Manuel Lucero Was Arrested Yesterday On Outstanding Warrants And Is Being Extradited To Worcester By US Marshalls


Breaking News: Convicted rapist Manuel Lucero was arrested yesterday in Arizona on outstanding warrants.

If you need to catch up on who he is click hereWay too much to explain. I just got the call a little while ago from the Prescott Valley Police Department informing me that he is in custody and is being extradited by US Marshalls to Worcester County. Evidently my phone calls on Friday to the probation departments in Worcester and in his registered address in Hanford, CA, caught their attention and set the wheels in motion, considering the severity of his crimes (He is a convicted rapist, classified as violent).

He could also be facing additional charges in Prescott Valley, since he was living at his father’s house, had a driver’s license at that address, and never registered as a sex offender. Additionally, the fact that he used an app to make it look like my phone number sent him this threatening set of text messages:

This opens him up to charges of computer tampering, which is a felony in Arizona, on top of filing a false police report, which is a misdemeanor.

Folks, this is what happens when you test us. I really don’t want to destroy anyone, but I will do so if you insist on poking the turtle. I pleaded with him and Adam Walker to just go away. All he had to do was live his life, kept to himself, and he could’ve continued to be in violation of his probation while having outstanding warrants.

But instead he chose to start problems with me. He chose to pretend to be an attorney and call me up an hour after the blog was written, threatening deformation lawsuits. He chose to call the Holden Police and the Prescott Valley Police, and attempt to paint himself as the innocent victim of harassment. He chose to interfere with my business and my family life. He chose to blatantly lie about receiving death threats from me in order to obtain a harassment order. And he did all of this because he either thought he could outwit me, or he thought I would let it slide.

What he failed to realize is that I am quite possibly the most vindictive c**t on the planet. If there’s one thing we do well at Turtleboy Sports, it’s revenge. I never forget people who have wronged me, and I use whatever legal steps I can to ensure that justice is served upon those who wish to dance with the devil.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.


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