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Judge Richard Sinnott Attains American Hero Status, Holds Activist Lawyer Susan Church In Contempt For Telling Him That He Can’t Pursue Charges Against Antifa


Yesterday and today’s ruling from Judge Richard Sinnott that he was denying Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins’ motion to dismiss charges against most of the 34 Antifa terrorists who were arrested for assaulting police at the straight pride parade, is refreshing. Time and time again we’ve seen activist judges letting dangerous criminals off the hook instead of holding them responsible for their crimes. However, a Judge who actually upholds the law isn’t sitting well with many social justice warriors.

I believe this is what the kids these days refer to as “big mad.” A judge enforcing the law. The fact that this is so foreign to people tells you everything you need to know about the current state of justice in Massachusetts.

It’s one thing if Twitter virtue signalers say stuff like this, but there’s something seriously wrong when people who hold actual positions of power are saying the same thing. People like Rachael Rollins and Boston’s activist congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. Here’s what the chief law enforcement officer for Suffolk County had to say about Judge Sinnott denying her motion.

“By compelling arraignment in every case, the judge punished the exercise of individuals’ First Amendment right to protest. At my request, prosecutors used the discretion constitutionally allocated to the executive branch to triage cases and use our resources most effectively to protect public safety. Make no mistake: some people were appropriately arraigned and will be held accountable for actions that put the safety of the public and law enforcement at risk. For those people now tangled in the criminal justice system for exercising their right to free speech—many of whom had no prior criminal record—I will use the legal process to remedy the judge’s overstepping of his role.”

Contrary to popular belief, assaulting the police is not a First Amendment right. The fact that the District Attorney seems to believe that is evidence that she’s unfit for the position, and a perfect example for why her job should not be an elected position. Four police officers were injured by a known terrorist organization, in a city that was the site of a terrorist attack just six years ago. We know what people like this are capable and so does the BPD, so we have no tolerance for it here. Take that garbage to Portland where it belongs.

Then there’s Reverend Pressley.

Boston’s sitting member of Congress is raising money for a terrorist group for bail money after they were arrested for attacking police. The Boston Police Association wrote her a letter, urging her to stop supporting terrorism, which she hasn’t responded to.

This is an actual quote from her:

Pressley also said she does not think demonstrators should’ve been arrested because they were “protesting a racist, fascist demonstration.”

Racist? John Hugo and Samson might be homophobic losers, but racist? I’ve yet to see anything that suggests that. The problem is that to people like Pressley, you can’t just discriminate against one set of people. You either hate everyone that isn’t a white cisgendered male, or you’re woke like her. There is no in between. That’s why when they accuse people of being one form of bigoted, they default to add in the rest of the phobias and isms:

“So and so is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, blah, blah, blah.” It’s never just, “he’s a sexist.” If you are guilty of one then you are guilty of all.

That’s why Judge Richard Sinnott is an American hero. Because without him, these lawless hacks would be running the state. Remember those hippies who blockaded I-93 a few years back? Not one of them was prosecuted. People have had enough. You don’t have a right to block a public road and you don’t have the right to assault private citizens or police simply because you disagree with them. Ayanna Pressley and Rachael Rollins think you do have that right, so long as you’re doing so in the name of a left wing cause. But that’s because they’re morons, and Judge Sinnott is much wiser and more learned than they are.

And just when you thought he couldn’t be more awesome he went and did this today.

Susan Church is an activist lawyer who defends people like the Boston Marathon bomber’s friends who helped him cover up his crime in the days after the bombing. Terrorists are amongst her favorite people. She tweeted this out yesterday.

Zero authority? Well, you’re in jail so it looks like he actual does have some authority after all. He’s the Judge enforcing the law. And the fact that you think it’s an “overstep” to enforce the law tells me everything I need to know about you. Across the country people like Susan Church and the Judge in Newton who helped an illegal immigrant escape from her courtroom, are finally being held accountable. They’ve lived in the fantasy land of Massachusetts for far too long and they’re now being reminded that Massachusetts is part of the United States of America. God bless the American hero, his honorable Richard Sinnott.

P.S. This is the same Judge who a few months back told an Uber driver arrested for rape to shut up in his courtroom when the rapist started crying. Can we clone him? Asking for a friend.

Double P.S. If I know anything about these kinds of people, they’re very likely combing through his high school yearbook to find comments about “boofing,” and looking for an activist he’s never met to come forward and say that he dry humped them 36 years ago. There’s nothing they hate more than a Judge who isn’t ideologically aligned with them, and they’ll do anything to destroy him.


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