Michael Gaffney Mailed A Libelous Flier Out To All 17,000 Residents Of Holden In An Attempt To Intimidate Me Into Shutting Down The Blog

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Today we got a bunch of message from turtle riders because evidently the entire town of Holden received this in the mail, sent courtesy of disgraced former City Councilor Michael T. Gaffney:

The Turtleboy logo in the bottom picture is covering my address, which he put there to encourage people to visit me. We’re fairly new to Holden and his goal is to make life miserable for us here.

For whatever that’s worth, the following are lies:

  1. We’ve never “sexualized children for a profit.”
  2. I did not resign after allegations of sexual harassment. I resigned because a libelous blog was published in Buffalo (which has since been taken down after the publisher lost a $40K libel suit), which caused a media frenzy at Shepherd Hill, and they offered me a year’s salary to walk away if I promised not to sue them. It’s all in the written separation agreement I signed.
  3. The quote they attributed to the blog is completely made up. It’s actually from this blog about the “cash me outside” girl, and was referencing the likelihood that she would grow up to do pornography as an adult. Something many, many well read websites have made jokes about as well.

Over 17,000 people live in Holden, so this likely cost over $10,000 to print out all the cards, put stamps on them, find a mailing list for the entire town, print out stickers for them, and put them onto the card. They have no return address (by design), came in as cancellation mail, which means Gaffney dropped them into a mailbox so he couldn’t be traced. Normally when you do mass mailing like this you  need a permit, but this obsessed human being got around that by purchasing thousands and thousands of stamps instead.

How do we know it was him? Here’s some pretty strong circumstantial evidence:

  • Gaffney has the motive. We recently defeated his frivolous libel lawsuit against us that he spent 10 months, and hundreds or thousands of hours on, all for nothing. He’s mad that we didn’t endorse him in an election for City Council that he dropped out of in 2017, and he blames us for his loss (he was suing for his City Council salary, arguing that our blog was the reason he lost). He also was suing us for a post-election blog, that accurately pointed out that he brought down other conservative candidates with him through association.
  • Gaffney is obsessed with me personally, as well as the blog. On Thursday I did an appearance on Tom Duggan’s show, and Gaffney didn’t realize that everyone can see who’s watching.

  • Gaffney is working with alleged woman beating dog killer Rian Waters, who is also suing us for frivolous reasons. Gaffney went so far as to write this cretin an affidavit to help him advance his lawsuit, and is likely helping him draft his complaint. He is doing this because he could not beat us in court, so he’s trying to help other people take us down instead. He is obsessed.
  • Throughout his lawsuit with us he exhibited sociopathic behavior. The things he asked for in discovery and mentioned in his complaint (he mentioned Richard N. Vulva dozens of times) were not things a well person would do.
  • The amount of time and money he wasted flying between Dallas and Uxbridge, for a case he could not possibly win, would likely cost over $100,000 if he hired a lawyer to sue us. He actually sued us for lawyers fees and was denied. This stunt today cost whoever did it thousands of dollars. Only Gaffney would have the time, resources, financing, and motive to commit this crime.
  • During one of the depositions he yelled at Margaret Melican several times and was visibly shaking. He acted in a completely unprofessional manner, and was showing signs that he is completely unhinged.
  • Gaffney attempted to buy the blog off of me in June of 2017, but I backed away because I was weary of his behavior. I told him that after a series of death threats from Wayne Sobonek I no longer wanted to be legally tied to the blog, not for my safety, but because I didn’t want to drag my family into my work life. This is why he put my family in the flier, including where they work – so people would go after them too. It’s one of the lowest things a person could ever do, which is why he did it anonymously.
  • Gaffney is incapable of handling defeat like a man. I know this because I was friends with him for a few years. Any time someone in the media criticized him he would message me and cry about it. He refused to give comments to any media outlets besides Turtleboy because we were the only ones who said nice things about him. The second we didn’t he turned on us as well.
  • The two quotes he posts from the Telegram and Gazette and Danny Margolis give him away completely. Allow me to explain.

