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Kentucky Ex-Con Comedian Dad Amiri King Offers To Pay My Plane Ticket To Fight Him In Dark Alley After Getting Caught Stealing Our Kendra Lara Content 


Editor’s Note: I will be discussing this topic on the Live Show tomorrow night at 9 PM. Amiri is hereby invited to join me and he can say whatever he wants to, uncensored. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This is Amiri King, AKA Tony Donovan Schork, from Nicholasville, Kentucky.

Amiri is an ex-con turned comedian who’s been grifting off his “reformed criminal who now worships law enforcement” shtick for several years.

He’s assembled a meager following on social media of right wing celibate men in their 30’s who are still amused by “your momma” jokes. Here’s some of the videos that helped him gain relative popularity.

He appears to make a living making $15K a year on YouTube ad revenue, selling pyramid scheme crap to his followers, and getting paid $20 to do Cameo videos in which he will regurgitate whatever text is sent to him like the trained monkey he is.

Except he’s not really reformed at all. He was charged a couple years ago with domestic violence and violation of prevention order.

He has 4 daughters, at least three of them with his most recent baby momma. But due to his legal troubles he doesn’t have full custody of them, and he claims that the police have taken them from him 7 times in the last calendar year. Here’s an hour and a half long rant he did 5 months ago after skipping court, crying about how CPS is stealing his kids for no reason, complaining that he has no money to pay for his attorneys, and shitting on his baby momma. He wisely tells CPS that they will never take his kids, and that he will use his platform to harass court officials who interfere with his ability to have custody of his daughters.


He’s also got another baby on the way. Naturally then he started a GoFundMe 5 years ago, which has been repurposed to get his kids back and “stop CPS harassment.” He claims he’s been targeted by the left, but in reality he’s just a degenerate redneck who shouldn’t be around children.

Earlier in the week on Twitter I was tagged by a few people after Amiri posted a thread about the story we had just broken about Kendra Lara crashing her car while driving without a license, injuring her unrestrained child, in a car owned by a man who had filmed her naked with her child after having anal sex.

Having less access to your children than Kendra Lara is how you know you’re winning at life.

I noticed that there was no link to the blog, and that he was using images and news that ONLY Turtleboy Daily News had reported. He used our cover photo:

He used nearly the exact same language we did.


He used our cover photos about the sex tape, which no other media outlet ever reported on.

He included the name Owen Thomas, which hadn’t been reported by any other media outlet. He word-for-word copy and pasted this sentence in our blog – “He leaked a video of him bragging about just having anal sex with Lara while she was in the background naked from the waist down,” and even went so far as to correctly spell waist, after I misspelled it. 

The mainstream media also never reported that Kendra had lied about receiving daily emails calling her “n word whore.” I was the one who FOIA’d her emails and revealed her to be a liar. Here’s what he posted:

“They found zero racist emails.”

Who is “they?” Oh right, Turtleboy. Why not just say that? He knows where he got it from, but went out of his way not to mention the source. It’s not the end of the world that this guy is passing along my original reporting as his own, but it’s bizarre the lengths he’s gone to in order to pretend like he’s too much of a big shot to read or cite the article.

Literally everything in his tweet thread came directly off our blog, which meant that he clicked on it, saved the images, copy and pasted the text, and reposted it to his 150K Twitter followers as if he was doing original reporting.

When he got called out on it Amiri claimed to have no idea what Turtleboy was, said that he read about Kendra Lara in the mainstream media, and had sources sending him information.


He then posted an “I’m so important that you know who I am but I don’t know who you are” rant, bragging about how “relevant” he is for his reformed ex-con grifting.

“I posted screenshots from a woman’s twitter account that don’t even belong to you.”

You used our cover photos and copy and pasted an entire sentence from our blog.

But stick with that lie. Lost of people believe you.

“You follow me, not the other way around.”

Sir, you quite obviously clicked on the blog, read the entire thing, downloaded images, and then copy and pasted text onto your Twitter account. But you never hit the follow button, so I guess that means you didn’t steal it, or something. We’re all very impressed by the fact that you make money selling bootleg vaping products while kissing the police’s ass with cookies in order to further grift off the “back the blue” crowd.

Unfortunately for the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Department, their association with him got one of the Deputy’s suspended in 2020, after he agreed to be in a TikTok video where Crocs turn Amiri King into a homosexual.

