Maura Healey Is Mad That Judge Shelley Joseph Was Indicted For Conspiring To Let An Illegal Immigrant Drug Dealer Escape, So It Must Be A Good Thing


Four months ago we published this blog about a Newton Judge who did something so outrageous you had to look at it twice to make sure you weren’t reading The Onion:

A Judge helped a criminal run from law enforcement? Come on now. I know it’s Massachusetts, but this couldn’t possibly be real.

Except it was.

I get having sympathy for illegal immigrants who are in a bind. But this? This is a career criminal who’s been twice deported and was in court for selling drugs. He’s not here to clean your hotel room or pick grapes in the fields. He’s here to sell poison to children until they die. No rational person sees a guy like this and envisions him one day going on to become a productive, law abiding member of society.

This is a Judge openly conspiring in a courtroom to aid an abet a criminal so that he could evade law enforcement. Not just any Judge though. This was a newly appointed woke Charlie Baker Judge. She’s not like the regular judges you’re used to. She’s a cool judge.

Anyway, we covered this story but it didn’t really catch on with the mainstream media since it doesn’t fit their agenda. I actually forgot about it because the left does so many crazy things on a day to day basis that you forget about that time a Judge conspired with an attorney to guide a criminal to an escape route out the backdoor of a Newton courthouse. Next thing you know a 16 year old smiles at a Native American banging a drum in his face and you’re like, “Judge who?”

But what I saw today is exactly why I will enthusiastically vote for Donald Trump in 2020:

The U.S. Attorney, an employee of the federal government, is charging a state judge for violating federal laws. This is what it looks like when justice is restored to a lawless society. No other administration would have the balls to pull a stunt like this. Credit where credit’s due.

It’s just so refreshing because judges in this state get away with murder. Literally. Police officers like Michael Chesna, Ron Tarentino, and Sean Gannon are all dead because our “woke” justice system is filled with judges and parole boards that believe criminals can just stop being criminals if we keep giving them chances. But we can’t remove these judges because that would require the State Legislature and Governor’s Council to vote on it, and 80-90% of the people who comprise these bodies subscribe to the political ideology of these judges. A system like this cannot reform itself without federal intervention. Just look at the way our chief law enforcement officer handled the news and you’ll realize what a great day this is:

She’s “deeply disappointed” that the US Attorney did his job and held a criminal responsible for her crimes against the state. She’s not so disappointed with the Judge who openly plotted with a defense attorney and a court officer to help a career criminal evade justice. If Maura Healey is upset about it then you know it’s a good thing.



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