Lexington Director of Equity And 4th Grade Teacher Show Off Gender Snowperson Used To Brainwash Children Into Rejecting Science


Last week at Bowman Elementary School in Lexington, the school district’s “Director of Equity and Student Support” shared an interesting picture on Twitter, which he saw in a 4th grade classroom.

Not a snowman – a snowperson. A snow freaking person. Its crotch is a star. It defines gender as “boy, girl, both, or neither.” Because somehow you can be both a boy and a girl when nothing you say is real. It’s literally all just make believe.

Remember the old days when kids used to go to school and learn science, math, social studies in English? Good times. I’m a fervent supporter of the public schools, but garbage like this needs to be called out loudly.

This is what your tax dollars go to in Lexington. Where would this town be without a Director of Equity and Student Support? How did schools ever survive without a hero like Johnny Cole?

It’s one thing if you want to brainwash your own kids with propaganda, but the fact that public school employees are doing it is just madness. Then again, this is Lexington so this type of nonsense will be widely applauded.

Here’s a question that no one will ask the kids – what is a girl? Please explain and define without using the word girl in your explanation. You can’t do it without admitting that by definition a girl is someone with XX chromosomes, and biologically female body parts. These people define male or female as feeling male or female. But if gender no longer has a biological meaning, then what exactly are you feeling like? I can’t identify as gay unless I’m physically attracted to men. Identifying as a girl while physically being a boy is the equivalent of identifying as gay while still sleeping exclusively with women.

What this gender snowperson is teaching kids, is that gender is actually personality. They’re teaching kids that “feeling” like a girl means liking traditionally female things, like girls clothing, movies, etc. Then they look in their pants to see if their goods matches the stuff they like. But all they’re really doing when they do that is reinforcing gender norms. They’re so woke they’ve become full fledged traditional conservatives.

But Shames Holzhauer’s job is to take pictures like that and post it on Twitter. That’s literally what he gets paid to do. The teacher who actually designed the gender snowperson is Lexington Public Schools product Lauren Archibald.

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If you send your kids to her school, and they get assigned her as a teacher, this is what they’ll be learning instead of reading, writing, science, and social studies. But if there’s a gender snowperson on the SATs your kid is pretty much a shoe-in for Harvard.

Back to Mr. Cole. His Twitter account is nothing but virtue signaling nonsense peppered with copious amounts of completely unnecessary hashtags, and he loves to post pictures of other people’s children without asking for their parents permission first. This is what the taxpayers of Lexington are paying for.


Announcing “why I’m no longer talking to white people about race.”

Because we all know that the best way to combat racism is to exclude the largest race of people from participating in discussions about race.

Celebrating pronouns day.

Showing off his adopted black children to kindergarteners.

There’s nothing he loves more than treating his two black adopted kids like props in his never ending pursuit of virtue signaling Nirvana.

Playing the “road to racial justice board game” with teachers during professional development.

Yes, that’s a game. And why do these people feel the need to treat teachers like short bus babies?

Why do teachers go along with this? They’re literally treating you like children. And you’re shaming yourself by giving each other a high five for winning a board game that some hack who gets paid much more than you is making you play.

It’s really just a never ending see of self promotion for this clown.

This guy is pushing a particular political ideology on children, and masking it as the “right one.” When you do that then all other points of view become the wrong one. Luckily for him the kids that they’re brainwashing are too young to actually question any of this, which is exactly why they start them so young.

If I were fortunate enough to be able to afford to live in Lexington I would be pulling my kid out of Lauren Archibald’s class so fast it would make your head spin. This is nothing but one sided government brainwashing of our children, and anyone who thinks it’s OK has no business being around anyone else’s kids.


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