Lynnfield School Committee Chair Was Fired As Weymouth Cop For Secretly Filming Sex With Multiple Women 


This is Rich Sjoberg, chairman of the Lynnfield School Committee.

He’s the head of the town Recreation Commission, served on the Council of Aging Board, and was co-president of an elementary school PTO.

He’s also a former Weymouth Police Officer, but lost his job 30 years ago when he got caught secretly taping two different women who had sex with him.

A veteran Massachusetts police officer is vowing to appeal his firing, saying the fact he secretly videotaped himself having sex with two women in his apartment on his own time is his own business. However, the governing Board of Selectmen in Weymouth, about 10 miles (16 km) south of Boston, rejected that argument and voted unanimously Tuesday night to fire Officer Richard Sjoberg. The selectmen found that Sjoberg’s videotaping his own sexual encounters to be a violation of public trust and unbecoming an officer. He reportedly offered to show the tapes to other officers. The two women, who did not realize they were being videotaped in separate incidents in 1992, testified Tuesday night before the selectmen, saying they were humiliated and devastated by the tapes. They are expected to sue the officer. The tapes were turned over to authorities by a woman with whom the officer was living at the time, the daughter of another Weymouth police officer. He previously said he intentionally left the tape for her to find so she would leave him.

What is it with sexual deviants getting elected to run School Committees, and cops who secretly tape women without asking their permission? There’s been a lot of that going around lately.

Apparently this is something that very few people in Lynnfield know, but that some are currently finding out about. Not sure how that’s possible when it’s the first thing that comes up when you search for “Rich Sjoberg Lynnfield.” But I feel like it’s something that the guy running the public schools should’ve addressed publicly since the Google machine is broken in Lynnfield.

I do have a couple questions though:

  1. Why wasn’t he charged with a crime like the Belchertown cop recently was?
  2. How do you tape someone in 1992 without them knowing about it? They didn’t iPhones back then.

Seems like he got off because times were different in the 90’s. Back then you could mount a camcorder in your closet, film yourself plowing away, show your buddy’s at the police station the tapes, intentionally let your coworkers daughter find the tapes because you’re sick of banging her, and the only consequence is you lose your job.

The most remarkable part is that he thought the firing was unjustified, tried getting his job back, and his defense was “I was secretly taping sex with women on my own time, so I should be able to keep my job because no one got hurt.” Bruh, you got away a serious crime. Take the W and move on with your life. And by that I mean, “be inconspicuous and don’t run for School Committee in another town.”

Are there any School Committees in this state that are run by normal people?


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