Manuel Lucero Sent Himself Death Threats From My Phone Number And Used It To Get A Clerk To Sign A Harassment Order Against Me, Served By The Police


I was paid a visit this evening by the Holden Police to serve me with a harassment order out of the State of Arizona, courtesy of convicted rapist Manuel Lucero. If you’re unfamiliar with this con-artist psychopath click here to read Bristol’s story about him. Basically, this individual is a mastermind of deception. He has pretended to be a veteran, a doctor, and served in various other jobs he knows nothing about.

The other day we initially blogged about him because he did a bogus “forensic analysis” to try to prove his prison pal Adam Walker didn’t stalk a Worcester ADA by sending him threatening Facebook messages. An hour after the blog was written Manuel called me up, pretending to be an Arizona attorney named Eric Blackburn, and left me a voicemail that you can hear at the 29:50 mark of this video:

That phone number no longer exists, and there is no Eric Blackburn. He made the whole thing up because he is a pathological liar.

It should also be noted that he is on probation after being released from jail in Worcester in 2018, after a year or so for a rape conviction. There are several conditions of his probation that he has seemingly violated.

1. He’s not allowed to travel more than 50 miles from his mother’s home in Hanford, CA.


2. He’s not allowed to delete any information from his computer.


3. He’s not allowed to access social media at all.

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He violated #3 on Wednesday when he messaged my real account on Facebook.

He violated #2 when he began changing his privacy settings on Facebook, along with hiding several of his pictures that we used in the blog, and deleted the message that he sent to me.

He violated #1 (the 50 mile rule) when he went to the police station in Prescott City, Arizona last night, since it’s 567 miles from Hanford, CA.

As a registered sex offender he is required to make that clear in the town or city in which he lives, because he’s a danger to the people who live there. On top of that, he also has open warrants for his arrest out of Worcester County. Last night when he went to the Prescott Police Department, had they done just a basic background search on him they would’ve seen the warrants, found out that he was a sex offender, discovered that he was in violation of his probation, and arrested him.

But they didn’t. Because one thing I learned today after speaking with police and probation departments in Prescott, Hanford, and Worcester, is that no one wants to do their job in this country. Every single department I spoke with wanted us to have the Holden Police do everything. There is literally a dangerous, violent rapist, living in that community in Arizona, committing crimes, and no one seems to think this is a matter that should be addressed quickly. If he reoffends and hurts someone there I’ve documented it all.

To make things more interesting the Holden Police delivered to me today a harassment order signed by a clerk in Arizona, barring me from contacting the convicted rapist Manuel Lucero.

There are a number of blatant lies here, which he signed under penalties of perjury. Let’s take a look.

  1. Nothing defamatory or false was printed about him.
  2. We never printed his family’s address.
  3. A defamation attorney didn’t contact me; Manuel Lucero contacted me pretending to be a defamation attorney.
  4. I didn’t refuse to remove minor content from the site, I agreed to remove the parts where it suggested he was a rapist because I didn’t feel like dealing with another lawsuit, and I really thought I was talking to an attorney. He fooled me, but I actually did what he asked.
  5. Bristol did write an article claiming that he’s a rapist, because he was in fact convicted of raping another man and went to jail for it.
  6. I never commented on his Facebook page.
  7. I never posted videos about my “professional cyberstalking” on YouTube.
  8. I’ve never messaged him on Facebook using any accounts.
  9. I never contacted his father on Facebook.
  10. I never sent him any text messages and do not now his phone number.

These are the text messages he allegedly received from me.

The 413 number that I’ve blocked out at the top is mine. This lunatic uses an app to send messages and phone calls from non-existent phone numbers, just like he did with the fake defamation lawyer he was pretending to be. Obviously I wouldn’t be dumb enough to send death threats to someone featured in a blog, particularly threats that are so obvious like, “I might actually kill you myself.” He created a fake phone number (mine), and sent himself death threats so he could use them against me to get a harassment order. This is a crime.

He’s also demanding that we take down all blogs referring to him.

We of course will not be doing that.

He claims that these messages, sent from a Facebook account, were me as well.

This same account evidently messaged his father as well. Manuel provided a screenshot of a FB message between him and his father discussing the messages received from this account.

I realize that we cannot control what turtle riders do with their free time, nor would we ever infringe upon anyone’s right to free speech. However, we want to make it perfectly clear that when you do stuff like this, you’re not helping us at all. We don’t ask that you do this, no one is impressed by it, and we have to clean up your mess when you do it. Manuel used these messages to get a clerk to sign off on a harassment order against me, because people like Manuel will blame me for being every anonymous account on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, because I don’t have the time or money to fly to Arizona to explain this to a judge there. I have a million things on my plate right now, so if you want to support what we do then don’t add to my list of problems. Again, I’m not the free speech police, but messaging the family members of someone who appears in a Turtleboy blog is just juvenile and pointless.

He’s also blaming me for sharing the articles on Twitter, a social networking website that I am permanently blacklisted from.

And he printed his call log, allegedly showing blocked phone numbers harassing him.

Manuel, I know you think you’re being cute here my friend, but the fun is just getting started. I’m not a violent person, and I would never threaten to hurt another human being. I’m much more diabolical than that. You had the chance to walk away, but you wanted to roll the dice and poke the turtle. Ask Rian Waters, Mike Gaffney, and the thousands of other people who tried doing that how this story ends.

To be continued…..


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