Lowell Man Named Jaydakiss Who Stole Woman’s Purse From Parked Car While She Was In Front Seat Was Also Arrested Twice In Last 3 Months


A woman sitting in the driver’s seat of her minivan on Central Street in Lowell was the victim of a brazen purse theft yesterday. Here is the surveillance video.

I miss the good ol’ days when wearing skinny jeans and rocking a manbun amounted to social suicide.

It’s alarming that this individual is this brazen though. It’s broad daylight and the woman was sitting in her car working on paperwork. Criminals who are willing to do this are capable of pretty much anything. He crept over to the minivan like he was Vietcong.

He was initially unwilling to open the door and make his move and looked around and must’ve realized how shady this looked.

So he did what anyone in Lowell would do in order to look inconspicuous on Central Street – pretended to defecate on the street and then picked up random trash in the gutter.

He waited it out for a good 30 seconds or so before he stopped caring and just went for it.

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He just forgot to plan an escape route.


This individual was destined for life the moment he was born and his mother gave him this name.

Jaydakiss. If you name your kid after the guy who was playing on the mix CD that you ripped off of Napster when he was conceived, then you should have a DCF file opened up on you preemptively. Of course she had to add her own little ghetto twist to is by throwing in the “y.” I think we can all agree that the time and effort she put into making that decision far outweighed the total summation of time and effort she did into actually raising him.

I can’t tell if he’s serious about the gang life, or if he just dresses like this for Halloween.

Jaydakiss, you steal purses from women in minivans. You are not hood. And this is not East LA circa 1994. Unbutton that top button, put down the 40, and kindly stop being a degenerate.

Shockingly this isn’t Jaydakiss’ first run in with the law. This happened two months ago:

The assault of a youth in the city’s Centralville neighborhood Tuesday has led to charges for an 18-year-old Lowell resident and two juveniles, authorities say. The 18-year-old involved in the alleged attack, Jaydakis Santell, was previously arrested on July 26 for allegedly interfering with police following a fight that broke out during the Lowell Folk Festival.

The suspects of Tuesday’s assault attacked the youth near Bridge and Ninth streets at about 5:40 p.m. and then fled the scene in a Mazda sedan, according to Lowell police Capt. James Hodgdon. The vehicle headed south on Bridge Street. A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was sitting inside her home on West Fifth Street when she heard tires squealing as a car barreled into a nearby driveway. The car, later identified as the Mazda used to flee the scene of the assault, was going “too fast” as it dove down the driveway, the witness said.

“Then I heard a boom,” she said.

The witness came outside to see the driver of the vehicle made a turn at the end of the driveway and slammed into a bulkhead situated behind the multi-family home. The impact tore the bulkhead from the structure. She then witnessed a group of males, she estimated to be in their late teens or early 20s, jump out of the vehicle and flee the scene. The group ran down West Fifth Street, toward Bridge Street, she said.

Hodgdon revealed Wednesday morning that a follow-up investigation of the incident resulted in charges that will be brought against three of the four suspects, including Santell. The names of the two juveniles will not be released due to their ages. Santell was the third person arrested as a result of the large fight that broke out downtown during Folk Fest. He allegedly interfered with police and attempted to resist arrest, following the incident. Santell attempted to run, push and kick at officers following the arrest of Marquez, Hodgdon said. The police used pepper spray to detain Santell.

So in the last couple of months Jaydakiss assaulted someone at a folk music festival, assaulted an officer while resisting arrest, attacked an underage youth a couple weeks later, fled the scene in his unregistered Mazda, crashed into a stranger’s house, damaged the foundation, and fled on foot. Naturally two months later he’s back out on the streets because this is Massachusetts after all.

Now he’s out here living his best life, and lighting up his girlfriend like a Christmas tree. .

I know as a fact that the Lowell Police regularly read Turtleboy (Kyle Shockley anyone?), so let’s hope this individual is handcuffs soon, because the kind of people who steal purses like this from women are extremely dangerous and need to be off the streets.


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