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Newton School Committee Endorses Drag Show For Students At Newton North High School Friday, Protest Scheduled For Thursday


Last week we broke the story that Newton North High School would be hosting a drag show for students during the final period of school Friday, April 14. In response Principal Henry Turner wrote an angry email to faculty, accusing this blogger of being a fear mongering bigot for pointing out the inappropriate nature of a sexually charged drag queen named Missy Steak dancing for children.

Parents in Newton are understandably upset with this taxpayer funded grooming session, and many have contacted the Mayor and School Committee to demand answers. However, administration is not backing down, and we have obtained emails from School Committee members and the Mayor’s Office defending this drag show for children. This is member Christopher Brezski and Interim Superintendent Kathy Smith.

According to an email from Brezski to a concerned parent yesterday, they both approve of that the drag show is age appropriate for a high school audience.

Oh good, there won’t be any dildos for this performance. Just some age appropriate crotch grabbing, as a man with fake tits dresses like a hooker and dances for children.

It’s OK because this time he won’t be talking about his “ability to retain an erection despite all of the depressants I’m on.” (1:45)

The policy of the Newton Public Schools is that they will give anyone access to children, so long they keep the inappropriate acts out of the performance.  Maybe next week we can get a porn star to come in and read poetry, and then Kyle Rittenhouse can help facilitate bus evacuation drills. As long as they keep the facials and shootings outside of the classroom it’s all good.

How gutless are politicians like Chris Brezski, who don’t even have it in them to say “maybe we shouldn’t use our tax dollars to pay drag queens to perform for children during school hours”? He is supporting this, and should be named and shamed for the groomer that he is.

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller has refused to comment on it, but her executive aide Sam Nighman (he/him = has a dick and agrees it should be there) forwarded another response from Newton North Principal Henry Turner.

So you want to celebrate people in the community for having sex with who they want to have sex with? Why do we need to celebrate two men, or two women having sex? Do we celebrate when random members of the Newton community have sex with someone of the opposite gender?

And does the City of Newton not have any gay doctors, nurses, teachers, cops, firefighters, or other contributing members of society who could come into the school and talk about things they’re doing to better society besides have kink fetish sex? We should be introducing kids to intelligent, contributing members of society in order to give them positive role models. In what way is a man with fake tits dressed as a hooker some sort of role model for children? This is Missy Steak’s contribution to society:

Congratulations – you’re overtly sexual just because you can be. Why do students need to be subjected to this? This is the problem with PRIDE – it makes kids believe that if you’re gay you have to be deviant and abnormal. You can’t just be a regular gay person who goes to work every day, minds their own business, and contributes to society in their own way.

“Drag is a performance art that is often a part of LGBTQ+ events.”

Oh OK. So drag is what defines the BLT-123 community? The English gave us literature, the French gave us democracy, the Greeks gave us math, Africans gave us music, and the PRIDE community gave us this.

Yea, that sends a great message about what it means to be gay.

“The students invited Missy Steak because she is known to energize teen audiences as she sings familiar pop culture songs.”

So this is what schools do now? Invite their favorite pop stars to sing Top 40 during G block?

This was the worst part:

The performance is happening during G Block on Friday, and students are not required to attend if they do not wish to do so. Students who do not wish to attend can go to the cafeteria when their class attends the event.

Translation – children are being forced to miss a class, and must choose between participating in a drag performance or socially ostracizing themselves by going to the cafeteria. This is what qualifies for an education under Henry Turner’s leadership.

In response to this a protest will be held Thursday at 5:30 on the Newton Centre Green. I plan on attending, and all are invited to join us. We’re not going to remain silent as a bunch of grifting communists like Henry Turner transform our public schools in to grooming factories and political indoctrination centers.


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