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Mark Perry Photography Preys On Insecure Women Who Want To Be Models, Convinces Them To Pose Naked, Sells Images On Patreon


Earlier in the week we published a blog about an online predator named Matthew Brown, who relentlessly sexually harasses women on social media if they won’t agree to go out with him. Sadly predators like this are all too common these days, but some of them are devious enough to pretend to be photographers in order to get close to women. This is “professional” photographer Mark Perry from Walpole, NH.

He is the founder of Mark Perry Photography, which doesn’t appear to be a registered business in New Hampshire (unless he’s using a different name), doesn’t have a website, but does have a large portfolio on Facebook.

Mark targets and harasses women with low self esteem on social media, tells them they can be “models,” convinces them to pose nude, and then sells those images on Patreon. Like Matthew Brown, he also targets random strangers on Facebook, and it goes a little something like this.

As a guy I have to ask – does this ever work? Are there women out there who ignore weeks and sometimes months worth of messages, only to finally relent and agree to sleep with you? I’ve never tried it, not because I’m some great human being, but because it’s embarrassing and seems like a huge waste of time. But it seems like a lot of guys use this method for picking up women, and I have to assume it works once in a while, or else why would they do it?

If you search his name on Facebook you’ll see that the complaints go back years, and the allegations are very serious.

If it were one or two allegations there might be cause for doubt. But there are dozens out there, and they all say the exact same things. He appears to be nothing more than a pervert with a camera, masquerading as a legitimate and artistic photographer so he can take naked pictures of women with low self esteem, keep the pictures for his for his personal spank bank, and then sell them on the Internet.

Speaking of selling nudes, check out his Pateron.

By looking at the pictures of the women whose naked photographs he sells to fellow gawking perverts, he has a certain type he preys upon. The woman featured as the cover photo for his Patreon has specifically asked him not to use it, and he has refused.


Some women have alleged that they specifically told him he did not have permission to sell their naked images.

On the one hand I can’t find it in me to have pity for anyone naive enough to agree to be photographed a la mode for someone like this. But on the other hand he preys on insecure women who probably don’t know any better. Women who are happy that someone told them they’re pretty enough to be a model. He makes them feel good about themselves, but only so that he can use them to treat his body like Manti Teo’s girlfriend. How do I know he’s using it for those purposes instead of the “artistic” reasons that real photographers use them for? Check out how openly horny he is on Twitter. A lot of the images he posts and responds to are pornographic in nature, so we’re not going to post them all here. I heard Turtleboy has the unedited screenshots though.


This is a “professional” photographer who couldn’t make it more obvious why he wants to take nude pictures of women.

And in the ultimate irony he had a lot to retweet last year during the Kavanaugh hearings.

The overly horny predator who preys on vulnerable women is like to virtue signal about how we should believe all women when they say they’re the victim of sexual harassment or assault. How’s that working out for you now Mark?


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