Non-Binary Worcester BLT-123 Upset That Free Menstrual Products Won’t Be Given To Men, Asks For Free Everything Despite Being On SSI And EBT


Last week I was kicked out of the Mutual Aid Worcester Facebook group for criticizing the scamming and gross freeloading that is happening on that page. They have since made it private, which is an pointless endeavor since the group has 4.5K members, and any group with more than 2 people on the Internet is never actually private. There are hundreds of turtle riders in there keeping me posted on some of the things happening on that page, including the antics of this, whatever.

I don’t want to assume its pronouns, so for now I will refer to it as it. And it currently goes by Nik Lynn, but used to be called Nichole Perreault.

This BLT-123 describes itself as “small, weird, an adventure, disabled, and cute.” Two and a half of those things appear to be true. And it wants you to call it the grammatically incorrect pronouns of they/them.

Pass, but thank you.

Nik Lynn is a predator. It preys on the generosity and kindness of others, and uses this deadly crisis as a way to get free things from the general public. For instance, Nik recently saw a post in the group advertising free menstrual products for women.

Although Fupa Mario appears to have been born a female (despite the goatee), is in need of free menstrual products, and felt discriminated against as a non-binary trans masc.

Tracy Novick.

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That bitch.

According to Nik, it and its partner can’t use their food stamps to buy food because it’s too dangerous for the morbidly obese to go out in public right now.

And Instacart won’t deliver for EBT-Rex’s like herself.

As she stated, her “partner” is not employed, but will be in a few weeks. What about Nik?

Her “partner,” who also uses they/them pronouns, is her career. Make sense? Being in a relationship with another morbidly obese individual is a job now. And they’re both “disabled.” Still a better love story than Twilight.

These two have intentionally avoided exercise like the plague, necessitating more usage of taxpayer funded healthcare, and they use their obesity to collect SSI and EBT from people who work for a living, so that they can be stuck in a cycle of unhealthy dependence until they die by the age of 45. This is what your taxpayer dollars go towards.

Despite not having a job it still plans on collecting the stimulus check.

But that’s not enough money to sustain her lifestyle of doing nothing and waiting to die, so she often has to have online fundraisers for things like free wheelchairs and moving expenses.

She has a wish list for free plus sized muumuus and pajamas, and needs people to furnish her new apartment in downtown Worcester, because her “disability prevents her from doing anything on her own.

The Skymark Towers are not cheap to live in for Worcester standards. You can buy a house for cheaper. So things are clearly going great for them.

It says the schools closing hurt their income, so it asked for more donations.

Somehow you can lose half your “income” when you’re unemployed, and then blame it on school closures.

Its partner’s name is Harmony Grace, and according to her Facebook page she ironically works as a Mental Health Clinician, and graduated from both VCU and Northeastern.

Despite constantly being destitute and unable to walk it can afford to take care of a dog in a downtown high rise apartment building, and it needs people to provide the dog with chew toys, along with silverware, wheat tortillas, go-go juice, Bolthouse Farm Vanilla Chai coffee, unsweetened bottled iced coffee, rubbing alcohol, and more.

It would do it itself but it has to sleep 16 hours a day to stay in peak physical condition.

Someone asked it why it didn’t just brew its own coffee or tea instead of asking strangers to bring it much more expensive bottled products. According to Nik they ran out of spoons for this task and then listed a bunch of new diseases that prevent it from being a functional human being.

Spoons? You can’t make coffee because you lack the spoons? If you’ll recall from this blog last month, “spoonies” are people who have “hidden” diseases. And “spoons” is a metaphor for energy that “disabled” people like chocolate moose Charlie can expend throughout the day.

Every time they get in the tub for a sponge bath it’s a spoon, and they only have a few spoons a day, so they can’t be wasting “spoons” on making tea or coffee when they can get someone else to bring it to them instead.

Eat your heart out Failure Swift.

Since that group is filled with people who think that enabling helps people like this, it got everything on its list except for the Bolthouse vanilla chai, which it was not happy about it.

You would think that someone who constantly lives off of the generosity of others would extend that generosity if given the chance. But instead the blue cheese blimpnado jacks up prices for goods constantly on Facebook yard sale groups.

The bottom line is that giving money to people like this doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you an enabler. Being skeptical or critical of people like this does not make you a bad person either, which many in that group would have you believe. These people take advantage of the kindness of others, suck the taxpayers dry, claim that their intentional series of poor life choices makes them disabled, and then expect the rest of the world to use their pronouns, as if any amount of respect should be afforded to them. I’d rather give my money to actual victims who are hurting as a direct result of the commie cold crisis, like restaurants that were forced to close by the government.


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