Jeremy Winslow Seen On IG Picture Cutting Up Cocaine Just Days After Being Released From Jail, Has Contacted Former Victims As Well 


Six months ago Jeremy Winslow was all over the news and our blog after he portrayed himself as the loving boyfriend of Tanya Hall, a woman who was shot and killed outside of a Manchester bar by a local biker.

Upon further investigation, which no other media outlet seemed interested in, we debunked this image he was portraying, and revealed a much more sinister past. Jeremy Winslow picked a fight with these bikers, intentionally tried to run one of them over, has a long and documented history of domestic violence towards women, and had a restraining order taken out against him by his deceased girlfriend’s family because he said that he wanted to see her child.

Last week he was released from jail.

You would think that six months in prison would give him time to reflect on the kind of person he’s become, and the kind of permanent damage he’s caused to the family of Tanya Hall, as well as the women he’s abused. But one of the first things he did when he got out was this:

As you can see in that picture which was posted to Instagram by a friend of his (and has since been deleted), it appears as if Jeremy is cutting up cocaine. If you recall on the night Tanya Hall was killed Jeremy had cocaine on him in the Jeep, which was one of the reasons he went to jail. Evidently he’s learned nothing, and he thinks he did nothing wrong to get Tanya killed. He’ll likely move onto his next victim shortly. His Facebook profile still says that he he’s a personal training director at Equinox, which is a lie as he hasn’t worked there in years.

Multiple sources have reached out to us to tell us that he’s been contacting women since his release, including one woman he was cheating on Tanya with who had sent him a no contact notice after he sent her a letter from jail, so we should probably warn women ahead of time to stay far away from him.

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He’s a selfish, abusive, pathological liar, and he’s extremely dangerous to be around. Despite his overall degeneracy he targets and is able to seduce attractive, successful women. He then mooches off of these women until they get sick of him, and then he gets abusive. And from the looks of that picture, and the testimonials of women he’s contacted, he’s up to his old tricks.


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