Mom Starts GoFundMe For Son After He Kills 8 Year Old Girl While Running From Lawrence Police, Driving With No License


For a much, much more strongly worded version of this story, click here to read MVTB’s take on it on TBS.

An 8 year old girl in Lawrence was killed yesterday after a 23 year old man named Selvin Lima crashed into the car she was in after fleeing from a police traffic stop.

Video surveillance shows just how fast he was going.

Sadly, he survived. And the reason he fled in the first place was because he was driving with a suspended license. So rather than face the music and the small punishment that came along with that offense he elected to endanger the public and kill an 8 year old girl in the process.

To make matters worse his mother started a GoFundMe for him, and has raised almost $1,000 in just a few hours.

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Newsflash – this wasn’t a tragic “accident.” The people he killed were in an accident. He was in the act of committing a felony. What happened was a result of the conscious and sober decisions he made. The tragedy here is that an 8 year old girl died, not that your criminal son is in a coma. No one cares about him right now.

I understand that many mothers would stick by their child no matter what they did. A motherly bond is unbreakable and defies logic. If I did something like this my mother would visit me in prison and probably be with me in court. But if she were to start a GoFundMe it would be for the girl, not me. Because that child and her family are the victims here, not her son. The last thing any decent parent with a conscience would do was try to raise money to “get him home.” My mother would readily admit that I didn’t deserve to be home if I’d done this, and so would I.

It’s so disgusting I can’t even stomach it. Even worse is the fact that they’ve raised that much money. And nowhere in the GFM does she say why he’s in the hospital, or mention the fact that her baby killed an 8 year old girl less than 24 hours ago.

And please, spare me the pity about him having two babies at home. I have two children, and it’s because they need me in their lives that my life choices revolve around me being there for them. He killed an 8 year old girl, so where’s the sympathy for her parents?

According to her we don’t know the whole story.

“Family of the little boy.”

She was a girl. The fact that you couldn’t even be bothered to know that shows just how little compassion you have for other people. I’ve also seen the video. I know the whole story.


She also says it was just a bad choice.

There’s a lot of that going around.

Choosing to run from the cops at a high rate of speed in a densely populated urban area isn’t just a “bad choice.” The fact that you think it is tells me everything I need to know about your parenting skills, and why you have a son who ended up killing an 8 year old girl.

And no, there is no good reason to run from the cops, nor is it normal to do so. The mere fact that these people think these terrible ideas in their brains and then write them down and hit the enter button tells me everything I need to know about them.

And yes, I will judge him based on “one mistake.” Because it’s a pretty big mistake, and there’s no coming back from it. Lots of people are in prison because of one “mistake.” But even more people are in prison because they have a long and documented history of making selfish decisions based on indifference towards other people. I’m guess he’s the latter, based on the fact this is how he’s being commemorated by friends.

Oh, and he literally called this happening two years ago.

I hope if I ever made a tragic mistake everyone in my town will rightfully call me out on it, and my family members stay off social media. I hope my friends and family would create a GoFundMe for the person I victimized to show a sign of good faith for the damage I caused. I hope they’d stand by me privately, but not attempt to rationalize and justify the choices I made on Facebook.

The mere fact that he predicted this happening two years ago tells us that he made decisions like this in the past and was planning on making more of them in the future. RIP to the little girl, but the world is a better place with him behind bars or in a coma.


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