Peaceful TB Protesters Livestreaming Conservative Black Lives Matter Counter-Protest At 1 PM At Boston Police Headquarters, Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel To Watch


As a civil rights leader in the community it is my duty and responsibility to defend people who have been the victims of racist attacks. My good friend Rayla Campbell has been a target of racists like Monica Cannon-Grant because Rayla is a black female conservative who supports the police, and they find this to be unacceptable. The last time we peacefully protested in Hyde Park against MCG we were assaulted, threatened, and intimidated, but our non-violent resistance must continue as we affirm that Conservative Black Lives Matter. To that end Rayla, myself, and other turtle riders will be counter-protesting her anti-Rayla, anti-police rally outside of Boston Police Headquarters in Roxbury at 1 PM to let Monica Cannon-Grant know that Conservative Black Lives Matter. You can follow our event page here, but I understand most turtle riders have jobs so I don’t expect many to join us. However, I will be live streaming it, so you’re going to want to subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking here and smash the notifications button so you’ll be alerted when I go live. Moving forward I will be doing events like this more often in lieu of written content, which is problematic because I make a living by creating written content on the website. If you’d like me to continue to confront racists like this please feel free to smash that donate button too.

Monica is hoping we will stop, and she’s not happy that we were not scared off by her thugs who she sent to attack us 2 weeks ago in Hyde Park. She has framed herself as the victim in order to mobilize a crowd to protest against our anti-racism. She even tagged Chris Lewis, the Violence in Boston INC employee who assaulted a woman at the event. To this day she is still receiving awards and accolades from institutions like NBC News and the Chamber of Commerce, so our work is not done. And she’s still being supported by racists like Leslie Templeton. I love you all, and see you at 1.




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