Outrage Mob Comes For Fitchburg Mayor For Posting Picture With Group Raising Nuclear Family Flag In The Name Of Equality


Many in Fitchburg are outraged over a Facebook post made by Mayor Stephen DiNitale, in which he is present at the raising of the “nuclear family flag” on city property, which will fly for one week “in the name of equality.”

First of all, he didn’t have a choice but to allow the flag to go up. Earlier this year in a landmark Supreme Court decision known as Shurtleff vs. City of Boston, SCOTUS unanimously (9-0) ruled that the City could not prevent a Christian group from raising a flag over City Hall, since they had previously put up a Pride flag.

Unanimous. Every Obama appointed justice agreed that it is a violation of the First Amendment for a municipality to promote one form of free speech but deny another. The left opened up the door for this when they demanded that government institutions fly Pride and BLM flags (Fitchburg, to my knowledge has only flown the Pride flag).

Secondly, I have no idea if this group is trolling to prove a point, but it doesn’t really matter what their motive is. I probably don’t agree with their stance on gay marriage, but they have a right to raise their flag. Both the nuclear family flag and the Pride flag exclude groups of people. One promotes gay people and the 98 genders you get to choose from, while the other promotes 2 parent heterosexual families. Neither are oppressed.

Thirdly, although DiNitale couldn’t prevent them from raising the flag, he wasn’t required to post about it on Facebook, attend the flag raising, or say that he was doing so in the name of equality. He chose to do all that. DiNitale is a lifelong Democrat who previously served as a State Representative, and would best be described as a moderate. The fact that he would post something like this on Facebook and not foresee the faux Internet outrage it would create is indicative of his boomer tendencies more than anything. Older Democrats who don’t spend all their time living on social media have no idea what their base is outraged about this week, so he probably had no idea that this would be a big deal.

I do spend a lot of time on social media, so I knew the reaction this would get. It began with Fitchburg City Councillor Sam Squailia, who also admins the colorful Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group, which is arguably one of Turtleboy’s largest sources of content since our inception almost 10 years ago. I’ve had conversations with Squailia before and after she was elected and I know that she’s very invested in Fitchburg. But she’s also a politician now, which means this was an opportunity to take shots at the Mayor, whose son is also a City Councillor and has had many public spats with Squailia.

I messaged her for comment on this story:

I agree the city cannot restrict free speech and should have allowed equal time for this flag of exclusion. However, I believe the Mayor should have not attended, held the flag, nor shared it in Facebook. He knew in advance the purpose of this was in direct response to the pride flag that they disagree with the gay “lifestyle.”

It doesn’t matter if they’re doing this in response to the Pride flag. They’re allowed to do it. But the Pride flag absolutely is a flag of exclusion as well. It’s become a symbol of the Democratic party. Countless Pride parades across the country have banned police from participating. It dismisses legitimate concerns about the appropriateness of drag queens being around little children, and whether or not a person can change their biological sex. You can’t say that the the nuclear family flag is exclusionary, and then say that the Pride flag is inclusive. That’s just gaslighting.

I asked if this was a way to announce that she would be running for mayor. Squailia said she was only running for City Council but didn’t rule out a Mayoral run entirely.

“I don’t have plans for running for anything but city council at this time… but I do get asked every.single.day.”

Her objection to the nuclear family flag is that it only represents heterosexual families, whereas the Pride flag represents everyone due to the plus at the end.

Except the plus at the end means “any other made up, attentions seeking sexuality that we haven’t invented yet.” No person would ever assume that it means heterosexuals.

I’ve always found Sam to be reasonable, but I think that her attacking DiNitale is pandering to an extremist crowd. Let’s take a look at what the people who agree with her had to say about the flag raising.

Sorry Heather, but no one is oppressed or discriminated against because of their sexuality. You’re literally just making that up. The only thing we want is for your team to stop grooming children by exposing them to sexually provocative drag queens, and indoctrinating them in public schools with transgenderism.

You know you’re probably on the wrong side of the issue when this human agrees with you:

Miranda Tozier-Robbins is a mentally unbalanced woman who recently ran for City Council and was previously convicted of stalking Brittany Spears. She also:

  • Tried out for America Idol and begged Paula Abdul to send her to Hollywood
  • Got arrested for violating a restraining order against another homeless woman she was scissoring
  • Published a book she wrote about stalking Britney, claiming to have been conducting a documentary on her property without her permission
  • Sold bags full of stolen goldfish for $5, which she for some reason had in an ice box, and was desperate to get rid of since they were “dying by the handful”

If she’s on your side then you’re probably on the wrong side.

