Mother In Law Vows Legal Remedies If We Don’t Take Down Blog About Her Using Son-In-Laws Military Service To Guilt Wedding Vendors Into Discounts


A couple weeks back MVTB published a blog about a woman who was attempting to use her future son in law’s military service to guilt wedding vendors into giving her discounts for the upcoming wedding.

Here’s an idea – cut the guest list down. Or tell your daughter not to get married while she’s still in college. A lot of people brought up the fact that it was inconsiderate to guilt wedding vendors into giving her free or discounted services simply because her son in law was in the military, especially since their margins are razor thin already. Clair Coy accused these people of being salty.

Having a wedding with 200 people is not a right. Nor is it someone else’s job to slash their prices because you can’t afford a wedding that big. Her family doesn’t exactly look like they’re struggling to get by either.

Sure, looks can be deceiving. But the bottom line is that you need to make cuts somewhere, and it’s not other people’s job to offer you discounts because you want to purchase a necessity that you can’t afford.

Anyway, MVTB got me in trouble with Mrs. Coy this week as she’s been emailing me a bunch.

She contacted Google and Facebook. Game. Over. Evidently you can just give 1-800-Google a jingle and get Mr. Google on the phone and he’ll take down any website that hurts your feelings.

“Photographer wanted to build her portfolio and use our wedding cake in marketing.”

You’re not that special. Stop acting like you’re doing the photographer a favor by allowing them to built their portfolio with discounted pictures they took at your wedding.

There’s also no sexual comments posted by MVTB or any bloggers, nor did we “dox anyone.” Were there inappropriate comments left in the comments? Probably. That’s why I rarely read them. But if you think that the publisher is responsible for comments left by third parties on their site then your understanding of how the Internet functions is juvenile at best.

“Groom is paying thousands of dollars for the wedding, brides family is paying some.”

Oh, kind of like you’re supposed to do? Congratulations on partly paying for an event that only you and people you invited will be able to attend.

She followed up with an email justifying what she’s doing because “some people hate the military.”

So oppressed.

I told her that if she came on the live show I’d take the blogs down, but instead she responded with vows of deformation lawsuits.

Take a number lady and page Attorney Richard N. Vulva please.



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