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Not So Celebrity Chef Mike Fucci Offers Faux “Apology” For Lying About Cancer To Raise $20K 


Not-so-celebrity chef Mike Fucci decided to issue an “apology” on Facebook over the weekend, three months after we exposed that he had been lying about having cancer in order to start a fraudulent $20K GoFundMe for himself. First I’ll show you the whole thing in its entirety, then we’ll break it down bit by bit to analyze just how this is nothing more than his latest attempt to scam the public.

Let’s start from the top.

“I have taken 100% responsibility for what has happened.”

Mike Fucci still owes thousands of dollars in child support. He lied about having cancer, and then lied and said it was a miscommunication after we exposed him for not having cancer. He lied about being raped by the woman he impregnated after telling her that he was a multi-millionaire who had bought a $1.7 million home for them to raise their baby in. He owes countless former employees, vendors, and customers money that he has no intention of paying. He created a fake homeless charity and stole from the Jimmy Fund.



Besides that he’s taken 100% responsibility.

“An example would be fighting to keep the restaurant alive through COVID and beyond.”

Mike Fucci didn’t fight to keep the restaurant alive at all. He didn’t even bother applying for PPP loans. All he did was make Instagram videos swearing at Charlie Baker in order to fraudulently present himself as the face of the anti-lockdown movement.

“When I finally closed the doors for good that is when my brain went to the next level and snapped.”

His business closed in 2022. Mike Fucci has been scamming and threatening people many years before his restaurant failed, which had nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with his lack of work ethic.

“My addiction was rage and anger.”

No, your addictions are narcissism and greed. You’re not even really angry. It’s just a character you play on social media so you can fool people into thinking you’re a bootleg Christian Silvestri.

“I have a great family who is supporting my efforts….”

Your family doesn’t support your efforts. You have no efforts. You live with your complicit wife and her innocent parents. You are nothing more than a burden on them. Your wife went to college and has (had?) a good job. She owned a condo that you convinced her to sell so that you could start up your “business.” She is an educated woman in her 40’s who has lost all of her friends because she chose you over them. In return she received nothing but humiliation and poverty. She has to suffer the shame of living with her elderly parents, while you scam vulnerable women into having sex with you.

“….and a young son that deserves to have his father in his life that loves and cares for him.”

The balls of this guy to mention the child whose creation was entirely his idea, whose existence he has denied, who he claims is a product of him being raped, and who can’t have nice things because his father never paid child support. He does deserve to have a father in his life who cares for him, but Mike Fucci already turned down that role.

“I would never say or do anything like faking I have cancer.”

OK, so this is not an apology then. Not only did he insist he had a team of doctors at Dana Farber who told him he had stage 3 stomach cancer, he doubled down on this dozens of times while using it to fundraise for himself. After getting caught he admitted he never had cancer, which means he was faking this horrible affliction because he knew that cancer has affected almost everyone, and was likely to get him more money than any other ailment.

“I am much more of a giver than a taker.”

Mike Fucci gives nothing to anyone unless they own a casino or sell cigarettes and scratch tickets.

“I am apologizing to my family first and foremost.”

If you want to apologize to your wife then apologize to her privately. By making this public he’s just doing it for attention, because he wants people to pat him on the back and tell him what a good guy he is.

“I was directly in the middle of crisis and was about to step in front of a train.”

Translation – feel bad for me. Me, me, me, me!

“Alessia Zottola Coppola who was first to act and start the GoFundMe to help me. The entire Zottola family.”

I have spoken with many Zottola’s and can safely say that they all hate you and are disgusted by what you did to their family. They were nice people who wanted to help. You preyed on their kindness, knowing they would never question your obvious lies.

“I am deeply sorry for all that has occurred.”

All that has occurred? As if it just happened spontaneously. Newsflash – everything that has happened is 100% your doing. It didn’t “occur,” it was was a direct result of your life choices.

“You all showed how much you cared through your donations.”

They did care, because they’re all much better people than you are. But you didn’t give a shit about them. As you said Mike, they could only show they cared by giving you money. That’s all they were to you.

“As I continue this journey of finding myself.”

You’re a grown ass man approaching 50 with a child you abandoned. No one gives a shit about you finding yourself. Grownups aren’t afforded the ability to ignore their responsibilities for years on end while they “find themselves.” The only thing you’ll never find is your dignity and your dick.


“I am working hard on my mental and physical health.”

You smoke a pack a day, don’t exercise, and have done nothing to seek the mental health treatment that you desperately need.

“I will no longer be continuing to be in the kitchen.”

You’ve had a job as a cook for all of 3 days. Other than that you’re just a guy on YouTube making scallops in his wife’s kitchen.

“I now realize I am triggered too easily in that environment and need to start over with a new path.”

So all the lies, aggressive behavior, and scams were the result of being triggered as a cook? This is a person who refuses to take any sort of responsibility for his behavior.

“I have taken full accountability for everything.”

You still owe thousand and thousands of dollars in child support. You never once apologize to the woman who you scammed into having your baby, only to abandon her. You never apologized to your son for being the reason he will grow up without a father. You presented yourself as a victim by going to court and trying to get an order on me after we exposed who you really are. You have taken accountability for nothing.

“I’m working on myself to be a better person.”

No, you’re talking about yourself so that people will think you’re a better person.

“It was never my intention to hurt or disappoint any of you.”

Translation – I didn’t think I would get caught when I was scamming all you suckers.

And just in case it wasn’t already clear that Mike Fucci isn’t the least bit sorry, nor does he have any desire to change his behavior, he sent the last mistress he lied to some angry emails last week in which he said horrible things about her children:

“I’ll be the one to console your children while they are crying while they see your casket being lowered into the ground.”

What the FUCK is wrong with you?

“I don’t care what you have said or done.”

“I’m offering to help.”

“I gave it my best shot.”

Me, me, me, me! This is who Mike Fucci really is. If you won’t have sex with him anymore because you’re not attracted to broke, morbidly obese liars, then he will passive aggressively cast judgment and try to convince you that you’re the real problem. He’s the hero who tried to save your life, but you wouldn’t have sex with him anymore so now your life is basically over.

Other than that he’s really sorry.



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