The two comments are from critics who have hated TBS for years – Clive McFarlane from the Turtlegram and Gazette, and Red Danny Margolis, the former head of the New York State Communist Party. Both of their quotes reference sexual things, and whoever sent this to the 17,000 residents of Holden must have known that surely some children would retrieve their parent’s mail and read this. But they didn’t care, because they thought what they were doing was virtuous. Ironically they were alleging that Turtleboy is the one that mixes sexuality with children – something Gaffney would not understand since he chose not to have children.

Of course the average person who gets this in their mail is not at all familiar with the context of those quotes, and the mailer intentionally wrote “Telegram and Gazette” instead of Clive McFarlane, to make it look more legitimate. All they see is “Turtleboy traffics in pornography.” They have no idea that Clive McFarlane was OBSESSED with Turtleboy for years, and that he’s a race baiting hack who has been working at the Turtlegram for so long because he’s not talented enough to work anywhere else. Here’s what he wrote:

That is why the blog of sewage that is called Turtleboy Sports, and with which Gaffney is aligned, has its sponsors and admirers, many of whom would swear up and down that they do not have a racist or bigoted bone in their bodies. That is why, much to the consternation of many in the community, Go Local Worcester added the blog to its media platform in January 2015 as part of is daily online news and informational services. That is why Worcester Magazine, that same year and month, did a spread on anonymous bloggers in the city and crowned Turtleboy Sports the king of the blogging landscape. This is a blog that conducts public shaming of residents in our community, a blog that besides its rancid rhetoric has had its Facebook page taken down by that company more than once for allegedly trafficking in pornography.

We were never taken down by Facebook for trafficking in pornography. That’s just a bold faced lie from Clive McFarlane. We’ve been taken down because people organize mass reporting campaigns and trigger Facebook’s AI that takes posts down in error. This was well documented on Market Watch.

The quote from Red Danny Margolis is from this blog where he whines about the Cash me Outside girl blog:

Even though we know all this, we’re left with the uncomfortable fact that there is a blog just across Worcester’s border, in Holden, with a big following that thinks it’s cool to joke about the rape of children. We also have a city council member, Michael Gaffney, who doesn’t bat an eyelash when people joke about child rape over and over again.

Guess what both the Clive and Red Danny quotes have in common? They both come from blogs that are extremely critical of him for his close ties to Turtleboy Sports. I know this because these are the two columns more than any others, that he would whine to me about. It really got under his skin and he hated it. They’re also two years old. Who else would reference two year old columns for a flier like this? What are the odds that both of the quotes would come from articles that were specifically geared towards criticizing Gaffney?

This is strong circumstantial evidence, and I’m confident that if he had to turn his bank records over to the police you’d see that he purchased thousands of dollars worth of fliers and stamps recently. If they can find out what mailbox he dropped them all into they can pull cameras from there as well. Hell, if you got one of these in the mail send them over to me – you know my address now. I’d love to give them to the Holden Police as evidence. I’m willing to bet they all have the same set of fingerprints on them.

What he did is criminal, as well as libelous. After speaking to an attorney today I was advised to call the Postal Inspection Service (postal police) and the FBI, since doing this with the mail is a federal crime. I will also be calling the bar association, since his conduct in the last year is unbecoming of a lawyer. He intentionally put my address for absolutely no reason other than to encourage miscreants to come after me. He knows everything he has done has failed up until this point, so this was a pathetic attempt to intimidate me.

The Postal Inspection Service already knew who I was when I called up and told them my issues. “Are you the Turtleboy guy?” Yes I am. And I told them who it was, why I thought it was Gaffney, and they agreed and will be investigating him. They also told me they were big fans and how sorry they were about this, which I appreciated. The FBI likewise was very interested in this, asked a lot of questions, took notes, and will be investigating Gaffney as well. Shortly after that I went to the Holden Police and did the same.

Gaffney has tried to silence us for the last year, but up until this point his actions were legal. This time he broke some very serious laws that could end up with him going to jail, which is where a sociopath like this belongs.

All this does is reiterate everything I wrote in the book. This is what they do to you when they don’t agree with your opinions in America. There is nothing wrong with the content we publish. It’s raw and honest. It exposes people who are doing terrible things, and the language used to describe their behavior is colorful. I do not create most the content on the site, and I will not silence the creativity of the bloggers who publish on my platform because it hurts people’s feelings. There is no length that people will go to in order to silence free speech, and we must never give into them.

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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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