No Justice: Charges Dismissed Against Somerville Man Accused Of Beating 13-Week-Old Puppy So Badly It Nearly Lost A Leg

A Facebook post from yesterday alleges the 25-year-old failed rapper may have already re-offended.

The courts have failed to bring yet another alleged animal abuser to justice, as charges have been dismissed against this greasy waste of space for an  April 14th incident that nearly cost a 13-week-old puppy her leg. And according to this Facebook post, he may be at it again.

CASE HAS BEEN DISMISSED 😡 On October 29th Jamal Escobar, of SOMERVILLE, recently arrested for Animal Creulty, was caught by multiple witnesses beating his new puppy and then bringing it in the house where he beat it further and witnesses could hear screams from inside the apartment. Escobar has a long criminal history according to a simple google search. How is this man allowed to walk free? His last puppy, Ellie, a 9 week old female pitbull puppy was beat so badly she suffered a near amputation of her leg which required intensive treatments and a long recovery. Thankfully she got adopted to a new home. Where is the Justice for Ellie and the poor puppy being beat today? The court system failed by dismissing the case and allowed him to have the ability to purchase a new puppy to abuse. Please help SOMERVILLE PD and ANIMAL CONTROL take this puppy to safety after the court system failed!”


A career criminal possibly re-offending after our “compassionate” (read: neutered) justice system cut him free? Color me shocked. It’s not like his April 2019 charges were heinous in nature or anything.


“An Everett man accused of beating a 13-week-old pit bull so severely that the bones in its right leg are broken and its ligaments are severely damaged faced a judge on Thursday.

Jamal Escobar, 25, was arraigned on an animal cruelty charge after his girlfriend told police he injured the animal while tearing apart an apartment in Somerville.

The dog, since renamed Ellie, is now being cared for by Everett Animal Control.

Everett Animal Control Officer Stacia Gorgone said its injuries are severe.

“She does whimper if she walks on the leg too much, so she’s restricted. She can’t play like a normal dog,” she said. “She can’t use any stairs. I have to pick her up to take her outside to go to the bathroom.

A Somerville police report details that the woman told officers Escobar abused the dog, saying: “She was in the shower and heard what sounded like the dog being struck. She then heard the dog crying. The dog had been limping after the incident.”

Gorgone said, “she wants love. It’s a shame this happened.”

Now a veterinarian will decide whether Ellie’s leg will have to be amputated.

“If you beat up a human and they lose their limb, it’s pretty bad, so the same for a dog,” Gorgone said.

Police say a day after they found Ellie, her owner asked them to drop all charges against Escobar, claiming he did not hurt the dog, but prosecutors have moved forward, accusing Escobar of animal cruelty.

“I think she’ll recover well and hopefully forget this happened to her,” Gorgone said.

Escobar returns to court on Friday.”


Osama Bin Unwashed alleged beat this poor, sweet little thing so badly she nearly a lost a leg. Disgusting.


And he looks like such a fine, upstanding citizen and all.


You’ll never guess what he does for “work”.


Uploading 60 second clips of himself murdering the English language to “Boston Free Radio” – presumably because no one is ever, ever going to pay for that. It would appear even MC NoSoap understands this to some degree.

Nope, Mr. Escobar. i concur. No love for you, indeed.Yet another alleged animal abuser let off scot-free by the “compassionate” Massachusetts judicial system. These animals can’t speak for themselves, they depend on us. We’re failing them at every turn. This is appalling – almost as appalling as “East Ville Esco’s” personal hygiene and pathetic rap career.

For some added context, it appears this incident involved domestic violence, which is presumably why the charges were dropped. Is he remorseful? Not at all!


As we’ve been over a billion and one times by now with Josh Abrams, you simply cannot be found innocent in a court of law – only guilty or not guilty. So even with these latest charges dismissed, I have no qualms in objectively stating that MC Scabies is not innocent. He’s not. And his criminal record sure seems to indicate that he’s the type to beat the a tiny little puppy half to death.

Like, these violent charges from 2017, for instance.


Or the time he was featured on Turtleboy after being arrested for disorderly conduct and going full-on “F*ck The Po-leese”.


Or how about that 2012 shooting arrest in Fall River?


Yeah, seems like a really great guy. It’s not like a quick look through his Facebook page reveals an ignorant hoodbooger with an anger management problem or anything.


Just kidding. This loser is such a loose cannon that even 5g networks set him off. He’s really going places with his life.



Just not into any showers. The real tragedy here (besides his pathetic “rap career” and numerous hairstyles, of course) is that a violent career criminal whom allegedly did this


To this sweet little helpless puppy:


Is not only out and walking around free, he’s still free to do this to another one. We have to do better than this. Too often are these animal abusing slugrakes just allowed to go off with a slap on the wrist and re-offender. We need to remember – someone who can do something like this to a dog, most certainly can do it to a person as well. And a dog can’t speak up for itself.

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