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North Providence Man Live Streams Armed Standoff With Police After Admittedly Shooting At Drug Dealer He Lured To House For Giving Wife Drugs And Having Sex With Her


This is Gino Rotondo (who sounds way too much like Gina Raimando) and his wife Rachel Lombardi from North Providence.

While you were sleeping last night crackhead Steven Seagal and his wife broadcast themselves on Facebook Live during an armed standoff with the police and managed to get a free meal out of it.

The man who barricaded himself inside a North Providence home for 17 hours has surrendered to police. The standoff ended peacefully around 8 a.m. when the suspect, identified as Gino Rotondo, 56, came out of the home. North Providence Police Chief Alfredo Ruggiero Jr. said officers responded to Stephanie Drive just after 3 p.m. Wednesday for a report of a gunshot and arrived to find Rotondo heading inside with an AR-15-style rifle.

Police evacuated the immediate area and sent out a tweet and reverse 911 call warning residents in the immediate area to shelter in place for their safety. That shelter-in-place order has since been lifted. According to Ruggiero, the incident began after a person allegedly assaulted Rotondo’s wife, identified as Rachel Lombardi. When Rotondo asked the assault suspect, who has not been identified, to come to his residence, he fired a shot at him but missed. Police communicated with the man on and off throughout the night. Around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Rotondo told officers he would come out peacefully if they got him three hot wieners and a pizza to eat.

“He’s stating that he needs some time to figure a few things out,” Ruggiero previously said. “Hopefully we get to him and convince him to come out and end this peacefully.”

However, Rotondo didn’t come out of the home after he was fed, prompting police to then cut off his electricity, internet and cell service Thursday morning. Rotondo then put up a note on his front door saying he wouldn’t come out until his power was restored.

“It’s a waiting game. It’s frustrating, it’s turning, but as of this point, nobody’s been hurt. There’s no threat,” Ruggiero said.

Rhode Island State Police and SWAT members were then called in after police lost contact with Rotondo around 4:30 a.m., according to Ruggiero. Police say Rotondo was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and he will be facing charges as a result. Ruggiero added that Rotondo had been out on bail and has a prior record as well.

If you’re gonna fire shots in your home, terrorize the neighborhood, and force the police to sit outside your home all night, you might as well get 3 hot wieners and a pizza out of it. I don’t know if it’s standard practice for police in Rhode Island to give into the demands of terrorists like this, but it seems like rewarding an armed lunatic three hot wieners will only encourage him to demand more stuff.

Gino doesn’t have much on his Facebook page except this:

So he broadcasted from his wife’s Facebook page instead. Mr. Rotundo went live 4 times, and we’ve combined them all onto one video for you for when his wife inevitably takes them down.

In the first video he alleges that a black drug dealer name Siti, who drives a red four door Porsche, tried to give his wife drugs and rape her. Instead of calling the police he did what any normal person would do in this situation – lured the guy into his house by telling him he wanted to buy drugs, then shooting at him but intentionally missing because he’s “not going to jail for some scumbag drug dealer.” At this point the North Providence police were outside the house, and he claimed that the only reason he hadn’t been killed yet is because his cousin is Lt. Michael Pezzullo from the Cranston Police Department.


The way he talks about his plan like it was the only rational thing to do in this situation pretty much tells me everything I need to know about him, and anyone who would think it’s a good idea to marry him.

In video #2 you can hear his wife (who he claims is not being held at gunpoint because he’d never hit a woman) crying in the background as he gives viewers the “411” on why the North Providence police, who he admits arrested him “a million times for drug stuff,” are the most corrupt police department in the state. According to him his daughter was raped at the high school, the police outed her as a rape victim to everyone, and then never arrested the rapist. He was also struck by an Uber driver in a hit and run, but this Uber driver reported himself to the police who didn’t arrest anyone. I’m sure those things happened exactly as he’s reporting. According to Gino the police wanna put a bullet in his head because he’s a third degree blackbelt.

