Martha’s Vineyard Residents Complain They Are Being Victimized By Plane Flying “Vineyard Hypocrites” Sign Because They Are Suffering From Housing Crisis 


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Over the weekend the 50 illegal immigrants from Venezuela Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent on a free trip to Martha’s Vineyard were deported from the island by Charlie Baker with the National Guard and sent to a military base on Cape Cod where they are being monitored by men with guns.


NBC took down a story referring to the migrants as trash.


AOC and many others bragged about these people were a “blessing,” before promptly kicking them off the island.

Not a single person offered to house any of them while they await the next step in processing.

The church that let them stay for exactly two nights on cots are being referred to as “angels.”


During their brief time on the island State Representative Dylan Fernandes used these people for political gain by posing for some selfies and throwing Corn Pops at them.

The people on the island got to feel better about themselves, but after the photo ops were done the migrants were of no use to the residents.

Meanwhile, this reporter’s Twitter account gained a lot of attention after Ted Cruz retweeted our thread showing Vineyard residents arguing over who should help these people out, and whether or not the migrants wanted designer clothing.


The tweet ended up being featured in Newsweek and several other media outlets, where I was appropriately referred to as a journalist.

But to the surprise of absolutely no one,  the overwhelmingly liberal residents of Martha’s Vineyard believe that they proved DeSantis wrong, despite not offering any of the migrants a place to stay on their island. Sure, there are no jobs on the island, but they won’t be offered jobs on the military base either. But there are currently over 100,000 empty beds on Martha’s Vineyard, and not a single one of them was offered to these fine people. Instead, these wealthy, shameless people are portraying themselves as victims because they had to endure the horror of brown people being sent to their island, and became a living meme of upper class white liberal hypocrisy. Let’s check out what they’re saying now.

Pat Nagi, who reportedly owns two rental homes that she didn’t offer to the migrants, just became aware that millions of people are laughing at her.

Good grief!

She then temporarily made her Facebook account private before reactivating and posting this:

After I commented and tweeted about it she once again deactivated her account, but she clearly has no shame and will continue to avoid brown people at all costs moving forward.

In the Islanders Talk Facebook group the townsfolk were abuzz about a plane that was encircling the western part of the island pulling a sign that said, “Vineyard Hypocrites.”

This is Sandra Melkonian from Aquinnah, who took the pictures.

Aquinnah is the smallest of the 6 towns on Martha’s Vineyard, and up until the 1990’s was actually called Gay Head.

Aquinnah’s population in the latest census was 439. Of those people 0.29% were black. For those of you doing the math at home that is one black person in town. One. Sandra has chosen to live in one of the most isolated communities in Massachusetts, far away from brown people, and the worst thing to happen to her was having to see this plane go by her house:


She calls this attention on her island harassment, and a “national disgrace.” She has never stopped to consider that perhaps it is actually her who is the disgrace. She claims the illegal immigrants are not illegal, and they were not shipped off the island by residents. She also blames people for watching Tucker Carlson call out liberal hypocrisy and encourages people to get their news exclusively from corporate controlled liberals newspapers.


They alerted the FAA when they saw the sign, but found out that small planes like this are not required to check in with ATC.

Island residents reject the notion that they are hypocrites because they claim that conditions are better at the military base.

“They have dormitory style housing with access to bathrooms, showers, and food.”

Oh good, they’re letting them go to the bathroom. How kind of them. Too bad on Martha’s Vineyard they don’t have any homes, bathrooms, showers, or food to offer. Pat’s empty homes must remain empty.

Sandra also considers herself a victim, and says that the people of Martha’s Vineyard are “suffering” from their own housing crisis.

Luckily the brown people were but a temporary inconvenience, and she can now go on living in her all white community without having to look at people who don’t look like her. She still cares about them though. Almost as much as the drag queens reading stories to children at the library, and of course Ukraine.

Sascha Wlodyka believes that she and other residents made conservatives look bad by offering the migrants nothing long term and using them for selfies.

Sure thing Cruella de Vil.


Allison Hammond believes they are being harassed because they are too kind, and Karen Boyd believes the money spent on that sign would’ve been better spent on a “good cause.”


The appropriately named Karen recently update her cover photo to the “we believe no human is illegal” sign.

Then promptly did nothing to offer help to the illegal immigrants in her town and patted herself on the back as they were deported to a military base.

Perhaps the money spent on that sign could’ve been used to donate to the fraudulent $43K GoFundMe the migrants will never see a dime from, or even better – writing a check to weapons manufacturers to send more weapons to Ukraine!



Martha’s Vineyard has a shortage of jobs and off season housing, despite the fact that there are thousands of empty homes there as we speak. Luckily they can just keep dumping them off in places they don’t live, because other places have jobs lying and resources lying around that no one is using.

Ron Minkin lives in Edgartown and believes the people pointing out his hypocrisy are “idiots.” He also vows that next time a plane full of brown people is sent to the Vineyard he will allow them to stay, just to show the world that he’s not a low life.


Next time though. Not this time.

However, Ron didn’t bother to ask the vaccination status of any of these migrants, because we only demand that people who come here be vaccinated when they come legally, or are one of the best tennis players in the world. Ron is very compassionate, and totally not a lowlife though. That’s why he mocks people who die “from COVID” when they’re not quadruple jabbed like him, and thinks they should be denied healthcare.


A Boston Globe reporter named Britt Bowker showed up in the comments and asked if she could use images and video of the plane. She was promptly kicked out of the group and blamed for the negative publicity, even though the Globe completely supports the deportation of these 50 Venezuelans.


Islanders also saw Ted Cruz retweeting Turtleboy and were not pleased with the fact that I infiltrated their group.



These people not only don’t want outsiders on their island, they also don’t want them in their Facebook groups either. I guess there’s nothing they fear more than someone holding a mirror up to them to show them exactly who they really are.


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