you have kids you don’t put yourself in compromising situations like that. Period.

Here’s the crazy part – the court appearance he was supposed to have today for the 2016 domestic violence arrest was from the incident we blogged about in Part 2. The victim in that case didn’t even know about the hearing, because for some reason victims aren’t notified. She is going on Fox 25 News today at 4 PM to tell her story, and she’s going to point out how she brought her story to the mainstream media and no one listened to her. But we did. Because we investigate and take our craft seriously. She’s gonna name drop Turtleboy, let’s see if they edit it out. Either way, she’s scheduled to come on the podcast with Uncle Turtleboy tonight at 9:30 so make sure you’re subscribing to our YouTube channel.

I just want to take a moment for pointing out how brave this is. It’s hard for victims of domestic violence to share their stories like this, especially when they realize that he can still harm them. Because of their courage we are able to expose monsters like this, because ultimately he got a woman killed. Why should he be able to sign onto a dating app and do it all over again? His name should be cancer on the Internet for the rest of his miserable existence.

We’ve gotten some more emails from women who have been aggressively courted by this meatstick. Here’s some interesting ones.

I have no doubt in my mind that he instigated the drama what ensued the night that girl died. We are friends on snap chat and he JUST RECENTLY began to post pictures of the two of them on his story. This was a new thing for him and the proposal thing is horse shit. Because I work in health care he would occasionally tell me how he thought he needed help because he had problems with drinking and cocaine because he drinks and uses coke very frequently. The combination of the two and sticking needles in his butt for his steroids probably didn’t help his rage that night at Manchvegas. Anyways, I was able to go back into my inbox and find some things that were sent my way when we messaged. Use what you want only because I want it crystal clear that this man is mentally sick and needs serious help. He’s a danger to himself and society and clearly any girl he is around. He kept driving after she was shot while she was slumped over in his arms?? Any normal individual would immediately call 911 not keep driving and wait to call. Give me a break. Luckily he’s such a sick liar and he loves to talk so his story will get twisted eventually and he’ll bury himself. 

I found more in my inbox from when I was talking to him about stuff going on in the life. This goes to show just how sick of an individual this man is. I never actually met up and hung out with him because conversation got weird and he started telling me “you speak to my soul” and basically telling me he wanted to be with me forever. I knew he wasn’t all mentally there. But he did however do a good job of acting like he cared. Most vulnerable women would fall for that. I found this conversation from when I was venting to him about the night before when I went to a Bruins game with a male friend who got hammered and was a little too crazy for my liking. For some reason I felt okay venting this towards him and he tells me “I’ll punch him.” Ohhhh ok Jeremy. Violence is the answer pal.

Also this was JULY 2018. He’s on the news saying he was dating this girl for ELEVEN MONTHS. Absolute narcissist. Literally lying through his teeth regarding a murder situation to get on camera. When I say he just started posting pictures to his Snapchat like a couple weeks ago- I mean it. And he posts regularly because he’s so egotistical it’s disgusting. So if this was an 11 month long thing it would have been plastered everywhere for ELEVEN months. 

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Threatening to punch dudes over a woman. Professing his love to women he barely knows and is trying to use to gain access to rides and money. Trying to move in with them by giving them a sob story. Again, I’m not saying he tried to run over the person who shot him, but I certainly would not be surprised to find out he did.

Here’s another email:

I’ve known Jeremy Winslow since we were children. I consider the mother of his children to be family and I fully support the statements about him being not only a dead beat dad but he’s quite literally the biggest pathological liar I have ever ever ever met in my entire life. Jeremy and I have a long history of him pursuing me for decades and Being met with the answer “no” 100% of the time. He didn’t like that. Jeremy lived with my family on and off a few times to help him get his shit together but he never did, he just found out how to take advantage of whatever woman he was with and they we’re usually very successful women who were infatuated with his good looks and charm. I can see right through him but a lot of woman take a while to figure him out. He’s literally written me love letters processing his love for me since I was 12. It was only a matter of time before something bad happened to someone that spent a lot of time  around or with him. It’s absolutely disgusting actually and I can totally picture him instigating this. 

Sounds familiar.

All I know is, there’s gonna be a lot more coming out about this story, and hopefully moron will keep ignoring the advice of his court appointed attorney and keep posting on Facebook and giving contradictory interviews to every news station.


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