Josh Abrams Gets Exposed By Malden Police Chief And DTA Worker For Harassing People At The DTA Office


I really do not like Josh Abrams, but since TB Daily News is a respectful publication that doesn’t use foul language, I had to publish a different version of this story on TBS, which is much more colorfully worded and can be read by clicking here

Josh Abrams is a grown man who lives in his mother’s house in Stoneham and spends his days harassing and filming police and other government workers, who unlike him are not a complete drain on society. Last month he swore that I would be arrested after filing a false police report indicating that I threw a Pepsi bottle at him and his elderly mother. He insisted that I would be charged shortly with assault and battery, but sadly for him that never happened.

I invited him to come on the Live show and speak with me about it, he agreed, and then blocked me right before the show began. This is what cop block cowards like him do – they run when they know they can’t control the setting.

In his most recent “First Amendment Audit” video he decided to go to the welfare (DTA) office in Malden, where he filmed poor people waiting to speak to government employees about receiving assistance. I’m sure it’s slightly embarrassing for many people who receive food stamps, so the last thing any of them would want is some person filming them while they’re in there, especially since he’d be in their shoes were it not for the fact that his mother buys him copious amounts of Mountain Dew and allows him to live in her house rent free.

It didn’t end well for Josh though, because his goal is to get the people he films to lose their cool, but instead they all turned the tables on him.

This lady right here is the the MVP.

She works at the DTA office in Malden. I can only imagine the amount of free loaders and bureaucracy she deals with on a daily basis. She chews up and spits out people like Abrams for a living, and she certainly wasn’t going to put up with his shenanigans.

And I don’t know what’s going on in the City of Malden, where the guy who runs the police department can afford to spare half an hour to talk in circles with a loser like this who has no intention of doing anything but provoking people, just to prove that he can, but I credit him for taking control of that interaction. Abrams is used to being in charge. He’s got the camera, he’s ambushing you, he’s putting you on the spot, and he’s only there to do one thing – get you flustered.

The Chief knew exactly how to handle someone like this – prey on his insecurities.

Chief: “You seem to have this lack of self esteem or something on your part. You have this desire to intimidate people or something.”

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Abrams: “Are you intimidated?”

Chief: “Not at all.”

And with that Josh Abrams became a broken man. No doubt in my mind he cried himself to sleep that night. The Chief looked deep into his eyes and read his soul. By the end of that video it was clear that Josh Abrams wasn’t speaking to a cop; he was speaking to a shrink.

Once Josh realized he was no longer in control of this particular “First Amendment Audit” he got more and more upset. He failed to go back inside, which he vowed he would do in spite of the no trespass order against him. The chief saw right through his facade and called him out for being a broken, sad, and angry individual, who won’t come out of the closet because they don’t want him on their team either.

Also loved this:

Abrams: “I pay taxes, so my taxes go to your salary.”

Chief: “I don’t know about that.”

Oh I DO know about that one chief. The answer is, no, he doesn’t pay your salary. Number one, because he doesn’t live in Malden. Number two, because his mother owns the house he lives in and she pays the property taxes. And number three, that would require having a job.

What makes Abrams such a coward is that he’ll do videos like this all day, he’ll confront passive, innocent people who want nothing to do with him. But he won’t come on the Live show because he’s PETRIFIED of being in an environment where the person he’s speaking to doesn’t have to worry about losing their job if they call him out for being the loser that he is. He’s scared of me, he’s scared of Bret, he’s scared of Bristol, and he’s even scared of Intern Turtle. Can’t say I blame him, the poor little fella wouldn’t know what do when he’s not asking the questions and shoving the camera in some DTA worker’s face.

P.S. This guy looks really worried about the citizen’s arrest Abrams gave him.

Sounds about as legit as the charges he swears were filed against me by the Stoneham PD.


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