Poor Behavior

Monica Cannon-Grant Posts Children’s Names And Phone Number After Their Father Criticized Her For Being A Criminal On Facebook, Supporters Organize Harassment Campaign


Monica Cannon-Grant’s federal trial date for 18 counts of fraud has officially been set for March 7, 2023. In the meantime she continues to raise money for herself while pretending to be a group of 27 unnamed white women from the suburbs.

But she’s also reverting to her old form as she becomes more and more confident that she will prevail, and she’s lashing out at anyone who criticizes her for being a crook. She’s making up lies about state troopers and Boston Police officers pulling her gun toting son over once a week and choking him out.

She claimed that my blogs about her have caused her to be “ambushed” 3 times outside her home, that I literally sit outside her house and video her, and that she tried to get a harassment order on me.

None of those things are true, of course. But I take great pleasure in knowing that I occupy this much space in her head.

While she rots in a prison cell Monica will have to think about this face and ask herself, “how did one man with a blog put me in here when I had the backing of every prominent politician and the media in my back pocket?”

And that makes me happy.

In case there was any doubt that she’s the most vile person on the planet, yesterday Monica doxxed a turtle rider and his whole family because he shared a post calling her the “worst person in Massachusetts.” She not only posted his name, but also posted the names of his wife and children, his workplace phone number, and mocked him for having lyme disease.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any lower, this is what she’s doing to random innocent people who have the audacity to criticize her. Of course he’s a racist too, because the only people who have a problem with a violent, sociopathic, ratchet criminal like Monica stealing millions of donated dollars for her own private expenses are racist. I’d say that someone should sue her for libel, but she has no money anymore and she’s going to spend the next decade in prison, so it’s probably not worth your time.

Believe it or not there are some people still supporting her, and almost all of them are white suburban liberals who are still petrified that Monica will use her platform to attack them if they don’t stand by her. Two of them in particular – Eliot Prisby and Paula Kelley – said that they were going to harass the man’s workplace today.


Auburn is the most “blue lives matter” town in the country, according to Elliot, which is something to laugh at. That might have to do with the fact that a police officer named Ron Tarentino was murdered in cold blood in 2016 by a career criminal during a traffic stop. Apparently Eliot Prisby thinks that’s funny, and he’s now threatening the OP with “fuck around and find out,” because obviously he’s some sort of bad ass.

If he looks familiar it’s because we blogged about this beta male extraordinaire last year when he blindly defended a ratchet running for School Committee in Maynard because she was black, despite the fact that her son was a murderer and her Mom took her to Judge Judy for being a deadbeat parent.

Elliot has never had a black friend in his life and lives as far away from black people as possible in Maynard. He feels guilty about that so he overcompensates by vocally supporting ANY black woman he sees on social media, no matter how ratchet they are or how many crimes they’ve committed. His wife is the primary breadwinner in his house, which is why he can afford to do karate lessons in town and Stan for Monica on Facebook.

Hey Eliot, I don’t thin your wife and kids would like it if I posted their names all over my blog and urged people to call and harass them. I’m not saying I would do that, but keep doing this innocent people and you might f*** around find out yourself.

Paula Kelley also blindly called this man a racist, and threatened him that he was going to “f*** around and find out” when she harassed him at work.

It’s so easy to bother productive, law abiding members of society when you don’t have a job yourself, and spend most of your days protesting with Monica outside Boston Police headquarters.

Monica is also cleaning out her friends list of anyone who isn’t coming to her defense like Eliot and Paula, because clearly she has no idea how toxic she is, and hasn’t grasped the very real possibility that she will be convicted and spend the next 10-15 years in federal prison.

Meanwhile, she’s accusing businesses of breaking the law.

Which is just too ironic considering she’s going to jail for breaking all sorts of really good laws.

In all seriousness, Monica seems to be completely delusional and hasn’t even fathomed the idea that she will be found guilty, because in her mind she hasn’t done anything wrong. She earned all that donated money, and nobody has a right to ask her about where it went. She also believes that once she’s found not guilty she’ll make Oprah money selling her tell all book.

Chapter 1: Everyone who doesn’t give me money is a white supremacist.

The end.

I’ve never seen a person who deserves to rot in prison more than Monica Cannon-Grant. I normally wouldn’t feel good about watching a mother get separated from her newborn baby for a decade, but with Monica I will genuinely enjoy the look of shock on her face when reality sets in as she’s found guilty and sentenced. Sometimes I have compassion for criminals when they screw up and feel remorse, but Monica is not capable of that. She’s pure evil and she would watch you suffer in a heartbeat if you said anything negative about her.

March 7 can’t come soon enough. I promise you Monica, I will be in that courtroom every day for your trial, and I will be one of the last faces you see outside of prison walls before you’re hauled away for good.


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