Man Charged With Stabbing Murder At O’Connor’s Restaurant Crossed Border From Mexico Despite Warrants Out For Assaulting The Stabbing Victim


This website posted what they alleged to be a mugshot of Carlos Asencio. We previously linked their article and the picture accompanying it. We have removed the image until we get further confirmation.

Here’s what we know about the stabbing at O’Connor’s Restaurant in Worcester Wednesday night:

  • 28 year old Carlos Asencio of Derry, NH stalked his ex-girlfriend Amanda Dubrowski to this location at 7:50 PM, walked up to her in the restaurant and began stabbing her.
  • A good samaritan named Allen Corson Jr, from Canterbury CT, came to her rescue and was incidentally cut in the process. He received three stitches and is no longer in the hospital. He is a hero.

  • Several people helped him pin Asencio to the ground and held him there until police arrived. He asked them to kill him because he said he deserved to die.
  • A woman with medical training tended to the woman, who had been screaming for help, but she died in the hospital.
  • Asencio was wanted for a home invasion in Ayer at the stabbing victim’s house, where he came armed with a gun and a stun gun, and assaulted her with the latter.
  • The Boston Herald is reporting that hours after the home invasion Asencio fled to Canada, then flew to Mexico the next day. He then snuck back across the border, despite having outstanding warrants in Massachusetts for a felony, and tracked her down to O’Connor’s. It is unknown how or when this happened. By the time the Canadian authorities had been notified he was already in Mexico, and there is no explanation for how a man wanted for such a serious crime could cross an international border without being arrested.
  • His immigration status has not been made public.

Remember earlier in the week when AOC, and three Massachusetts congressmen and women (Lori Trahan, Ayanna Pressley, Joe Kennedy) accompanied a candidate for President (Castro) to an Arizona border detention facility for the purposes of misrepresenting what they found there in order to smear border patrol? Remember when these same people, and millions of other people, told us there was no crisis at the border? Remember when many of these leaders voted against additional funding to keep our border secure? Remember when AOC lied about being “attacked” by border patrol agents during her trip there?

Remember when AOC bragged about hugging these people, as if that proves she cares?

Well all these people have blood on their hands because they’re more concerned with feel good photo ops than they are with fixing the problem at the border. CBP needs our support, not our condemnation. Just ask Amanda Dubrowski, who likely would have lived in fear of this happening if she knew who easy it is for the man stalking her to cross an international border.

The fact that a man wanted for such a violent crime against a woman could come back into this country so easily and undetected, is all the proof you need that America the southern border is essentially an open border. Fix it.


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