Then there was this gentleman named Pete Charlee Rodericks.

He is a supporter of all The Current Things.

Anyone with a door knocker hanging from their nose is not someone whose opinion you should value, and certainly not someone any respectable politician should be pandering towards. But nonetheless Petey was leading the charge in demanding that the Mayor take diversity, equity, and inclusion training so he could learn to be less tolerant of heterosexuals.


I suggest that Mayor DiNitale read Turtleboy so he can understand what a scam DEI training is, while continuing to ignore grown men who hold up the line at airports because they can’t stop setting off the metal detectors.

Speaking of equity…..

No Ryan, the word he meant was equality. We know that communists like yourself don’t like the word equality because it means that everyone should have the same legal opportunities without discrimination. You don’t like equality because it doesn’t end with us all in the same spot, which requires a massive redistribution of other people’s wealth. You call it equity because you think it makes you sound woke and enlightened, but you’re really nothing more than a simple minded Marxist who’s been brainwashed to be a salesman for the most powerful people in the country (the DNC and big pharma).

“Stop listening to Joe Rogan and other people who aren’t bought and paid for by Pfizer! You can only listen to messaging that was pre-approved by the FBI and Joe Biden. Now shut up and nod your head as you get your 5th booster and wear a mask for absolutely no reason.”

Of course these people can’t say or do anything without invoking “white supremacists” either.

“That flag doesn’t stand for heterosexuals.”

It’s actually the only thing the flag stands for, but OK. Speaking of domestic terrorists, Alanna Moss doesn’t seem to mind domestic terrorists with they burn cities and loot businesses.

Ya know, real domestic terrorists who actually commit crimes. Not straight people raising a flag about the nuclear family. This is why no one should take a grown woman seriously with blue hair.

Amanda Stanke made it real simple – the only people who aren’t outraged about this are “homophobic anti-vax Trumpers.”

Yes, that’s right. Individuals like me, who believe that people should marry whoever they want, get vaccinated if they want to, and support Trump’s primary political adversary (Ron DeSantis), are actually homophobic anti-vax Trumpers in disguise because that’s the only thing these people have been trained to say. If Mayor DiNitale is causing faux outrage from people who look like creatures you’d find in a Narnia novel, then he must be doing something right.

The hot takes just kept coming about domestic terrorists, imaginary oppression, and how disgusted they were with the flag.

Again, he didn’t have a choice, but OK.

The Mayor responded to the outrage the next day on Facebook in an attempt to apologize to the mob.

“I did not understand the offensiveness of flying this flag.”

No one is actually offended by the flag, Steve. What you didn’t understand was why you should never, under any circumstances, apologize to blue haired people nose ring people who operate in bad faith. No matter what you say or do it will never be enough, and they will view you as weak and easy to attack. This is exactly what ended up happening, starting with three City Councillors.

“I will not tolerate hate or homophobia anywhere.”

Calm down Sparky.

There’s nothing homophobic about the nuclear family. More importantly, it’s not up to you what the City of Fitchburg “tolerates,” because Sonia Sotomayor already said the flag had to go up. Try reading a book.

The mob likewise found his apology insufficient and unacceptable.

“Either you embrace the hate that flag represents….”

Relax, Joe.

Elizabeth Soutter said it didn’t count as an apology unless the flag came down.

Yea, that’s a great idea, genius. The City should violate this group’s First Amendment rights and get sued into oblivion so that you can feel good about yourself.

According to Ashley Laffita the flag makes people feel “unsafe.”

Ashlee is part of several marginalized communities, so she would know about the lack of safety in Fitchburg.

First of all, having blue hair and a door knocker in your nose doesn’t make you marginalized.


Secondly, you live in Fitchburg. You have much bigger threats to your safety than a nuclear family flag that will be down by the end of the week.

Finally there was David Allen Prescott, who will be supporting someone else for Mayor.

But no respectable politicians should actually want or value David Allen Prescott’s support anyway.

This is a man who believes that Joe Biden raped Tara Reade, but voted for the alleged rapist anyway.

He thinks the people who created the world’s greatest democracy are nothing but slave owning racists, rapists, and womanizers like John Adams.

So obviously he’s a very stupid person with a limited understanding of history. Probably why he wants CRT pushed on kids in school, and clearly doesn’t understand what CRT actually is.

He also no longer celebrates Thanksgiving because…racism.

All these people have proven is that the Pride community is a hateful, intolerant group of perpetually outraged communists and malcontents with miserable personal lives. Mayor DiNitale did nothing wrong and he would be wise to completely ignore people like this moving forward.


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