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National Grid Employee Blasts Rush Limbaugh, Honks Horn Outside Belmont SJW’s Home While Drunk In Company Van Because He Doesn’t Her Bumper Stickers


This is Jessie Bennett from Belmont.

She recently ran for town selectman and blamed low voter turnout when she lost. She also alleges to be a member of the LGBT community, along with her “wife,” Harvard professor/poet Stephanie Burt.

Some might say that this is actually just two heterosexual people in a relationship, one of whom is now wearing a wig. Saying that this is a LGBT coupe is like saying you’re in a mixed race marriage with Rachel Dolezal.

As you can imagine, these two are big activists and Jessie’s car is covered in left wing bumper stickers. I think we all know what kind of car Jessie drives.


A Subaru. What were the odds?

Evidently Jessie’s car really upset a 37 year National Grid employee, who we’re told is named Joe Brion. And since he’s probably creeping up on retirement age he’s completely run out of forks to give. For that reason Joe decided to get white girl wasted, park his National Grid van outside of their house, and honk the horn incessantly while blasting Rush Limbaugh. You simply must watch this video.

This the face of a man who has never missed an episode of Hannity.

That is the face of every guy who’s ever been cut off at the legion post, ever. The guy who looks at you like you have three heads when you ask him for his email address. Tthe guy who starts 90% of his sentences with, “let me tell you something.” The man sat outside of this woman’s house blasting Rush Limbaugh because he didn’t like her politics. Who even listens to Rush Limbaugh any more? Certainly no one born after 1965.

Let’s break down the conversation.

“What’s your name sir, and why are you doing this?”

“I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

“Are you drunk or something?”

“No, I just hate all of your shit on your cahhhh.”

“Oh that’s really pleasant.”

“Isn’t that great?”

Think about how wild this is. The guy got drunk on the clock, and specifically targeted this woman’s house so he could sit outside of it and honk his horn, and all because she drives a Subaru with left wing bumper stickers. And then when asked about it he initially played dumb before finally admitting that he simply hates every single thing she stands for. Nothing brings out genuine honesty quite like a mid day bender.

“What’s your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem, you do.”

Boom Roasted.

The best part was this….

“I don’t go in front of any Trump person’s house and blast Rachel Maddow.”

“Mad cow. You mean Mad cow?

This is the face of a guy who instinctively blurts out “mad cow” whenever he hears that woman’s name mentioned in public.

“You are seriously disturbed sir.”

“You’re on the opposite side of the complete universe of the country. It’s just so absurd.”

The fact that this guy lives in Massachusetts and still believes that liberals are somehow a minority is fascinating. I want to study his brain.

As hilarious as this whole scenario was, he obviously deserves to be fired and I’m not going to defend his behavior. He was driving blackout Smitty drunk during the middle of the day in a company van. He targeted and harassed a private citizen, and although I probably feel the same way he does about this woman’s politics, you can’t be doing that on the clock. If the roles were reversed we’d be outraged and they’d be cheering it on. That’s the difference between us and them. We’re civilized.

But at the same time, this woman is absolutely unbearable and is acting like she was just the victim of a hate crime.

White supremacist radio? Rush Limbaugh is cut and paste conservatism for the AARP. He also didn’t wave his Trump hat at you. At no point in that video were you at all startled, and it seemed like you were almost as amused as we all were at the comical nature of the whole event.

And please, spare the the “he felt superior because he’s a white dude,” nonsense too. He’s just a drunk who’s living the American dream of quitting his job with a bang. And seriously, your friends are checking in on you? For what? To make sure he didn’t get his stomach pumped in your driveway? Be a bigger victim. You can’t.

This woman’s Twitter reaction is everything that is wrong with society today. It’s completely different from the way she acted in public. The whole thing was funny. Just chill out for a minute and laugh about it with the rest of us. You’re not really that mad.


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