Lynn Woman Assaulted And Nearly Kidnapped Outside Store, Posts On Facebook But Doesn’t Call Police Or Seek Medical Treatment


A Lynn woman named Jessica Hartney shared a Facebook post yesterday detailing her harrowing experience at the hands of a would be kidnapper outside of the Walnut Cafe.

Why is it always a black rape van? How come it’s never a silver Honda Civic? Everyone knows the worst people on earth own silver Honda Civics.

Just so we are clear about the facts here, this woman was minding her own business when a man with no physical description attempted to throw her in the back of a black van or a SUV, she’s not sure which. He hit her over the head with a blunt object, causing the entire thing to be a blur, yet she was still able to fight back against him and run off, at which point he gave up on his afternoon kidnapping.

OK Jan.

You would think that such a brazen assault and battery during an attempted kidnapping in a highly trafficked area would’ve made the news, or at least led to a press release from the police. However, according to the victim she didn’t go to the hospital or call the police.

She had much more important things to do. Like pose for pictures to post on Facebook.

Interesting. She was struck in the head, yet she had fresh, wet blood coming out of her nose long after the alleged incident occurred.

The neck wounds were horrific.

She’s lucky to be alive. Thots and shares.

Of course absolutely no one on her friends list questioned it, nor did the 1,600 people and counting who blindly shared the post without factoring in logic or reason.

Either way, most people would agree that it’s OK to lie about something like this because men in black rape vans kidnapping women is an epidemic, so at least she’s drawing awareness to it.

Some may say that this is yet another desperate plea for attention on social media. Not me though. I never doubt a purple haired gotch chick’s unsubstantiated account of a kidnapping story on Facebook.


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