Manchester Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Free Lunch To Hungry Child Is Lying About Why She Was Fired To Raise More GoFundMe Cash


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Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Manchester has been in the news a lot after lunch lady Bonnie Kimball was allegedly fired for giving a starving child a free lunch because he could not afford to pay.

Bonnie Kimball is the lunchroom employee who was fired after she gave away an $8 lunch to a student who couldn’t pay. Kimball says she was just doing what she had been told to when she let a high school student take his lunch tray without paying. But the next day, Kimball was fired and accused of theft. 

The school district at the food company have been getting trashed because of the amount of negative publicity they’ve gotten from the Mainstream Media. It got to the point where celebrity chef Jose Andres offered her a job.

But as usual the mainstream media has elected to blindly believe this woman’s story without doing the most basic amount of research required. Had they done so they would’ve seen this press release from the food service corporation, which was released three days ago, and shows that she was fired for a different reason, but has been offered her job back in spite of that.

As luck would have it this child did get the standard lunch, he just wanted a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t come with the lunch and didn’t feel like paying for it. Luckily the school has a policy that lets the lunch ladies charge the kid’s account for it if they don’t have cash on them, but she decided to give all the extra stuff to him for free instead.

And the company was kind enough to not only offer her her job back, but pay her for the time she’s missed. It’s a two month paid vacation with no repercussions whatsoever, despite being guilty of what they accused her of and slamming the company and the school all over the national media.

But wouldn’t ya know it? None of this shows up on Google when you search for her. It’s almost as if the mainstream media loves cheap clicks, but they hate following up and making sure they got their story right in the first place. They know that millions of people will blindly believe them and react accordingly:

Now view her lies in context:

Bonnie Kimball was fired on March 28 by Fresh Picks, which supplied food the Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Manchester, New Hampshire, after telling a student “tell (your) mom you need money” but giving the student lunch anyway, according to CBS Boston.

Kimball explained to The Associated Press why she gave the student a pass. “His family is very well known in this town and I can guarantee that if I called his mother, she would have come right in and paid the bill. But I didn’t want to get her out of work. I know they would have brought the money the next day. The bill was going to get paid.”

No, the bill wasn’t going to get paid because you never charged the kid. That’s just a bold faced lie Bonnie.

She also started a GoFundMe in her own name, which is never a good sign, and although she initially asked for $1,000, she’s upped that as the increased media coverage has led to more donations.

Her GFM has the benefit of being shared by the company itself, which has over 1.5 million followers.

It’s not her only GFM either:

Yet she’s telling the media that the company is lying about giving her her job back:

The company said it had offered to rehire Kimball, provide her back pay and would “work with the school district to revise policies and procedures regarding transactions,” according to CBS Boston. Kimball hasn’t heard of any job offer from the company and expressed no desire to get it back, she told CBS Boston.

And she’s still now complaining that the only reason they’re offering her job back is becaue of all the media blowback, which SHE CREATED by lying to the media.

This is why TB Daily News should be your go to for real news. Because we’re the only ones out here in the streets asking the questions that need to be asked.


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