Sure, the cops have tasers, batons, and numbers, but that alone isn’t enough to take down Scottie Karate.

In his third video Kung Fu Kenny began by going full racist by dropping a hard n word a couple times while discussing the guy he shot at, but by the end of the video he had gone full diversity, equity, and inclusion by accusing the city of systemic racism because they don’t have any black firefighters or City Hall workers. He claims that the black drug dealer in the Porsche came to his house while he was grocery shopping, gave free drugs to his wife, she passed out from being high, and when she awoke her clothes were partially off and she realized she was raped. She didn’t tell him about it until the next day and presumably didn’t alert the drug dealer when he was lured to the house to be shot at. He credits his cousin for talking him down on the phone, and then goes full #MeToo by complaining about how North Providence Police Officer Diana Perez was sexually harassed at work.


What kind of drug dealer delivers drugs in his Porsche? If you’re driving that kind of car it means you’re a kingpin, not some delivery boy, and you should know better than to drive around with drugs in the car. I’ve watched enough of The Wire to know that you get the corner boys to deliver the drugs on foot, while the big guys sit at their office in the strip club and count cash.

The best part is he thinks this is all OK, and that’s he’s both a good citizen and chivalrous lover because he intentionally missed. But someone might wanna tell him that if what he’s saying is true then his wife is a junkie. You don’t just have a drug dealer show up t your house and give you free drugs. Sounds like she called up Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer because she wanted to get high and plowed, in that order. If he gave her free drugs it’s most likely because they’ve made this exchange before. Drug dealers don’t drive Porsches because they give away their product for nothing.

In the final video before the hot wieners arrive he denies the rumors that he’s holding his wife hostage and states that she’s only there so the cops don’t kill him.


Finally right before they surrendered Cuck Norris or his wife posted “Help” on her account.

Gino has a long and documented history with police and a plethora of Google trophies. According to court records he has had 37 criminal cases against him dating back to the 90’s.

They include felony domestic assault, vandalism, and a robbery charge that ended with a 12 year jail sentence in 1997. It’s unclear how long he served, but he was listed as a violator in 2010.

Yet somehow in 2004, when he would’ve been serving his sentence, he got hit with a fraudulent checks charge.

Since then he’s been charged with fraudulent use of credit cards by his cousin’s police department, larceny, simple assault, assault and battery, driving without a license 3 or more times, and shoplifting. It also appears as if he was the one who was charged in the hit and run, not the Uber driver.


His most recent charge was drug possession last month.


But yea, it’s all Diego’s fault that his wife wanted to get high.

Additionally, two members of the Lombardi family (Lisa and Peter) took Cuck Norris to probate court, although it’s not listed what the details were.

And last month a Douglas Lombardi applied for and was granted a restraining order against Gino.

In fairness, I see Judge Melissa Darigan listed there. She’s the same judge who granted a restraining order against both me and members of my family, after a deranged, child abusing transgender man named Ashley St. Angelo baselessly claimed that we were threatening to kill him. We already had a restraining order after this man threatened to show up at a Fitchburg Elementary School, and he was eventually arrested and charged after he violated that order. Judge Darigan didn’t like the fact that I had written about her, and was prepared to force me to drive to Providence multiple times to get this simple order thrown out. Eventually it was moved to federal court where a real judge denied it.

So yea, this was probably warranted, but Melissa Darigan will hand out restraining orders for literally nothing. Maybe she should figure out how to differentiate between serious threats and bloggers who expose abusive parents.

Anyway, my question is how did this guy get an AR-15? His criminal record goes back decades, and he’s clearly got mental health issues. Rhode Island has strict red flag laws, and this guy sets off every red flag possible. If he wasn’t allowed to own a gun then it just shows how ineffective and useless “gun control” laws are. If he was allowed to own. gun it also shows up how ineffective and useless “gun control” laws are.


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