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Martha’s Vineyard Mom Who Says She Made Ron DeSantis Look Bad Was Arrested For Bringing Daughter On Larceny Spree Stealing From Farm That Used Honor System 


Yesterday we published a blog about Martha’s Vineyard residents who were complaining about how they had been victimized by right wing media outlets and were suffering from a housing crisis, shortly after deporting 50 Venezuelan migrants from their island. They complimented each other for being good people, and seemed to have no idea how absurd and ridiculous they looked to normal people. One of these people was a woman named Sascha Wlodyka from the town of Chilmark.

According to her they made right wingers look bad by letting these migrants spend the night on a church cot before throwing Shaw’s brand cereal at them in the morning and putting them on a bus to a military base on Cape Cod.

It’s amazing that these people really think that they made other people look bad as they clapped and kicked the brown people off their island.

You cannot ever find common ground with people like this.

Anyway, Sascha seems to be pushing the narrative that people like her all came together for the common good because she cares about her fellow man, or something. But Sascha was previously arrested, charged, and admitted to sufficient facts for stealing hundreds of dollars from a farm that operated on the honor system in Chilmark. To make matters worse she brought her daughter with her when she repeatedly robbed these nice people:

Chilmark police Sunday arrested Sasha Wlodyka, 37, of State Road, Chilmark, in connection with a series of thefts of cash from money boxes and produce from the Grey Barn and Farm off South Road, and Mermaid Farm and Beetlebung Farm on Middle Road in Chilmark. Ms. Wlodyka was booked at the Dukes County Jail Sunday night and released Monday on $1,000 bail. Police arrested Ms. Wlodyka on three counts of larceny over $250 on a single scheme and one count of forgery and uttering in connection with alterations she made to ledger sheets.

“Our department worked hard on this case which reflects on the quality of life in our community,” Chief Cioffi said. “At the end of the process, our goal, as always, is to see that the victim is provided with appropriate restitution.”

Eric Glasgow and his wife, Molly, own Grey Barn, a small-scale certified organic farm located just past the West Tisbury town line where they raise cows, pigs, and chickens and produce a variety of products, including two types of cheese, meat, pork, eggs, and raw milk, all of which are sold at their farmstand. In a telephone conversation Monday, Mr. Glasgow said the farmstand operates on an honor system. Visitors are asked to record what they take on a ledger sheet and leave payment in a cash box. He became aware that someone was stealing from the farmstand in August when product inventories, ledger entries, and cash did not add up. While some discrepancies are to be expected due to honest math mistakes, he said, “if it indicates that there should be $400 and there is only $200, that’s a problem.”

As the thefts continued intermittently, Mr. Glasgow said, he became very annoyed and decided to do something about it. He ordered a security camera but got busy and delayed installing it. “And then of course, it happens again, and at that point I’m super angry at myself because I hadn’t even managed to install the camera,” he said. Saturday he and his son spent the better part of the morning installing the camera. That evening when he went out to collect the money he saw that a ledger sheet on which he had transcribed some customer comments was missing and the money appeared to be off.

“I went and viewed the footage, saw the perpetrator and called the police,” Mr. Glasgow said. “They were able to take the information they got off that and figure out who it was and make an arrest.”

Mr. Glasgow said the recording shows that Ms. Wlodyka’s young daughter was present in the farmstand Saturday as she took bills out of the cash box, he said.

“It is a rather disheartening thing to see the crime taking place in front of a young child,” Mr. Glasgow said.

Mr. Glasgow said it is difficult to calculate exactly how much was stolen because Ms. Wlodyka, a frequent farm stand customer, removed the original ledger sheet and replaced it with a doctored sheet. Mr. Glasgow said the entire episode is regrettable and reveals that the Vineyard is not immune from the type of petty crime that is more often associated with the mainland. “We like to believe that we can have an honor box and people are not going to steal,” he said. “Unfortunately it did not play out.”

Hey Sascha, did this farmer try to make your community look bad too? Seems like you’re really good at doing that on your own.


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