Newton North Principal Calls Turtleboy “Fear Mongering Bigot” In Email To Faculty For Exposing Drag Show They’re Hosting In School Next Week


Earlier in the week we published a blog about Newton North High School hosting a drag queen show for students and teachers next week during school hours. On Thursday night Principal Henry Turner responded to the story with this email calling me a “fear mongering bigot” who targeted one of his teachers on this “hate filled website.”

Hey Henry, several of your teachers forwarded me this email because they enjoy watching me expose you for the fraud that you are. How do you think I got it? How do you think I became aware of the drag queen show in the first place? For you to assume that all of your teachers would blindly agree with your slanderous lies about me in this email shows how out of touch you are with your own faculty. I’m much more well liked in your school than you ever will be because I’m honest and you’re not.

Let’s address the content of your wildly unprofessional cry session of an email, point by point.

  1. I don’t “target” anyone, including your faculty member Melanie Pennison. We simply published an email that she sent out promoting a drag queen event for children during school hours. Why are your faculty members holding drag queen shows for kids? How does this help them learn? How does this prepare them for college or the workforce? Do you hope to have the highest concentration of graduate strippers in Massachusetts? Ms. Pennison is clearly a left wing activist by the looks of her social media postings, and it’s a public concern that people like her are pushing their political beliefs on students.
  2. Turtleboy Daily News isn’t “hate filled.” It’s just that you hate it because it’s so effective in exposing professional activists and grifters like you, who masquerade as professionals.
  3. I didn’t “target” the drag performer. I simply pointed out that he’s a degenerate who performs overt sex acts during this strip shows, brags about being able to keep an erection while on hormones, and said that he wants to murder Donald Trump. I made not of how mentally unstable political actors and sexual predators like him should not be presented to students as a role model, nor should they be paid with tax dollars to perform drag shows during school hours. But to your credit you didn’t invite Monica Cannon-Grant to speak during Black History Month, so at least you’ve got that going for you.
  4. The “personal” photos of your teacher were on her public Facebook page. Your misunderstanding of how the Internet works reeks of Boomerism.
  5. You are the principal of Newton North, not “North.” North is a much more diverse school in my hometown of Worcester that beat your team full of overprivileged sons of doctors and lawyers en route to the D1 State Championship. Turtleboy is more liked in Worcester than it is in Newton because it appeals to diverse working class populations, rather than the elitist, white, upper middle class population that you cater to.
  6. I am neither fear mongering, nor a bigot, but you are both. This is classic projection. You are bigoted against conservatives and believe that people like me are subhuman. You are incapable with treating me or the millions of people who read my blog with any sort of respect or dignity. You definitely have no intention of getting to know us or understanding why we view the world differently than you do. This is the definition of bigotry.
  7. Please stop white knighting for Melanie Pennison. She is an independent, grown, fierce feminist woman, and she didn’t ask for you to mansplain for her. Your belief that she can’t defend herself and needs you to defend her honor speaks to your deep-seated misogyny.
  8. Newton North has been featured on Turtleboy Daily News several times because of your ridiculous and unprofessional leadership as principal. You sent emails to faculty claiming that Kyle Rittenhouse was only found not guilty because he is white, and said the verdict was “devastating” to communities of color, despite the fact that the child rapists that Rittenhouse shot in self defense were white. You frequently miss school to pursue your much more lucrative career as a DEI salesman for your private DEI business to other school districts. Thanks to your racist leadership your district is being sued because they banned white students from trying out for a school play. You’re just mad that I exposed you for doing all of those things.

Henry Turner’s promotion of drag queen shows in school is consistent with his overall disrespect for women. Drag queens are men who mock womanhood by caricaturing women as cheap hookers who dance for dollars. Then again, this is the same guy who took offense to a room full of women supporting legislation that would prevent boys from beating them in high school sports.

Henry Turner is a sexist who hates women and has no respect for them.

Anyway Henry, I saw you at the Worcester North vs. Newton North game and was tempted to go up to you and audit you on camera. Next time I will. People like you are bullies who love to run their mouths on social media, defaming and bullying people like me who dare to call you out for what you are. But I’ve dealt with people like you before, and they never have anything to say when I show up with camera and start asking tough questions.

Turtle riders are a vast and diverse group that includes learned scholars and well respected members of the community. If you disagree with Turner’s assessment of this blog feel free to write him a respectfully worded email at [email protected]. Prove him wrong by showing that turtle riders are not hateful or bigoted, but rather are concerned with activists like him turning public schools into communist indoctrination centers. I’ll be calling you at school this week and live streaming it, so keep your lines open.

P.S. You’re still a white guy, regardless of how many books you sold claiming otherwise.


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