Tony Schork claimed that he never heard of me before, except last year an obsessive, psychotic deadbeat mother named Shannon Labarre (read about her here), paid Amiri $20 to “roast” me in the most cringe redneck way possible.

If you ever feel down about yourself, just remember that this man in rural Kentucky has to beg for lawyer money to get his kids back from DCF by taking his shirt off and reading scripts sent to him by abusive deadbeat mothers who lost custody of their kids. At least Shannon, Krusty Panties, and Amiri can bond over that.

Despite dedicating thousands of hours of her life to reading every blog I’ve published, watching every show I’ve ever done, documenting my personal life, posting videos of my children, and then assembling out of context clips in an attempt to “expose” Turtleboy and thus end the blog completely, I’ve only grown my audience and experienced unprecedented levels of success. Yet Shannon still tries to collaborate with anyone like Amiri who has an online pissing match with me. She immediately responded to the tweet beef.

Unfortunately for Amiri he’s quite stupid and research isn’t his speciality, so he uses people like Shannon as some sort of valid source for news.

It’s not the end of the world that this guy stole our content and passed it off as his own. He’s basically a trailer park Rex Chapman that no one’s ever heard of if they’re not on social media. I had no intention of wasting time writing about him, I just got tagged in the thread and figured I would call him out for it, because that’s what I do when people steal content. I attempted to reach out to him cordially to ask him why he did that, but he played dumb and pretended he got the information from other sources and year old public tweets from a City Councilor a thousand miles from his home who he’d never heard of before.

He’s been in touch with police and local government to research his reporting? Sure thing, Tony.

He also claimed that the anal sex video screenshot was sent to him, but wouldn’t say by who.

“You think you are the only one with it on the Internet?”

Yes, I am actually. Prior to publication that video was never published anywhere, and still hasn’t been to this day. It’s OK, you got caught. Just own it and move on, prison boi.

Then the dick measuring contest went into overdrive as he showed me a screenshot of what he claims to be his Cameo earnings.

Congratulations on the enormity of your success sir. We’re all very impressed by your unmatched ability to get people to pay you to roast strangers for $20 so you can try in vain to get your kids back.

Despite being caught red handed he persisted with the lie that he would never steal someone else’s content, while humble bragging about the fact that he went to prison for armed robbery.



After that he blocked me and we both moved on with our life. I had no intention of wasting time writing about him, but apparently he wasn’t done clout chasing off Turtleboy so last night he reignited the flame by offering to pay for my plane ticket to Kentucky to face him directly.

“On my daughter’s lives I never heard of this lame until then.”

Sure thing, Tony.

He claimed that he had to block me because I wouldn’t stop messaging him, when in fact he did 90% of the messaging. He then went on to claim that he spoke with a “medical professional” who inboxed him and told him that turtle riders bully kids and have gotten two children to commit suicide. He also said, without any evidence, that turtle riders were harassing his kids on Instagram.

We will see shortly who the “medical professional” was.

Tony offered to fly me to Kentucky to call him “prison boi” to his face, because apparently the armed robbery charge that he uses to profit off of and is central to his online persona, is a very sensitive topic for him. He says he wants to do “dark alley shit” to me, will not allow cameras, and that one of us will emerge from this confrontation without teeth, while posting a video of one of his daughters punching a bag at an arcade.

Pro tip – don’t exploit the children you keep losing to CPS while making threats online because you’re too proud to admit that you got caught stealing content.

Let me be clear – I accept Tony’s challenge to fly to Kentucky to meet him face to face and say the exact same things I said to him online. Perhaps he should Google me, and he will see that I back down from no one, I confront the people I write about in public, and online threats do not scare me in the least.

However, I will be filming it. I don’t want Tony going around lying to his followers about what happened, which he clearly does a lot. I want them to see what happens when I stand next to him and call him out for what he truly is – a grifting fraud. I’m not going there to kick his ass, because it’s quite cringe for men our age to get into online pissing matches like this. I’m going there to prove to him that I’m not some Internet keyboard tough guy who won’t say something to your face that I would say online. What he chooses to do after that is up to him, but it will be filmed.

