Male Nurse Vows To Sue Turtleboy For Criticizing Brigham And Women’s Bully Nurses Who Won’t Go Near Unvaccinated Nurses


Last night I did a live show ripping into the Brigham Women’s nurses who are bullying and dehumanizing their fellow unionized nurses by refusing to work with them until they are vaccinated.

During the show a commenter who went by Dean Kay voiced his displeasure several times.

I thought this was a fake name, and it is (real name is Dean Katica), but then I was alerted to a post about the blog by one of the bully nurses featured in the blog itself.

Hey Patricia, what does your “code” say about raping your fellow nurses with a vaccine? What does it say about treating them like second class citizens if they don’t want to be vaccinated?

Newsflash – nothing on Facebook is private. Ever. I got all those pictures right off her page for the purposes of shaming her, which was totally warranted considering what a vile, disgusting waste of space she is. Your character was attacked because your character sucks. You are an ugly person, both inside and out, and you deserved to be called out for it.

You were not bullied. You were called out for your behavior after you ostracized members of your community and made them feel lesser than because you sided with management and are allowing them to be raped with a vaccine. Facts are not bullying, and the facts were all on my side.

Choosing between getting a vaccine you don’t want or need, and losing your livelihood, is not a choice. If the MNA backed science they would trust their own vaccines and not worry if other people were vaccinated. But they don’t. The MNA is nothing more than pro-management hacks shilling for management and shitting on their fellow nurses.

Dean Katica showed up in the comments.

Uhoh, Dean the male nurse is going to find out who sent the screenshots!

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Newslflash Dean – you have no idea who “sent” me those screenshots. I actually got them myself since I’m in that group with a burner account, because you pretty much let anyone in there. If you kick me out I will get in again. Plus, most people in that group probably like Turtleboy more than you, and understand that the real racist is you. They’re just afraid to vocalize that because of the atmosphere of fear, bullying, and intimidation you have helped cultivate. The silent majority reads and appreciates Turtleboy, and laughs at your pathetic attempts to silence our speech.

Plus, maybe the guy using genocidal language, blaming the unvaccinated for society’s problems, and trying to rape people with a vaccine, isn’t the right person to call other people Nazis.

Elena Dooley is also horrified that one of her colleagues would screenshot the horrible things her fellow nurses were saying about them and send them to Turtleboy, but she’s not disgusted with people like Julie Gibbons who treat nurses like subhuman garbage that deserve to be segregated and treated as second class citizens.


According to Dean he’s also going to sue me, despite the fact that he was not mentioned in the first blog.

Hey Dean Kay, come on down! You’re the next plaintiff in Turtleboy Internet Court!

Dean, let me save you the trouble. There’s this thing called the First Amendment. It lets me share my opinions on horrid pieces of trash like Julie Gibbons and Patricia Powers. The fact that you don’t know this, and that anyone as stupid as you is allowed to work in healthcare, is embarrassing and frightening. You’re welcome to waste your time and money suing me on their behalf with your imaginary lawyer, but I’ve been sued a million times before and I’m still undefeated in court. That’s what happens when you don’t lie, even if the truth hurts your feelings. If your imaginary attorney attempted to subpoena my records we would do what we did to every other ratchet who tried that – file a motion to deny it. And we would win, like we always do, because journalists’ sources are always confidential. I am better at this than you, so it’s in your best interest to just take the L and walk away. Or you can become my new play toy for the next few years until you eventually give up and admit you’re overmatched. Your choice.


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