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Mansfield Teacher Who Harassed Children With Armed Criminals At Peaceful Bridgewater Rally Tried To Get Another Teacher Fired Last Week, Disrupted Board Of Selectmen Meeting


Yesterday we published a blog about a Mansfield teacher named Jill Sheriden who intentionally disrupted an anti-coronavirus rally/festival in the center of Bridgewater over the weekend. Mansfield Public Schools have not fully reopened yet, and according to teachers like her it’s because people in town are not social distancing properly. Naturally then she removed her mask at the rally to scream in the faces of police officers before berating some children who were minding their own business.


Great role model for kids.

Jill admitted that she was at a peaceful rally for Breonna Taylor elsewhere in Bridgewater, but chose to leave that rally in order to disrupt the peaceful anti-lockdown rally because she arbitrarily deemed the attendees domestic terrorists. This was ironic because the people she came with (who she is friends with on Facebook despite being more than 20 years their senior) were armed with loaded weapons, wore Antifa clothing, flew communist flags, and posted on Facebook about murdering police officers. She justified her associations by baselessly labeling anti-lockdown rally-goers as Q Anon, which to her made her deplorable behavior somehow OK.

It appears as if almost every person she came with was white, possibly because they were white nationalists, and they singled out black people to harass.

The blog caused a lot of waves in Mansfield, as hundreds of commenters shared their views in a Mansfield Facebook group. Many of these commenters blamed TB and made up baseless things about the blog in order to discredit our reporting. Tonight at 9 PM on the Live Show I will be examing and having some fun with some of these comments, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch.

Jill Sheriden is unapologetic for her behavior and association with violent criminals who carry loaded weapons in public and post about killing cops. Last night she posted this to the Everything Mansfield Facebook group.

“when you are a racial and social justice activist people are quick to censor”

You showed up to a peaceful event with armed thugs where children were in attendance in order to silence and harass peaceful people. Calling yourself a social justice activist doesn’t excuse any of that.

“the threats to my family are absolutely stunning.”

What threats? Oh right, she has none. She’s just using the playbook that people like this always do when they get caught doing something bad – turn it around and victimize themselves by whining about the justifiable criticism they received for their behavior.

Every time these people do something horrible they attempt to rationalize it by smearing the people they harassed and attacked.

“I counter protested an alt-right political rally complete with Q Anon propaganda, domestic terrorist as guest speakers, and anti-science propaganda.”

Alt right? Q Anon? Domestic terrorists? Anti science? These people were protesting mandatory masking for healthy vaccinated people. I assure you that science is on their side, not yours. The only people arrested for assaulting cops and carrying loaded weapons were your friends, who seem obsessed with killing police officers.

“Exercising First Amendment rights does not interfere with my ability to be a professional”

Actually, it does. Welcome to the real world, where teachers don’t get to behave any way they want to outside of school and expect it not to effect them professionally. You have a right to free speech, but you don’t have a right to your job. You are expected to be a role model for kids and you’re hanging out with gun toting anarchists getting arrested for assaulting cops. More importantly you’re letting kids know that if they express conservative views in class, or supported President Trump, that you consider them domestic terrorists and Q Anon. This absolutely interferes with your ability as a professional, because you are not a professional. You are a disgrace to a respected profession.

She insisted the video vindicated her.

“In my town we are trying to re-open our schools fully in two weeks and I saw that as irresponsible.”

You’re a teacher and schools are supposed to open soon, so you thought it would be wise to go to a crowded area, get in the faces of people who weren’t wearing masks, scream at them, and periodically remove your mask as well.

That sounds like a great way to stop the spread for sure. You sound really, really scared of contracting COVID.

Jill Sheriden also owns a business where she peddles homemade CBD products, and other scammy looking healers and anti-aging products, called Ms. Fresh.

You can check out her page and leave a review by clicking herePersonally, I don’t buy stuff from white nationalists or domestic terrorists, but you are free to if you’d like. On her page she posted about the blog.

“Vicious lies.”

No lies were told, but OK.

Jill is also using her business to hold unregulated raffles where the proceeds go to Ernst Jean-Jacques, a BLM agitator who was arrested in December for assault and battery on an 80 year old woman in Swampscott.

Ernst frequently targets Rayla Campbell, and harassed peaceful anti-racist protesters at a Hyde Park demonstration against racism in September.

Ernst and Jill have claimed racism because he was arrested for assaulting an elderly woman, but an independent review concluded that racism had nothing to do with it.

The review also concluded that there is no evidence to support allegations that the arrest was caused or influenced by race, gender or political affiliation. According to the report Jean-Jacques was part of a newer group of protesters, called “Out Now,” who arrived at the Dec. 12 rally carrying a large “Baby Trump” and bullhorns. Unlike a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators who had been holding counter-protests in Swampscott for months, the Out Now group was more confrontational, going up to bicycle rack barriers that had been used to separate the pro-Trump and BLM groups, the report said. Both have now conceded to an interviewer after watching slowed-down video of the encounter that Jean-Jacques had an open hand, but they and prosecutors believe that an assault and battery on the woman still took place.

Ernst was also at the rally in Bridgewater and attempted to drown out the peaceful rally goers with a bullhorn. This is just what they do – seek out conservatives, harass them, get arrested, and then claim to be the victims. The difference between Ernst and Jill is that she’s a public school teacher and should be held to a higher standard.

It’s also funny that Jill says teachers shouldn’t lose their jobs over political opinions they express outside of school, because the other day the MTA posted this ridiculous virtue signaling nonsense about Asian-Americans being targeted by white supremacists.

Oddly the MTA has remained silent after 10 white people were killed by a Syrian refugee in Boulder. I guess racially motivated violence is only bad when the gunman is white and the victims are not.

One teacher saw this and pointed out that there is no evidence that the shooting in Atlanta was racially motivated by a white supremacist.


This of course is 100% true. But Jill didn’t agree with him so she demanded to know where he taught, presumably so the mob could call his boss and demand he be fired.

Then right on cue the mob, led by a woman named Renee Bakes, took over.

The last thing these people want to hear is reason, facts, or data.

Finally Jill spoke at a Board of Selectman meeting about what happened and continued to spew her lies in order to justify her behavior.

She attended a vigil for “BreOwna” Taylor and then decided to disrupt the peaceful protesters. She called the riot at the Capitol a terrorist attack while associating with people who are in Antifa and BLM, which burned American cities to the ground over the summer.

She wrongly stated that the cops were not wearing masks, and that masks are required in public. They’re not. Find the co with no mask.


Mansfield Public Schools should be embarrassed.

After Jill spoke a resident who was just walking by testified that the anti-lockdown people were really friendly to him, but that he was harassed by Jill Sheriden’s terrorist friends. She interrupted him, called him a liar, and made the “loser” symbol before being admonished.

Very mature behavior from a woman who is supposed to be a role model for children. Calling people losers for speaking their truth is definitely something her students should aspire to do.

This woman has no business teaching and is a disgrace to the profession, but she claims that her administrators support and condone her actions. Feel free to ask them yourselves if this is true by emailing Qualters Middle School Principal David McGovern, Assistant Principals Kevin Hoffman and Mary Cotillo, and Superintendent Teresa Murphy.

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