After that Tony unblocked me temporarily and spent the rest of night rage texting me with links to 10 year old debunked Reddit posts posted from an alcoholic blogger who had to remove his website after losing a defamation lawsuit, calling my mother a whore, and sending me pictures of my driveway and phone number.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Unfortunately I could not write back to him because Tony Tough Guy blocked me once again.

So who was this medical professional Tony Tough Guy was collaborating with? It appears as if this was his source.

Hmmmm. This person claims that:

  • I’m a sexual deviant
  • I get paid to write damaging blogs about people
  • I harassed her son, who she claims is a national hero
  • I had turtle riders call her place of business, post pictures of where she lives, and harass her son into suicide
  • She has contacted Holden Police who refuse to arrest me
  • I got 2 kids to kill themselves

As soon as I saw “national hero,” I immediately knew who it was – Kylie Kirkpatrick.

Holden Police have told me that she calls them a lot and tries to have me arrested for exposing her. We published a 7 part series in early 2020, exposing her for using her son as a prop to perpetuate a lie that he donated his allowance to pay off his friend’s school lunch debts. She made a lot of money, received millions of dollars worth of free gifts, and allowed her son to be used by Democratic politicians in campaign ads as a result of this lie.

So basically she’s a more commercially successful female version of Amiri King.

After we published our story the Napa Police Department launched an investigation into Kylie which I assisted them with. Consequently she was arrested and charged with over 20 felonies. She is now living in Rhode Island but has trial in Napa in September. The DA’s Office is flying me to California to testify against her, and by posting on social media she may be guilty of witness intimidation. She is definitely guilty of violating the terms of her release which prevent her from using social media.

This is Amiri King’s “medical professional” – a woman who lost her job 2 months ago after we exposed the fact that she was lying about being a certified mental health counselor.


Kylie is not allowed to post on social media so she uses burner accounts. The problem is that she’s not good at disguising who she is. She currently uses an account called @thefarfarleft on Twitter, and makes it obvious that it’s her because the account almost exclusively is used to defend the honor of Kylie Kirkpatrick, accuse me of being paid to write the truth about her, and accuse the Napa Police Department and the local newspaper that reported on her charges of being corrupt. The account follows and likes a plethora of tweets associated with Providence College basketball, who Kylie has been trying to scam by once again using her son as a prop with the team.

Kylie’s shtick has always been to use people with larger followings to promote herself, so she is LOVING the fact that she found some local boob with 150K followers to repeat the lies she’s sending him. She’s even tagged other ratchets we’ve blogged about to join in, like Krusty Panties, Bert the Slave, and of course my cash cow Trollollomio.


Anyway, Amiri King blocked me, but I’d be happy to fly to Kentucky to meet up with him face to face and will be reaching out via email since he blocked me like a coward. I’m a 41 year old, grown ass man, and I don’t go around threatening to kick people’s ass on the Internet. However, I stand by everything I say and will tell anyone to their face what I say to them online. Your move, Tony.

P.S. If everything on Reddit is true……


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  1. Well Tony’s five daughters are going to burn in hell, but he has a billion YouTube views – so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

  2. So instead of just adding a turtle boy link to his story he decides to threaten to buy a plane ticket and fight a stranger in a back alley?

  3. “You are a COWARD if you don’t publicly accept.”

    What kind of Junior High bullshit comment is that?

    Ok Amiri, I’m rubber and you’re glue

  4. Ha ha ha!! Since when did foul mouthed narcissism equal comedy? Probably the same time Childrens centers and local jails equal prisons. Gotta love his favorite phrase “google my name”

  5. If a cop says bend over and shake it all about it looks like ima doin the prison sex hokey pokey

  6. I’m not sure of the legality of how this works, nor do I have time to learn about blogger copyright beef or care about it in the least. All I know is, if Amiri King violated copyright law or blogger law then the appropriate thing to do is to take him to court or blogger court and let a judge or panel of turtles decide.

    But the turtle is going a different route, messaging Amiri King and threatening to show up at his home half way across the country in Kentucky to prove he’s not scared. Because it’s quite cringe for men their age to get into online pissing matches like this.

    Let me be clear – I accept Tony’s challenge to fly to Kentucky to meet him face to face and say the exact same things I said to him online. Nice TB!

  7. That little tattoo next to his eye. That was a tear-drop tattoo that he tried to cover up. It doesn’t mean he killed somebody, that is a misconception. It means he was somebody’s bitch in prison.

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